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  1. Oh, then it dont ditterly matter.
  2. I really hope to see some pure crafting guilds come to Eu to but its a realy cool site. Btw when I try to put a filter on the guild list I get a 500 Internal Server Error
  3. Congratulations on reaching 1.8 mil. You really deserve it looking forward to seeing more.
  4. But that does not mean that they don't want our ideas. I say bring your ideas and let the community say what they want, the devs will take the ideas they like. I hope the devs don't fall to group pressure and let their idea get diluted since that is what I signed up for, but I also hope they listen to good ideas that the community bring. BTW OP the thing you are asking for is the suggestion part of the forum we are in right now. I understand what it is you are asking for and it would be easier, but I don't think it is needed. The Devs will make the game they want to make. Deal wit
  5. Wow, I actually didn't notice the date. Well, I guess then it makes a lot more sense. Still think there are some people who don't like the idea though.
  6. I think EK is the safe zone, but when you are out on a campaign everywhere is fair. So make sure you have allies you think you can trust. Is that not part of the fun of a throne simulator
  7. Just make it interesting and give it more meaning than the WoW flying mounts. Flying combat in some campaigns would maybe be cool. Flying in wow is just to avoid having to meet anyone it seems.
  8. It is a fun idea, but I don't it is important since you have freeware like OBS, which is easy to set up and easy to use. If we get all star citizen on Kick starter, then maybe it would be cool, but I doubt we will go that far and I would much rather see other aspects of the game improved
  9. I don't think everything in this game is supposed to make sense. Well, that's just my opinion.
  10. They said they would have a NA server. They are working with other companies to get EU and Asia servers. The Asia server would most likely be in singapore dont know if it help. They have talked a little about their plans in the EU thread. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3283-european-publisherrelease/
  11. If they want more money we need more info and somone to give it some time in the spotlight. I liked the cape idea sounds cool
  12. I think the difference is that Star citizen was an entirely different game, the mmorpg genre is a little oversaturated. Even though this game brings a lot of cool stuff I don't think it will get the same kind of attention. If you would like to boost it get either Totalbiscuit or Angry joe to talk about it. I think more screenshots or more gamplay on the kickstarter page can boost it a little as well.
  13. I like the idea as long as long as people dont go completly overboard buying everything they need before the game is even out. But yeah I hope we see somthing like it at least.
  14. I really hope we get to the first stretch goal soon so we can start working on the next goal. Hope they announce some other cool stretch goals soon too. Yay for Fx and female horses!
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