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    Supreeme got a reaction from coolwaters in Playtest Feedback for June 15 to June 19, 2017   
    When people joined the Coliseum Bloodbath server today en-masse (thanks so much for turning that on for us!), a lot of us lost the gear we imported at first. It would just keep loading from our spirit bank for much longer than 2 minutes. It seemed to only affect the first few items of armor and weapons. Item loaded afterwards, loaded in just fine. We ended up losing the items stuck in transfer, once we logged out. They were no longer in our inventories or spirit banks. It only occurred at the very beginning when ~50 people logged in to the server in quick succession.
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    Supreeme got a reaction from XpCjU in Playtest Feedback for June 15 to June 19, 2017   
    When people joined the Coliseum Bloodbath server today en-masse (thanks so much for turning that on for us!), a lot of us lost the gear we imported at first. It would just keep loading from our spirit bank for much longer than 2 minutes. It seemed to only affect the first few items of armor and weapons. Item loaded afterwards, loaded in just fine. We ended up losing the items stuck in transfer, once we logged out. They were no longer in our inventories or spirit banks. It only occurred at the very beginning when ~50 people logged in to the server in quick succession.
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    Supreeme reacted to Jah in The Caldera Colosseum Video Thread!   
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    Supreeme reacted to Yumx in The Caldera Colosseum Video Thread!   
    So we did the Caldera colosseum, was a lot of 20-25+ vs 20-25+ group fights against eachother and it was a lot of fun!
    If you have any footage from the event please post them in here, thank you!

    This is my contribution:
    The entire event: VoD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/154165696
    Youtube link: 

    Initial turnout on discord:

    The wall of death in the end:

    Thanks to all participating it was a blast!
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    Supreeme reacted to Yumx in Community Event - The Caldera Colosseum!   
    For the past Year, we in Caldera had a great time exploring this developing game and playing together with all of you in the European Crowfall community.

    We saw cold-blooded ambushes, desperate chases and nerve-wracking skirmishes, but we are longing for the great battles that we expect in the game’s future.
    So we had an idea...
    Welcome to The Caldera Colosseum
    Imagine what we can do together! Imagine 30 Players fighting at the same time in the same place. Together we can make that happen, and more!
    So, this is the plan.
    Everyone who is interested in picking up the gauntlet, to join us on this nerve wrecking event:
    Show up on the EU Server on the 24th of June, at 21:00 CEST
    Connect to the Discord server here (https://discord.gg/ywMNHKB)
    Bring your own equipment
    We will assign guilds and groups into teams as evenly as possible, and fill them up with unaffiliated players and Caldera members. Then we fight. 
    Not for glory, not for a prize, but for the pleasure of experiencing a glimpse of what this game is going to be.
    One evening of fun, fights, victories and losses is nice.
    But why stop there? If this works out, and you guys like it, we will continue doing these between campaigns!
    So what do you say?
    Will you answer the call?

    Event info
    Team forming:
    First we will all meet on the Colosseum voice channel, on discord. Here we will introduce and explain the event.
    Then we form teams.
    You will be asked to choose one role: Tank, Melee dps, Ranged dps or Healer.

    We will have set up individual voice channels for these 4 roles, and you are asked to jump into the channel that fits what you will play in the event.
    Hereafter a moderator will come into the voice channels and tell each person which team they are joining - so you know which faction you will have to choose.

    First phase:
    Each team will have some time to organize their groups. Then fighting starts, we start out with zerg-style combat, every teammember in their team voicechannel, with an army commander giving commands.
    We will do several fights in this phase.

    Second phase:
    In the second part of the event, things get a little more social and interesting.
    We will make 5-man groups out of the teams, and assign group leaders to each group. These group leaders will lead their groups in combat, and you are a lot more free to talk during combat, since each group will be in their own voice channel.
    We will do fights in this phase till the event is over.

