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  1. There's simply no reason to be toxic and attack people on the forums. If you don't want to reply, don't reply. I know you guys attach a lot of emotion to your forum badges and internet points, but keep it civil.
  2. Come now, that's a little uncalled for.
  3. This is a mean post, but I'm gonna guess that Ranger is in the top because everyone think it's going to be the huntard ez-mode class like in Wow.
  4. Could you elaborate on this, I'm not sure I follow. What is unnecessary and impossible? I also don't quite understand the multiple guild thing and chosen side gets picked.
  5. Yeah I think it would be a terrible choice (edit: for guilds to go in) a ruleset where you had to go in blind and be divvied up by the system. It would cater well to solo players, but guilds would have no incentive to join because their structure is essentially circumvented. That being said "don't play that ruleset, then" applies in this case as well.
  6. I could see that happening. Guilds choosing the same alignment (if that's possible) to game the system, but what if you aren't able to choose your side, instead are assigned one? Then sure, people in the same guild will tend to band up, but the guild might be split up between the factions. Even if the guild was able to choose a faction, they would need help from the rest of the faction, pugs and other guilds alike. I.e. in-game join a guild. I see the 3-fac ruleset as trying to mimic DAoC, where pugging was extremely doable. just hit the frontier and ask what was up that night.
  7. Hmmm. I was under the impression (probably from some interview soundbyte) that each god had an alignment (order-chaos-balance) Malachai (sp?) was referred to as a chaos god by JTC, i think. Would that still mean that specific archs go into specific factions? Source please!
  8. It seems to me that some of the rule sets could cater better for the solo player, where you are automatically assigned to a faction such as god vs. god (based on your religious alignment) or 3-faction (chaos-balance-order).
  9. Natural Anti-Zerg Mechanic: Narrowly define the word Zerg so that almost no activity in CF is considered Zerging.
  10. Female Champions as slaves
  11. Poposhka

    Bull Men

    No weapons. just massive aoe physics attacks. melee disruptor, cc, wall buster.
  12. Praise brodin, I've come to Swolehalla!
  13. What I found helpful was to read the FAQ, the Reddit AMA, the Twitter QnA, then listen to all the podcasts from Crowns and Crows, as well as Gold and Glory, to get caught up. There are still a lot of unknowns, of course.
  14. Crowfall is not an MMO. [Long explanation on how I very strictly define an MMO in my mind.]
  15. Fun read. http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/TatianaDelgado/20150413/240970/How_Designing_LARPS_trained_me_to_become_a_better_Game_Designer.php
  16. this is probably the real answer. if you don't like it, play a different campaign. I think the mega guilds will go where a mega guild organization works best, and where the rewards are the greatest. I just hope they develop campaigns that fit different playstyles, and not all campaigns can be dominated by mega guilds.
  17. hoowah brudd'r. bubhosh peepin sumash blahin da blah.
  18. Just a random thought about territory conquest. You know what annoys me about planetside 2? If I log on in the PM, the board is completely different than the AM. the tide of battle fluctuates so wildly it often feels pointless to participate sometimes.
  19. so therefore "real life" is a good point of reference for a game? I think not. besides, having a lopsided game is in direct conflict with their vision (uncle bob dominating), and they have mentioned many times how they are planning to implement diminishing returns for power both in gear and skill
  20. it's interesting really, and I don't mean this to be negative, just an observation. I think in World of Warcraft, as the mean age of players dropped, the more shiny fluff items were added, transmogging, mounts, pets, etc. the same you see in games like Wizard/Pirate101, club penguin, farmville, etc. which obviously caters to children and have a light hearted theme. Wow always had the tongue-in-cheek feel over some serious themes and lent itself well to that. daoc or aoc were both steeped in seriousness, for example, and I couldn't see that working very well there. obviously, fluff is a very strong monetization point in a game, and I wonder where Arc will take it. they are selling this game (IMO) as a very serious pvp game, but will they bring in the silliness if the aforementioned?
  21. the fundamental flaw in your argument is that you bring in "real life". war in real life sucks. there's a reason man created chess. war isn't fair or balanced. playing a game like reality would mean if you're on Team Saddam, you get to have lvl 1 torn linen robes, and a broken wand. while your opponents wear epics and wield Thunderfury.
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