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    Vigamaor reacted to IamMe in Duelist and Legionnaire have the same stats?   
    I was looking again at the Duelist Archetype page (looks awesome btw) and noticed that the stats have changed. Apparently they got mixed up with the Legionnairs.


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    Vigamaor reacted to Pann in A change to our forums - Official discussion thread   
    "We've decided to limit the majority of our forums to the backers of Crowfall."
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    Vigamaor reacted to oberon in State of the web/forums/store - Official discussion thread   
    "site" was the problem
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    Vigamaor reacted to Khron in Building Your Kingdom In The Campaign   
    With the release around EK functionality I’d like to start some discussion around what might translate to the campaign settings.  We also have a quote from Thomas that says “…this is the same core tech we are using for the Campaign worlds.”  So who knows some of the questions we generate here might get answered in a future FAQ.
    I’m going to focus this post on a couple key areas:
    Claiming land Management and Upkeep Destruction and lose  
    I will be referencing this picture a couple times

    Claiming Land
    From the bloodstone campaign we see the framework for claiming land will rely on gathering resources to plant a flag.  In the campaign this flag was called a “Bloostone Tree”.  My immediate assumption is that a planted flag would claim the plots above in a sphere around the flag.
    Discussion topics:
    What other methods of claiming land would be viable? Should you have multiple size flags that very in cost and the number of plots they encompass? Can I build without claiming land? Should POI’s require a similar process of claiming? Management and Upkeep
    Does the fealty tree from the EKs import to the campaign to establish permissions? No tax free parcels in campaigns so we will have system tax.  Do you also charge people tax to live on your land? If I invest in building and permission is taken away from me or I leave the campaign what happens? Destruction and loss
    The bloodstone tree was set up as x time safe, y time vulnerable.  Should all claim flags act like this? What impact should destroying the claim flag have on the buildings that were built on the claim? Should structures have an arrears period? Per the FAQ should structures that don’t pay upkeep eventually go back into the inventory of the builder?  
    My thoughts:
    Claiming Land
    You could expand land calming to a macro level and make it a parcel that is claimed but I feel that’s too large, and it would be better to keep it micro and then require a specific size flag for a given plot.  Taking the picture as an example the plots inside the castle walls should require a flag that would encompass all the plots in the castle.  The plots along the river not inside the castle walls could be claimed with a cheap flag that only reserves a single plot.  This would also indicate that I’m a fan of multiple size clamming flags that start cheap and increase in cost.
    Building without claiming land should be doable but anything placed without claiming is subject to destruction immediately.
    POI’s should not be claimed in the same way, if claiming them for resources is required I feel they should always be subject to vulnerability and never receive protection.
    Management and Upkeep
    Importing the fealty tree would be a nice short cut but because it’s not guaranteed to be exactly what you are looking for I feel we need an admin menu to grant permissions as the claimer of the land sees fit.
    I can see having at least three unique tax requirements one for guild members, one for friendlies that are not members of the guild, and maybe a third for everyone else something like 99999% if I can’t disable it completely.
    If you leave the campaign I see three options for the stuff you built on the claim
    You pass the claim to another person Stuff is destroyed either by failure to pay upkeep or someone brings along some siege Some one destroys you claim flag and then claims all the buildings as their own If you have permission removed from you after building on a plot I’m afraid to say you just donated to the person that owns the plot.
    Destruction and loss
    I feel the bloodstone tree gets a special set up for vulnerability because it’s part of the win condition.  For non objective claim flags I think the aggressor should pay to attack a claim.  Following the SB model the defender then has a window to select vulnerability if they don’t the attacker may choose.  Higher level claim flags should require more outlay from the attacker.  The attacker then has two options in my mind, burn everything to the ground, or destroy the claim flag.  Destroying the claim flag would allow the attacker to then place one of their own and claim all the building under their banner.  The new owner would still be required to repair what they broke but they would have avoided initial startup
    Buildings that do not have their upkeep maintained should become useless, they should also decay until the building eventually disappears.  Any building lost in an attack or due to upkeep should be gone from the game permanently.
