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    Bombastuss got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Free Lands of Azure [Now Accepting Guilds & Members!]   
    Just posted in the introduction thread on the site but I thought I'd pop in here too and say hello. Hello!
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    Bombastuss reacted to jpollard in The official "Welcome, Jonathan!" thread   
    I was wondering how long it would take to discover my glorious past as an Israeli spy. If anyone has any valuable information for Mr. Netanyahu, I'd be glad to pass it along...
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    Bombastuss reacted to Durin in The Big Reveal: Crows and vessels - Official discussion thread   
    Yes, like a gateway drug for the hugely popular MOBA and FPS genres.  Unfortunately, it will also turn away some of the MMORPG enthusiast crowd.  I've whined a lot about the lack of permanence/decisions that matter in MMOs, but I am in the minority.  Convenience and spreadsheets are much more appealing to the majority of paying customers.
    EDIT: We are losing something, but very few people seem to give a poorly made socks
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    Bombastuss reacted to macavity in The Big Reveal: Crows and vessels - Official discussion thread   
    Interesting concept, however here's why I am currently disliking it:
    I will never feel attached to any character since they are just vessels now. They will never feel like "me". This just makes it all feel extremely shallow and boring to me personally. I'm the kind of guy that usually only plays 1-2 characters but now I will probably be indirectly forced to constantly swap into vessels that are better for the situation and/or have higher/better stats, despite me maybe not liking their playstyle.
    In addition to that, as a min/maxer I now also feel like I will again be "forced" to have every single "top tier" vessel ready at any moment. I would suggest that you implement some sort of system so you can't just hot-swap all the time because it's not gonna be fun for anyone to constantly swap and/or restock 50 different vessels for that 5 hour siege battle.
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    Bombastuss reacted to VIKINGNAIL in The Big Reveal: Crows and vessels - Official discussion thread   
    This is a big concern for me simply because pvp in mmorpgs used to be so different... you were taking characters that you spent a lot of time working on and building and pitting them against others to see who was best... with the shallow nature of the new system you aren't really going to feel like you are doing that... it's more like a moba where you are just playing some champion and then can switch with minimal attachment. 
    When you have minimal attachment the thrill of victory or defeat can be lessened. 
    On an unrelated note I think since they've kind of removed the value of choice and permanence in picking 1 class for a campaign and sticking with it, I'd like for it to be the case that a person can not switch vessels unless they die... perhaps it already is but I think this would at least add a little more significance to the choice instead of having people just pop out so easily and switch all willy nilly like. 
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    Bombastuss reacted to Durin in The Big Reveal: Crows and vessels - Official discussion thread   
    But if that is the case, couldn't you achieve the same thing by standard character progression without having to inhabit a new body?  Luke from Tatooine cannot become Luke the Jedi.  The spirit of Luke has to leave the naive moisture farmer and then inhabit a Jedi body, presumably crafted by Ani Skywalker in the prequel--and he would drive it around like a Gundam until he eventually wrecked it.  Maybe then he'll try out a Sith?         
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    Bombastuss reacted to Durin in The Big Reveal: Crows and vessels - Official discussion thread   
    Part of that "misplaced attachment" may be pretty natural considering that has been a huge part of RPGs since forever.  We can use terms like "vessel" but until today archetypes were, presumably, our characters.  Now, they are just upgradable, replaceable gear (albeit more complicated gear).  The point being some won't like that much.  Others won't care.
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    Bombastuss reacted to Deioth in The Big Reveal: Crows and vessels - Official discussion thread   
    Here are my current concerns, though I would presume ACE has answers for them.
    Character attachment I want to feel like each archetype I play is a different character.  I don't want to feel restricted somehow in some way just because the vessel "isn't right".  So long as I can just pick a saved appearance and base build, all should be good there.
