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  1. @Pann Is there a possibility to change the badge icons so it won't show a link like "ForumBadge_04_Bronze_KS.png" when hovering over it? It should pop up "Bronze" in my case. There's also "Supporter", "Amber", "Bloodstone", "Gold", "Silver" and "Backer". I'm sorry if someone already suggested it. This thread has a humongous amount of posts...
  2. Guys. You make this thread unnecessarily long for new people who come by. They can't read stuffs like "It takes a while, be patient" as you guys stretch this thread so long, that no one would want to see everything. Be silent, be patient. You get a EMAIL SOONER OR LATER. It doesn't matter if now or tomorrow. So please stop spamming. If you get a code, fine, be silent. If you didn't get a code yet, fine, be silent and patient. If you have problems with the code, then post your problem in the support forum or PM tyrant personally (Please don't ban me tyrant for leading people to you if it's not your job). Overall we've spend our money because we trust and believe ArtCraft and its upcoming game. Trust more and stop shaking this trust just because of impatience.
  3. Because there will be only two servers, one for US and one for EU, there has to be taken some major languages to provide support for many. In the US, people gather from around the world, but mostly US/Canada/South America. Most of them speak english, some speak spanish or portuguese, russian and italian, and french too. In the EU, people mostly speak english, some german, french, spanish, portuguese, russian and italian. Only difference in both states/countries are German. German has been obviously added because there's like +20 million german speaking potential players (Luxembourgh, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein)
  4. Currently German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Italian are the most language spoken in EU (partially asia too because of Russia). If there are more backers and people who demand other languages in EU, then there's a possibility. However, only because of 1, 10 or 100 would not make a difference. Maybe at 500 or more, ArtCraft may think of adding another language.
  5. Is it wise to post this? Isn't it easier for scammers and criminals to just copy that and add links? We won't be able to differ from the original and the fake one. Could you please also add the EMAIL from where the official invite will hail from? So we can be 100% sure. Thanks in advance.
  6. How can you tell if you apparently don't know either how the combat mechanics actually are? -------------------------------------------- It isn't either practical to wait probably a month or so when class concepts are fully fleshed out and probably don't need any improvements or additional thoughts. ----------------------------------------------- Nope. Read again. The class isn't for solo experiences only, it rewards the player for both soloing or grouping up, its up to his choice. More soloing means better stats in offensive, while more grouping up means better stats in defense (Which is either a good thing as Crowfall is centered on PvP and you either need more damage or more defense - perhaps something between.) --------------------- Don't create opinions on people you don't know even a bit. This is presumptuous. All I wanted is to give a suggestion on a different player experience, not to get people to bash me for something I've given a long thought and quite of time to create it. If you don't like it, you don't have to play it. I like this kind of class and maybe someone too. I bet you don't like all classes in Crowfall either. Let some diversity help players choose their own way.
  7. There are many types who prefer greatswords or other weapons. I myself love Greatswords and Nodachis, for example here's what I usually draw about Greatswords. There should be more weapons so that everyone can take their own favourite weapon, not just "only greatswords" or "only nodachis".
  8. The Naginata was mainly used in battles against armies. They were used to kill the riders on horse or to movement-impair the horse or storming battalions of enemy Samurais as the front unit. When the Nodachi was invented, it used to replace the Naginata as the Nodachi gave the wielder more balance and could get a better hold of the storming enemy. However, after the battle between Ieyasu Tokugawa and Toyotomi Hideyori, the government set a law of blade lengths not being greater than the Katana (Tachi's were sometimes bigger than the standard Katana) and the Nodachi was included with its +300cm blade length. Since then and even nowadays the Nodachi is used for ceremonial reasons. There was also the rule that citizens should not have any weapon. For that there was disguises for weapons such as the seemingly crooked stick which had a blade hidden inside. The Battojutsu was also born as in combination with the crooked stick katana, it was annihilating.
  9. Yes and no. I am looking for a Katana/Tachi/Nodachi wielding class as the weapons itself are worth to tell thousand stories. On top of that, I want a strong single-target focused duelist who is centered on constant small damage with average bursts on high cooldown. And the other part should be pretty tanky, using the blade as a means of counter-slash and mid to long range pokeability. Both good in PvE as well as PvP, excels mostly at single-player experience.
  10. It's not all about speed. Other than that, it's a class suggestion that can be split into a DPS class or Tank class, which the fighter can't accomplish.