    We will have a fresh bloodbath faction server for the event, so DO NOT PICK A FACTION before the event starts! Thank you!
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    Supreeme reacted to Tinnis in Playtest Feedback for June 15 to June 19, 2017   
    similar issue for templar! [and while knight might be able to pick up a second tray and access to bows later...the templar has zero bow access....]
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    Supreeme reacted to Tinnis in Playtest Feedback for June 15 to June 19, 2017   
    mana shield and the pull in / duration of nova are both quite silly (only first one in the below video)
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    Supreeme reacted to Durenthal in Playtest Feedback for June 15 to June 19, 2017   
    This started out as a simple feedback comment and has turned into a knight rant.
    Knight feels really weak since disciplines were added.  Taking anything out of our base kit leaves significant gaps in our playstyle (except the 7 power, but that doesn't matter since no one else has a 7 power in their base kit).  So we have two slots to add new powers.  Not enough.  So we give up essential bits of our kit.  This is brutal.  Please make expansive mind work, at the very least.
    The two-second cooldown added to the release of block, frankly, feels terrible.  I can no longer drop block to incite a confessor to hit absolution because if I do, I can't put block back up for a full 2s, which is more than enough time for a competent confessor to hit absolution and cream me.  About a year ago, I posited a new mechanic for block that had a delay after it was released before it could be pressed again.   That was in the days of block preventing 90% of incoming dmg, when block was the only power that took stamina.  Right now, block is far too weak for its cost, and adding the 2s cooldown is adding insult to injury.  I raised this issue when the visible timer was added and Blixtev said there's no delay in startup (there's a 1s counter when you hit block), but didn't address the 2s cooldown on release.
    I have -.37 final PCM (it would be -.43 if the skills contributed and you didn't cap efficiency).  I should have dramatically reduced stamina usage.  So why am I always out of stamina in a fight?  This wasn't the case before the addition of disciplines and PCM.  There is something wrong with power costs or stamina regen on the knight (did you set in combat regen to a much slower pace?  You broke something.  With no numbers on the stam bar or in the character sheet for stamina, we can't troubleshoot for you beyond saying "this feels terribly wrong").  
    It really feels like the stamina-only knight experiment is a failure.  Having stamina as our combat resource means the knight cannot sprint in combat like other characters.   It means if we get jumped whilst harvesting, we're at a bigger combat disadvantage than other classes.  It means that block consumes the same resource as the rest of our powers.  When powers consumed mana, mana regen was still challenging.  Folding block and sprinting into the same resource pool as attacking means we're screwed, because you won't modify our stamina enough to matter lest it give us an edge whilst harvesting.
    Chain pull doesn't pull.  I have absolutely no way to close distance on a fessor or druid now (I don't get dodge pips, they get 2).  I can't dodge-pip-cancel because I can't get close enough to.  I can charge to close some of the distance but not prevent them from re-opening it, since they can hit me from outside charge range, and charge is slower than their RMB escape by a significant margin.  And my charge is on a slower cooldown than their dodge pip regeneration.  I've had to drop dodge-pip-cancel off my bar entirely to make room for discipline powers.  Yeah, I can block their attacks still, but with the huge hit point pool, juggernaut, and field surgeon, they are completely immune to a knight.  I will run out of stamina and health long before they drop to half health.
    The discipline block gives the knight 100% dmg reduction but no reflect.  I'm not using it because it's obviously broken.  No one should have 100% dmg mitigation. 
    Why is Nova (discipline power on a short cooldown) a much better version of the knight C power?  Honestly, if I could put a normal power into the C spot and be able to use it like a normal power, I would give up the knight C power without hesitation.  It's a very weak ultimate.  The dmg is poor, and there's no CC involved on the pull, even when it works as intended.  Adding a root or strong snare would really help.
    The knight's strongest hitting abilities are chain-pull and retaliate.  Is that intended?
    Knight feels terrible right now.  Solo, I can beat other knights and otherwise have to rely on my opponents playing poorly.  In group play, my CC is easily countered because every ranged character is running juggernaut and field surgeon.  Field surgeon counters my bleeds as well as healing up my opponent and giving them endless resource regen via the passive.  Juggernaut lasts, what 8s and has the same cooldown as my gap closers and CC powers.
    I don't know what'll make knight more feasible in the current environment.  All I know is it's gone back to being weak.
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    Supreeme reacted to Scorn in Playtest Feedback for June 15 to June 19, 2017   
    Champion Weapon (Great Mace and Great Axe) need a Weapon Shaft:Medium which is found in the One Handed Weapon Components section of Blacksmithing. Champions weapons are Two Handed.

