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  1. I gotta say, it sure feels like you are removing a lot of choice on the Knight, when I'm forced to spend two of my passives and one active to stay on top of my stamina (and be able to play the class at all). And then the pip classes aren't affected at all, crafting high damage weapons, and ignoring efficiency. I get that you want to create variety and choice, but you are removing it for resource starved classes like the Knight and Myrmidon. Also, it just feels really bad and un-fun to constantly be out of resource for your next ability.
  2. If only mass worked properly But yeah, that will be awesome once they fix it.
  3. Yes, especially since they added the Templar. By simply standing in the door, dropping my Divine Light, and spamming Parry - > Knockdown, it's basically impossible to get past me.
  4. More new features Soft launch is starting to look within reach!
  5. Well we definitely have tanks now, so I'm not sure I agree. I guess I'm just worried this will allow Templars to go for low-damage/high-tankiness builds, and rely on their execute damage to still destroy squishy archetypes.
  6. An execute ability on a tank? I have to say, I'm very skeptical of this decision. I generally think it's bad game balance to include executes on tanks. We'll have to wait and see how she plays.
  7. Items still disappear on log-in. Crafting seems to have been changed significantly. It is now very difficult to craft blue items out of blue ore. I made an advanced weapon out of only blue ore, with a bit of purple and green mixed in, and I got a GREY weapon out of it. That shouldn't be possible. If we went through the pain of gathering high level resources, the items we craft out of them should be AT LEAST the same level as the lowest level resource used (and that's with terrible RNG rolls). In my case, where I used mainly blue mats, it should become a blue weapon 90% of the time. Imagine ga
  8. Supreeme

    Knight 2.0

    Have to agree with pretty much everything Meta said (we were testing together for several hours). The things I'd like to add: I don't like how Knights are now punished for sprinting even more than they were before. You basically can't sprint at all in a fight, as your using up your primary combat resource. It feels pretty punishing. While fun to play, the Knight doesn't really feel like a tank anymore. He feels more like a brawler, but if you compare his potential to tank to the Myrmidon, it's not even close. It was before with the longer block, but it breaks now after a few hits, so g
  9. Reliable way to make weapons re-appear one-by-one: re-log die recall vessel weapon/armor will be in inventory This only makes one item re-appear at a time, so you have to repeat it if multiple things disappear (I lost helmet, chest, gloves, sword and shield).
  10. There seems to be some weird new bugs with health bars from corpses. They appear whenever you look at a corpse (with 0 health and all debuffs from time of death), and you have to look really far away to make them go away again. EDIT: the glitched health bar seems to go away after a while. Don't know yet if it's time based or if it's distance based. Also, the chaamp vibrating up and down when you use Ultimate Warrior seems to not happen anymore.
  11. Champion starts glitching through the ground as soon as his 6 is used once. No way to stop it as far as we can tell. The whole screen vibrates. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4L3IGxMTlvo
  12. I love the new movement on the confessor, but it's a bit rediculous when you're trying to run from them, because you can't dodge their basic attacks. I think they would be in a much better place if the basic attacks were projectiles again. Speaking of running, the legionairre should be the fastest class in the game, imo (c'mon, he's a horse), and he definitely isn't right now. Even a knight is way faster.
  13. It seems that stats on armor don't work at all. I made some stamina boosting gear earlier that didn't actually increase my stamina, and now I made a plate chest that gives +76 max health, but my health does not increase when I put it on.
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