  11. Personal Thoughts: Crowfall is an immersive MMORPG that is centered on PvP, but actually PVP means Person Versus Person. Other than that, I've seen only Champions (Classes) who have weaknesses and strengths, but none of them is really meant to be a single-person experience. What I want with this suggestion, is to go from every class that is compatible with each other in a party, to a class that benefits from solo playing. Players who play this class aren't encouraged to play solo instead to group up, but many skills and traits are empowered when playing alone without a group. I think this is something that Crawfall needs - a focus on the solo players, because I'm one of them too. The Wanderer is inspired by the way of a warrior from the far eastern culture - japan to be precisely. The codex is: Honor in Death This old culture that is set in Crowfall was meant to be lost forever. This culture lived for centuries and their land evolved rather slowly, but not because their lack of understandings of technology was low - it is merely their strong focus on the old tradition that has kept them living a life in freedom and strong community. But these days were not meant to last long, as the forces of darkness have evolved to their advantage. The culture and the tradition they were proud of fell in a single day. The warriors who were truly undefeatable against single enemies, have been killed by the ambushes of many. Even in the face of death the Warriors kept to their tradition and fought for its culture and for the people of the land, but they fell one after another until the land was cursed to be damned. The culture was said to be lost forever and the teachings were lost with the fall of the land, until recently a man named 'Mitsume' opened a school for the teachings of the unseen Blade on a floating island. Every student must be prepared to train at its limit and not to wither or break. While the teachings offer every student to walk his own way, he can make the same mistakes as those who fell. The question is - Will you fight by yourself or with friends? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Concept While most of you know what a Samurai is, you also imagine a Samurai drawing his Katana (Sword) out and attacking with it, right? Well, this is the Wanderer and the Wanderer is something you won't be looking through that easily. The Wanderer uses a technique called in our world "Battojutsu". Its the way of the drawing blade, which damages its target by drawing the blade out rather than drawing it out and then to strike with it. It's a very fast and precise technique that needs focus and timing. Weapon(s) The Wanderer can wear three types of weapons. Two of those three are new weapons added to the game and the third one is a Bow. Katana or Tachi (The most difference between the Katana and Tachi are that the Tachi is more saber-liker, perfect fit for parrying in a fight) The third weapon is called a Nodachi. Nodachi is a weapon used for piercing through a horse and the rider with one strike. Its blade could have a length of 377cm or less. It was not used to fight against other swordsmen as the Nodachi was too heavy to use it properly. Skills All begins with the Lost Wanderer who seeks for the right path. He can become a Ronin who uses a Katana/Tachi and is a DPS-based Class. He can also become a Samurai who uses a Nodachi and is a Tank-based Class. Archetype - Wanderer As a lost Wanderer who has to find his own path, you are yet no real match. Over the course of time and if the teachings you have learned has trained your mind and body, you will achieve an ascended state of true enlightenment. You may use one of three weapons to your bidding, but beware - each one of them has its weakness and strength. Learn from your mistakes, until your very last mistake may cost your life. - Trait - Lone Wolf: This Trait skill increases by using abilities in a fight while not grouping up. The speed of skilling this Trait will be increased by 1.5x if you are also Guildless. Lone Wolf grants the Wanderer an increase in Attack Speed, Attack Damage and Movement Speed. Those bonuses are granted up to 5 seconds after a fight started. - Trait - Beacon of Hope: This Trait skill increases by using abilities in a fight while in a group. The speed of skilling this Trait will be increased by 1.5x if you have a Guild. Beacon of Hope grants the Wanderer an increase in Defense, Health Points and Movement Speed. Those bonuses are granted up to 5 seconds after a fight started. Both Traits can stack with each other and are shared alongside all classes (Ronin & Samurai). - Skill - Blunt Cut Technique: The Wanderer dashes shortly in a straight line with the blade in the scabbard, while attacking with the tip of the scabbard the first target he comes in contact with it. He stuns the target for a short duration. If successfully hit, the next attack will ignore the enemy's defense. - Skill - Blazing Momentum: The Wanderer draws his blade half out of his scabbard and awaits for an enemy attack within 1.5 seconds. Once a enemy who is within a average distance attacks the Wanderer, he immediately dashes in a blink of an eye to the enemy attacker. Specialization - Ronin You are a Warrior with no Lord. Your destiny is to search someone who you can entrust your blade and your skill, but until this very day you have fought to see the next day coming. Your abilities will circulate around the use of a Katana/Tachi. - Skill - Avenged Sevenfold: The Ronin strikes with 7 attacks in a short time, dealing seven times the damage it deals with a normal strike. Critical Strikes are more likely to happen if the enemy has 50% or lower Health Points. - Skill - Relentless Pursuit: The Ronin dashes through its target, dealing a deadly cut that opens after 1 seconds, dealing bonus magic damage. The deadly cut duration can be refreshed by further attacks. Specialization - Samurai The word "alone" is meaningless to you. You've built your strength over the years for the purpose of saving your allies and your lord, and to eliminate fast and successful the enemies in front of you. Your only weapon will be the Nodachi. - Skill - Eternal Wave: The Samurai sends forth a long range wave that deals magic damage to the target hit by and to targets near by. If the target is an NPC, the Samurai generates high Aggro. - Skill - Retaliation: The Samurai becomes free of any crowd control while slashing two times through the air in an average range around him and dealing physical damage. I hope you enjoyed it. If not then I'm sorry for wasting your time.
  12. Believe me, as long as the Kickstarter Project will go on, there will be more open slots for limited items. For example, at the first day, there were 30$ pledges for worth 50$. On the second day, all slots were gone. On the same day they made a new option for 34$ worth for 50$.
  13. For gods sake, THEY WILL SOONER OR LATER GIVE A STATEMENT. PLEASE GIVE THE TEAM BEHIND CROWFALL SOME TIME. No one knew that the goal would be even reached, nor even so FAST in 3 days. I bet they are in a hurry right now to think what they now should reveal on information or whatsoever. Please be patient. You have 27 days left.
  14. @Sharve Again, the amount of funds available determines. If only a server in english will be opened, there is no need for any EU publisher - they can do it even from US if they want to.
  15. At this point, it is sure. The rewards are given to any player in any territory. Ideally, ArtCraft will publish if enough funds. ArtCraft is also trying to find the best publisher and won't do the mistake to take a bad one. It matters how much funds are there. Ideally, if there is enough money for that, localization will be made. If not, only one server in UK or Netherland will be opened for the english-speaking player base in europe. Its the 3rd day, you can't expect wether the community nor the developers itself to foresee in the future. Be patient, you have 27 days time to pledge or not to pledge. I think a AMA will be held - just a impression of mine.
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