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  1. I was gonna ask this question as well... Different biomes would be amazing, i kinda have this vision of my EK being a northern climate with lotsa mountains and boreal forests... which now that i look at it is kinda depressing cause i live in northern alberta... which is close to the mountains and is covered in boreal forests... lame maybe i should think about a mordor as well... to you know... change it up a bit lol
  2. This will probally be adressed (at least i hope it will...) there is a distinct lack of "high magic" casters in the archtypes and i wait for a "magus" archtype complete with Necromancer(undeady), Sorceror(summony), and elementalist (boomy) or Archmagus(generalist) advanced classes... this would make crowfall jump into the tier i have reserved for my favorite games of all time... I keep it VERY Close to my heart
  3. as long as there is garish colours to paint my bard im in
  4. Early bird amber disappered pretty quick... still went amber 'cause im stubborn like that
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