    Vessel archetypes Requiring a Crusader vessel to play Crusader would feel like an unnecessarily annoying condition.  Vessels should be base archetypes only.  I can see no advantage whatsoever to creating a hardcore dynamic of being gimped of your actual build.  If I find a minotaur, similar to my above regarding character attachment, I should be able to just pick my base build and I'm automatically a Marauder or Rampager or Barbarian or whatever their prestige classes may be called.  Many of us want a very hardcore experience in the Shadows and Dregs, but this would be beyond aggravating.  Full loot is one thing.  Losing your build would be entirely another.  I'd anticipate this becoming a very rich get richer, poor get poorer dynamic, and the competitive promise becomes lost to a new kind of power creep: your available build itself.  Recovering from a proper wipe back to full functionality should be reasonably simple to achieve (your vessel, your essential gear, basic discipline runes), it's recovering the added benefit of more valuable equipment (i.e. steel VS bronze gear) and higher skill caps from better vessels (I cap at 175 2h Mace instead of 100 despite my trained of 180) that should be the challenge.
    Skill Disparity While I have every confidence this will work out, there's obviously a potential problem when you not only factor in gear but now also your potential to maximize all the training you've done.  My hope is that we ultimately see something comparable to Planetside 2.  A starting level soldier and a max level soldier truly did not have a huge difference in the power of their class abilities.  However, it took very little time in reality to reach a mid level, and much more to reach even the next level (which wasn't max) versus all of the initial few to reach the midpoint level.  Engineer and Medic were a bit more noticeable, but the midpoint level provided excellent utility without being a huge investment to achieve.  Ideally, it will be similar, where reaching the base cap of any given archetype for its various skills is quick to achieve, is treated as an essential "standard", but is minimally inferior to max cap of that archetype.  While max level to mid level was at least somewhat noticeable in PS2 (moreso certain classes than others), they weren't make-or-break important on an individual basis, especially in larger scale battles where tactics and bodies were more important than any individual's class level investments.
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    Bombastuss reacted to youma in The Big Reveal: Crows and vessels - Official discussion thread   
    Can't say I really care for that. Sounds like the "classless" systems which ends up making everything seem bland.
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    Bombastuss reacted to altair in The Big Reveal: Crows and vessels - Official discussion thread   
    At the same time i feel this system is awesome, i got devastated about it. When you guys said "Some will love it, some will hate it" you really mean it.
    As a PvP game this is something pretty neat, as a game where there is only war will have a great pile of bodies, and they need more manpower to substitute and this just might work. "necronomiconomics" would be really a thing.
    Personally... I just feel wierd to think: "This is just another body, i can get another one". I'm aware that it may looks less hardcore in other campaings, but still is another corpse on the battlefield.
    Maybe i'm not seeing it properly, i'm feeling pessimistic, not about it working, but if i will enjoy the concept.
    Yet "things may change a lot" and the design is nice, hope for the best!
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    Bombastuss reacted to secretlycanon in The Big Reveal: Crows and vessels - Official discussion thread   
    I hope it's possible to change the appearance of your vessels when you use them, or perhaps to use a saved master template. Say if I made a knight at the beginning of the game to look like me, I would probably grow an attachment to him.
    The alternative being the mass production of clones that I keep in a box
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    Bombastuss reacted to Durin in The Big Reveal: Crows and vessels - Official discussion thread   
    I don't think the main issue is branching out into different skill trees.  I think some see a problem with playing multiple vessels of even the same archetype, and even advancing (again) the skills on each body if one is somehow destroyed, taken or lost.  Do I have that right?  Also, If it is the case that players will have to abandon their vessels to get newer, shinier ones, then that potentially causes some serious disturbance in the RPG force.  And before anyone says "well, you don't have to..." just stop.  This is a competitive PvP game and most people wont purposely gimp themselves.  At best, they'll begrudging ditch their vessel to advance and likely feel unhappy about it.   This question/concern is currently very valid:
    In traditional (mmo)RPGs players identify and "become" the character they control, will try to make it progress, make it survive, love it, etc. How will CF players identify to the Crow or disposable corpses? 
