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  1. Custard yeah! This is awesome, not only are we gonna get to play sieges come February but we'll still be getting some smaller doses of Crowcaine until then Can't wait!
  2. Having played mainly Legionnaire for most of the latest test I just want to say that while they do have a heal and could be considered a healer they are far from dedicated healer. The heal they have is on a 20 second CD , it's not a huge heal and the HoT won't out heal for example a Champion's bleed and during those 20 seconds I don't just stand around waiting to throw the next. Other than using their one 20 sec CD heal they move in and out of melee to sunder, apply bleeds, get some regular hits in for rage/self heal group, knocking people away etc, etc. Basically Leginnaires are about a lot more than just healing even if healing is an important part of what they do.
  3. Hey man :) I just your latest giveaway on twitch (SammyOak)

    1. thenebrosity


      Sent your reward over via gifting! ^_^ Thanks for your viewership Bomb!:D

  4. It means nothing. The MMORPG.com hype crowd is notoriously fickle and easily distracted by the latest announced games or the ones close to getting released.
  5. I totally missed that, thanks for pointing it out.
  6. Not yet. We don't know how large a percentage of the final skill list this one represents. And considering the Templar has been shown wielding a two-handed sword I'm fairly certain we'll see it added sometime in the future.
  7. While I do see the argument that it should be tested as early in the development as possible, I think it's too early to say that the current combat system won't work with FF or that the devs aren't keeping FF in mind while building the combat. At the moment we have seen/played four Archetypes out of 13 total. Also there is no Specializations or Disciplines in place yet nor is there any sort of character advancement or customization. Wild speculation: I'm guessing not all Archetypes/builds will be viable choices in FF rulesets. I mean combat and tactics for rulesets with FF takes different thinking and skills so it would make sense that the same will be true for building a character that's viable and/or specialized for FF play.
  8. Just posted in the introduction thread on the site but I thought I'd pop in here too and say hello. Hello!
  9. This is so exciting, I can't wait to see some videos and read about the testing on the forums! And since Alpha 1 players will begin to see some action it might mean that Alpha 2 players aren't that far behind
  10. Oooh, shiny. The difference between the Amber medium fortification and the Sapphire small castle is something I've wondered about and would be somewhat of a factor in my decision of whether I'm going to upgrade or not. Really looking forward to learning more about this
  11. Hurray! Thanks I will make sure to at the very least live up to the minimum activity requirements. More than likely more than that since summer is now coming and IIRC Alpha is supposed to begin by the end of it (also there's more free time in general in summer, so yay).
  12. Not 100% exactly what it was but EKs, the whole "Eternal heroes, dying worlds" thing and the gorgeous asrtstyle all played big parts in it for me.
  13. I'd kindo like it if crits were mostly based on what sort of weapon you're using, sort of like in Pathfinder/D&D. Some weapons, like say a rapier, crits more often but does less crit damage and other weapons, like greataxe, crits a lot less but does more damage when it does. Maybe there could also be something where the frequency and impact of your crits depend on your skill with the weapon in question. I sorta feel that should be more like you start off at maybe 50% of the weapon's actual crit efficiency and slowly work your way up to 100% as you increase your skill with the weapon (maybe there could be possible to get a bit above 100% if you have the ability to exceed the standard maximum value for the weapon skill but no more than up to about 110% of the weapon's base crit efficiency). Hope that made any sense at all.
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