    Hopefully this is a good jumping off point and you folks enjoy the discussion.
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    Vigamaor got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Would Love To Work On Crowfall   
    I like your art it`s cool. Keep up the work maybe an admin will notice you! 
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    Vigamaor reacted to calyn in Crowfall Guild Directory   
    Ooops. This should be fixed now.
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    Vigamaor reacted to Tyrant in Gordon Walton Atarashī Kami Club Asks: Will Crowfall Have Content Sensitive To Japanese Players?   
    You're scared for life?  What about me? 
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    Vigamaor reacted to calyn in Crowfall Guild Directory   
    Hey! Not sure whether to post this here or in the guilds subforum, but I'll try it here.
    I've created a guild directory for guilds planning to play Crowfall, and while I still have quite a bit of work left to do on it (and not enough free time -.-), it is already online.
    Please let me know if you have any problems with the site, as it's still a bit rough around the edges. I'm also very open to suggestions on how to improve it.
    List of features/improvements I want to make as soon as I find the time:
    Email validation/password reset New layout Change guild style/focus into tags to allow multiple selection Logo upload URL slugs Show 5 latest guilds and 5 random guilds on the homepage Pre-select most common fields Replace tables with something more responsive Recruitment
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    Vigamaor reacted to mal in Crowfall : Crowdfunded Or Paid Hype?   
    Fer realz.
    Lets start with:
    The KS campaign was funded WAAAY BEFORE Natalie was shown anywhere.  
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    Vigamaor reacted to mal in Crowfall : Crowdfunded Or Paid Hype?   
    I might be the only one but, I personally do NOT care if ACE used money to advertise their KS that they plan on replenishing with my KS money.  I support ACE and their vision for Crowfall.  I wanted to give them money since I read "Play2Crush" MONTHS ago.  Their updates and videos only made me want to give them MOAR of my monies.  I also don't give a poorly made socks WTF anyone else has to say about how I spend my money. (This even includes my husband.)  
    Besides, if you REALLY cared about any of this you would've posted this poorly made socks BEFORE the KS ended, IMO.  
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    Vigamaor reacted to steppenwolf in Female Centaur   
    For %$#@s and giggles
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    Vigamaor got a reaction from valor in Crowns And Crows - A Crowfall Podcast And Livestream!   
    This is really cool. Good job. Looking forward for more!
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    Vigamaor reacted to TullyAckland in Artcraft You Need To Get Organized Pronto!   
    Bairloch pretty much hits the nail on the head here. 
    We like / love suggestions, but a fair few come from uneducated guesses of what would make a game a better experience. There are absolutely valid and insightful ideas out there that we value highly, but a voting mechanic on which ones we should implement is NOT the way to go about it. 
    Terrible ideas would be voted up because something sounds good on paper. Then the expectation is for us to ignore our instincts and experience and say "Hey lets do this because 40 people voted this item to the top". That's not good game design and it's harmful to the community. 
    We'll be using our judgement for the good of the game and not bullied into making wholesale changes "Just because". 
    Luckily, there's a good number of great ideas floating around. A lot we've already discussed internally, and some that are brand new to us that have sparked a lot of interesting conversations. 
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    Vigamaor got a reaction from ellie in Artcraft You Need To Get Organized Pronto!   
    But that does not mean that they don't want our ideas. I say bring your ideas and let the community say what they want, the devs will take the ideas they like.
    I hope the devs don't fall to group pressure and let their idea get diluted since that is what I signed up for, but I also hope they listen to good ideas that the community bring.
    BTW OP the thing you are asking for is the suggestion part of the forum we are in right now. I understand what it is you are asking for and it would be easier, but I don't think it is needed.
    The Devs will make the game they want to make. Deal with it   
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    Vigamaor got a reaction from bahamutkaiser in Flying Mounts   
    Just make it interesting and give it more meaning than the WoW flying mounts.
    Flying combat in some campaigns would maybe be cool.
    Flying in wow is just to avoid having to meet anyone it seems.
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    Vigamaor reacted to zinnie in Spinning Attack Must Go   
    Lets also have real life stamina for warriors, the bigger the swords, the more time and more stamina it consumes.