    Would it be possible for you to explain to us just how you envision this happening, if you do envisioning it happening in CF according to the current game design?  Thanks!          
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    Bombastuss reacted to Durin in The Big Reveal: Crows and vessels - Official discussion thread   
    Commonly, one's class/race (ie archetype) is their character.  ACE has announced today that won't be the case in CF.  They have separated integral portions of what is--again, commonly--referred to as a character.  Therefore, they have minimized the character component in favor of gear component.  To be fair, it is a more complex type of gear with characteristics normally belonging to characters.  So, it smacks of MOBA or my original example, FPS.          
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    Bombastuss reacted to Durin in The Big Reveal: Crows and vessels - Official discussion thread   
    This is all true, however...
    My concern with this is that CF is increasingly beginning to look like a FPS.  Impermanent world, impermanent characters and combat is even likely to become more FPS-like.  A fantasy FPS is not a bad idea (I enjoyed Hexen) but I fear for the RPG part of this MMORPG.  One thing that has been lost to the MMO-scape is character investment.  Now, I am not talking about "I played a hunter since BC!"--that's character attachment.  I am talking about fine tuning your character to be distinct and even unique overtime by playing the game.  I've already whined on these forums how you can simply changed builds, taking on entirely different roles, on the fly in many MMOs now.  The choices you make, the sacrifices, and the benefits mean almost nothing now and everyone is homogenized, made distinct only by the flash of their gear (gear has been so overemphasized in MMOs, but that is another discussion).  And while this may cater to the culture of convenience, it is anathema to the hero's journey (which is where all of this sprang from in the first place). 
    Now, I deeply respect ACE, and if anyone can pull off this delicate balancing act, they can. However, I just wanted to offer these words of caution as they proceed.    
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    Bombastuss reacted to Aguise in The Big Reveal: Crows and vessels - Official discussion thread   
    A lot of MMORPGs these days have very in-depth systems when it comes to customizing character physical appearance. For example, take a look at Black Desert Online (BDO) character creation. My assumption is that players like to be able to make their characters look a certain way (face, hair, skin color, etc...). A lot of older MMO's just use a list of presets when it comes to character appearance so there isn't really much time spent there (I assume).
    I don't know what Crowfall will be like in that (character appearance) department. However, if Crowfall does use something really complex similar to BDO, will there a way to save these vessel looks/appearance? I ask since vessels do not have the same level of permanence as they do in other mmos.
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    Bombastuss reacted to ledeir in The Big Reveal: Crows and vessels - Official discussion thread   
    Very interesting approach, I need to think more about it and watch the video.
    I have one major concern though. Having a single crow kills roleplaying options unless you buy multiple accounts.
    I wanted to have three distinct character personalities.
    Please give us multiple crows!
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    Bombastuss reacted to Angelmar in The Big Reveal: Crows and vessels - Official discussion thread   
    So, concerning the skill system and "vessels". ACE has essentially copied EVE directly (instead of vessel = corpse, read it as vessel = Internet spaceship and crow = pod).
    I have no new feedback to contribute since passive skills were announced. EVE failed to get it right and have spent years trying to hack together a new training / combat meta that relies on a lower Skill point threshold. To try to retain new players.
    This choice of skill system is not without benefits, but I hope (as in have little faith in game devs generally [sorry, JTodd], but remain eternally optimistic) that ACE manages to square the circle that has bedeviled CCP.
    Also,that line about being so many skills that everyone is unique and would take forever to train it all....is amusing and foreboding. CCP said the same thing about EVE.
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    Bombastuss got a reaction from JamesGoblin in no 'fire hose healer' but still required healer   
    Having played mainly Legionnaire for most of the latest test I just want to say that while they do have a heal and could be considered a healer they are far from dedicated healer. The heal they have is on a 20 second CD , it's not a huge heal and the HoT won't out heal for example a Champion's bleed and during those 20 seconds I don't just stand around waiting to throw the next. Other than using their one 20 sec CD heal they move in and out of melee to sunder, apply bleeds, get some regular hits in for rage/self heal group, knocking people away etc, etc. 
