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  1. I gotta say, it sure feels like you are removing a lot of choice on the Knight, when I'm forced to spend two of my passives and one active to stay on top of my stamina (and be able to play the class at all). And then the pip classes aren't affected at all, crafting high damage weapons, and ignoring efficiency. I get that you want to create variety and choice, but you are removing it for resource starved classes like the Knight and Myrmidon. Also, it just feels really bad and un-fun to constantly be out of resource for your next ability.
  2. If only mass worked properly But yeah, that will be awesome once they fix it.
  3. Yes, especially since they added the Templar. By simply standing in the door, dropping my Divine Light, and spamming Parry - > Knockdown, it's basically impossible to get past me.
  4. More new features Soft launch is starting to look within reach!
  5. Well we definitely have tanks now, so I'm not sure I agree. I guess I'm just worried this will allow Templars to go for low-damage/high-tankiness builds, and rely on their execute damage to still destroy squishy archetypes.
  6. An execute ability on a tank? I have to say, I'm very skeptical of this decision. I generally think it's bad game balance to include executes on tanks. We'll have to wait and see how she plays.
  7. Supreeme

    Knight 2.0

    Have to agree with pretty much everything Meta said (we were testing together for several hours). The things I'd like to add: I don't like how Knights are now punished for sprinting even more than they were before. You basically can't sprint at all in a fight, as your using up your primary combat resource. It feels pretty punishing. While fun to play, the Knight doesn't really feel like a tank anymore. He feels more like a brawler, but if you compare his potential to tank to the Myrmidon, it's not even close. It was before with the longer block, but it breaks now after a few hits, so getting focused is an instant death sentence (which it shouldn't be on a tank). We're still forced to spam Oath of Will. It's still lame. I absolutely love landing a snapshotted bleed, after charging my damage with blocks. It feels great, but it's nearly impossible to land, as you can only take 2 hits on your block before you run out of stamina to pull of the bleed combo. The block damage bonus is really short in general. I feel like it could be boosted a bit.
  8. Sounds great! Can't wait to try out some cheesy mass-ambush strategies with this little guy
  9. I never got the email (or it got auto-deleted from my spam), but I'd like an invitation, since I'll be at Gamescom. I sent an e-mail to marketing@traviangames.com, so I'm just posting here for visibility, to make sure I get the invite in time to register before the deadline on Thursday.
  10. That screenshot is from Gmail on the latest version of Firefox on Windows 10. I also have similar formatting issues when viewing the mail in the gmail app on my Android phone (titles are now slightly visible, but descriptions are now gone). Other guild members have reported similar issues. Should I ask them to post specs here too? Edit: it looks fine when I open the mail in Thunderbird. No formatting issues there.
  11. I just got the newsletter e-mail and it seems to be a bit broken. It looks like the text color for the descriptions and the titles is wrong (the titles are completely invisible, due to having the same color as the background), and the link to Caldera was also messed up. It's an invalid url: http://%20http//community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/8342-caldera-eu-playing-with-fire/
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