    And do not forget armor. Armor is very heavy, its not physically possible to keep running for an entire day in full plate gear. So ACE should implement a rest system for a knight.
    Lets say 1 hour of walking, then a 20min rest where you have to sit on the ground to recoup your strenght?
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    Vigamaor reacted to oberon in What Do We Call Ourselves?   
    right now we are only baby crows
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    Vigamaor reacted to IshotMarvin in What Do We Call Ourselves?   
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    Vigamaor reacted to becks in Imagine That You Haven't Pledged Yes, What Do You Want To See As A Backer Reward.   
    Show more screen shots maybe videos talk in depth about more features.
    I don't think the big streamers will give it that much attention right now. as saying to your viewers hey back this game then they put money in and it sucks the streamer will get the crap for it. Think I have only seen Coh really talk about it a lot but he gets way to hyped about every MMO then jumps ship after a while haha total biscuit I doubt would talk about it as he didn't even mention it last Tuesday in the podcast plus you never know what mood he is in so could bash it hehe
    But it will never reach star citizens funding as that must be a one off.....sure it has a unquie fresh take on fantasy mmos but it's still a fantasy mmo and the market is full of the them and more coming out over the same period or close to it.
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    Vigamaor reacted to zinnie in Players Need A "pick-Up-And-Go" Option.   
    You do have your own kingdom aswell, I belive the parcel thing only really matters between the campaigns and the EK. SO its possible that you could take your stuff with you from a guild EK into your personal EK.
    I would really like an answer from ACE on this one, since it not only can happen on release, but it most likely will happen.
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    Vigamaor reacted to jtoddcoleman in What Will I Need to Run Crowfall?   
    Yeah, grayswandir (great name, btw) has it right on this one.  I'm not saying that it's an absolute "no, never" on tablets, but I'm highly skeptical for both performance and UI reasons.
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    Vigamaor reacted to crueltylizer in Female Centaurs Is Stretch Goal #1   
    Which is why all previous information about the campaign is still there. Which is ultimately what people will be looking at. They won't be looking solely at the stretchgoals, which in themselves don't really give any information about the game at all. As with every kickstarter campaign the only real dealbreaker is usally the way the main content is presented. Especially the introduction video. 
    As you say - This is marketing for people who hasn't joined the kickstarter yet - But they will not decide to back a project on the stretchgoals alone.
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    Vigamaor got a reaction from Kell in Female Centaurs Is Stretch Goal #1   
    I really hope we get to the first stretch goal soon so we can start working on the next goal. Hope they announce some other cool stretch goals soon too. Yay for Fx and female horses!
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    Vigamaor reacted to zinnie in European Publisher/release   
    I am actually kinda worried about outsourcing the EU side of the game. Europeans tend to get neglected in alot of games pre-release, and its very common to not get an EU Alpha/Beta server, resulting in extremely high ping and almost unplayable condition for a game with action based combat.
    I sincerely hope Artcraft will look at the Kickstarter numbers and see that people from europe arent a tiny minority of gamers, but we are always treated like a 1% when it comes to developers and publishers.
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    Vigamaor reacted to FenrisDDevil in European Publisher/release   
    In the past few days I've talked with a bunch of potential european players (I am running the biggest italian community for Crowfall on a notorious mmorpg news site) who didn't back the kickstarter because they're afraid of publishers (I personally spent 'only' 30$ for the same reasons) . You really have no idea what we've been up to the past few years.
    Keeping in mind your UNIVERSE idea for Crowfall, you should really weigh the option of making ONE network of shards for EU and NA players. It's not like we're asking to play on the same servers (of course for ping issues we need our own).. what we're asking is the ability to move from one server to the other FREELY and without changing account/characters, the ability to share Eternal Kingdoms. Trust me you don't want to split up the communities, that has been one big reason for Darkfall failure.
    This is only possible if Artcraft manages to publish and manage servers in Europe themselves (through the help of some european server hosters). It isn't impossible, many mmorpgs and companies did it before. If you put up a stretch goal for that, europeans backing will double at least. POSTPONE the localization instead.
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