    Basically Leginnaires are about a lot more than just healing even if healing is an important part of what they do.
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    Bombastuss got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Champion's Rend (and Hurlbats)   
    Considering it has an 8 second duration, costs very little rage, and does a pretty fair amount of damage in its current state I'd say it needs some tweaking.
    As it is the Champ is able to Hurlbat, say, a Knight do death without the knight being able to do anything since the Knight can't force the Champ into combat. The Chainpull has a 6 second cooldown, the slow it applies to the target is maybe a 6 second duration and, unless you manage to get some velocity damage, it does no damage.
    Meaning that the Champ can run around spamming Hurlbats at the Knight dealing a fair amount of damage and as soon as the Knight does his Chainpull the Champ just jumps away and it all starts over again until the Knight is dead.
    It turns out I'm a butt. I just didn't realize that the base duration for a Hurlbat was 8 seconds and so when I saw the duration being as much as 7-8 seconds on me after being hit by several Hurlbats in a row I got kinda confused.
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    Bombastuss got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Champion's Rend (and Hurlbats)   
    So the current Champion Rend is crazy strong and I'm wondering if that's intended.
    Basically if you're below 50% health and they get one on you you're screwed, sometimes even if you got a Legionnaire in the group.
    I mean, sure, they're avoidable thanks to the slow-ish animation and the very obvious pre-requisite skill but...
    ...Coupled with the spammable Hurlbats (and the fact that Hurlbat duration seems to increase if you get hit by consecutive ones) it feels a bit like Champs miiight need some lookin' at.
    Just sayin'.
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    Bombastuss got a reaction from JamesGoblin in It's called "strategy"   
    This thread

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    Bombastuss reacted to Keaggan in The problem with "Combat" testing & Client Side Movement   
    They said they wanted to start with combat to give it's development the longest time to iterate. This means that it will constantly be worked on throughout the development cycle...and post launch...and then for eternity.
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    Bombastuss reacted to coolwaters in The problem with "Combat" testing & Client Side Movement   
    Extremely articulate and concise.
    I'm just not sure I agree. But then again, I'm not sure I entirely disagree either. 
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    Bombastuss reacted to Arawulf in The problem with "Combat" testing & Client Side Movement   
    I suppose if ACE made a design decision that I was flat-out against, I would be a bit frustrated as well.
    As far as my opinion on the subject, I was one of the early backers that felt that copying WildStar combat would be a terrible mistake. Consider that I was THE biggest WildStar supporter of them all. I ran the 2nd largest fansite and got to know many of their devs. I agreed with the Crowfall devs that telegraphs and split-body didn't look all that great nor did it allow for the higher skill cap. Adding the risk of animation lock (which has a sliding scale that is still being tweaked), the player now has an extra layer of strategy to deal with. I like the idea of the risk vs reward that the animation lock offers. I supported it from the beginning and was glad to see the devs go the Tera route.
    I'm enjoying the current direction of combat and feel they made the right decision here. It has a long way to go, but I consider it more of a refinement and tightening things up, rather than a design issue. Please keep in mind that this is all personal taste - none of which are a 'factual' issue, but that of preference. I understand and respect fellow backers that feel differently.
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    Bombastuss reacted to Stubbs in The problem with "Combat" testing & Client Side Movement   
    Knight needs improvement, which isn't surprising since it was the first archetype.
    Some animations need tweaking. More movement during animations is needed.
    None of that means the combat is broken.
    Confessor 2->e and 5 are not the most powerful abilities in the game, even pre-nerf on 5 (which was just an extended cooldown)
    But what will really help is creating yet another thread saying the same thing when the devs are already heading towards addressing many of these issues.
    These things don't happen over night.
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