    Not sure how the Discipline Basic Block works, but it's Damage Reduction is substantially more than Templar or Knight's standard Block/Parry. Not always 100% but it seems to have a pretty high thresh hold.
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    Supreeme reacted to Tinnis in Playtest Feedback for June 15 to June 19, 2017   
    i reviewed my footage:
    upon casting Parry - there were times when I would 'end' my parry - but retain the 'parrying' buff in status area and maintain the movement speed reduction. the buff was counting down its duration or would be cleared by starting another parry. i also got no parry counter attack procs despite being hit...?
    my teammate @Supreeme also mentioned he experienced this, but was playing the knight, so assume a similar effect can happen for knight block
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    Supreeme reacted to Tinnis in Test Environments: Official Discussion Thread   
    i would personally welcome a skill wipe etc [especially if it comes along with some sensible skill tree revisions]
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    Supreeme reacted to srathor in Test Environments: Official Discussion Thread   
    Start the new server with a total wipe. Banks, skills, All the recipes freebies. That or port over what we have now and wipe the non 24/7 completely. We need a snapshot of what the game really is, not the bandaided monster it has become.
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    Supreeme reacted to Pann in About the Focused Testing forum   
    About the Focused Testing forum
    ACE QA Tester Raymond “Stumpstuff” Stump is leading the charge against bugs and anomalies and you can help!
    From time to time, he will start a new topic that begins with a link to a spreadsheet listing specific items to be tested. The discussion thread is expressly for testing results related to that spreadsheet.
    These discussion threads are not a place to discuss:
    playtesting issues and feedback feature feedback suggestions and ideas anything unrelated to the focused testing list for that thread This special forum comes with special rules that differ slightly from what’s outlined in our Rules of Conduct. Specifically, we will remove any posts that are irrelevant to the thread without notifying the user. Repeat off-topic offenders will receive a ‘verbal’ warning first and then warning points for any subsequent infractions. The reason for this is to keep the threads on topic and focused.  
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    Supreeme reacted to Pann in Known issue: ATI/Radeion 3D crashes Updated May 25, 2017 6:20 PM CST   
    Warning: Known crash load bug in ATI/Radeon 3D cards. We're working to resolve and will update as possible. 
    Update: May 25 6:20 PM CST
    The 5.0.2 Patch has been deployed. In this patch the following debug options have been added to help further dig into the cause of the loading crashes:
    A /debug command has been enabled in the Chat Panel to help further isolate the issue. If you are still crashing and would like to turn off specific settings Use this debug ability to turn off particular settings such as "sky", "fx", "trails", and "deferred" like so: /debug sky off or /debug fx off You can use 'false' or 'no' or '0' instead of 'off' if you prefer. and '/debug sky' will tell you the current setting. In this build we have disabled some performance features that may be causing the ATI card crashes (specifically: GPU skinning, batching, and graphics jobs).  
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    Supreeme reacted to vkromas in Patch Notes for May 24, 2017   
    Welcome to Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.0.1
    Welcome to Big World!
    To report any issues, bugs, or feedback you have for this playtest session, please go here: 5.01 Playtest Feedback and Bug Reports
    When reporting issues please try to be as detailed as possible (i.e. Campaign World, or Eternal Kingdom, Character Class, what power/status effect was active, etc). 
    If something does not work on the first try, try it again....
    Fixed an issue with ATI cards experiencing crashes on load.  Fixed the issue that was causing the Power Menu (k) to disappear if the player cancels out of the Character Creation Menu at the Temple.  An Invulnerable pulse field has been added to Map Bloodbath.  Renamed “Weapon Efficiency” to “Power Cost Multiplier” in order to help alleviate confusion on what this stat does.  Fixed the issue with Druid Blink that was causing rubberbanding.  Disciplines: 
    Runescarred Gladiator Discipline should no longer grant First Wind to Champions. Field Surgeon Rehabilitation now properly heals your ally.  Blademaster Blood Price no longer spawns health orbs from harvesting or siege damage. Bard Songs: If the Twisting Passive is unequipped, the empowered version of the song will not play on the next toggle. The toggle does continue and when the empowered version wears off, the normal version of the song will autoplay. Reduced distance on Bard Songs from 75m to 50m. Corrected the issue of Numbness and Molon Labe making Block abilities super expensive. Players can no longer equip the same discipline twice.  Molehunter Get 'Em now applies a root instead of a slow. Adjusted the stat on Pixie Dust.  Slightly increased the amount of penetration on Shieldbreaker Reveal Weakness. Master of Mystical Staves Soothing Winds: Fixed issue with the chain jumps on this power healing incorrect amounts (they were way too high). Banshee Ghost Army now returns 12.5% of damage done as Healing. Powers:
    Dazes should no longer cause permanent movement reductions Adjustments have been made to the Stealth Tray in order to prevent using disciplines to buff or heal allies while in stealth.  Renamed Weapon Finesse to Mental Fortitude and included a more elaborate power description. Added the Knockdown Combo Trigger to a number of ala carte style knocked downs and stuns like Knight Pursuit and Confessor Flames of Truth. This is required to allow you to Retaliate out of them. Known Issues:
    Durability in crafted items is not properly carrying up the crafting chain. Non Ranger classes lack bow animations. All bow related disciplines will remain inactive until they do. Bard Speed Song cancels when entering combat. Bard Speed Song remains at combat buff amounts if the buff was placed on you and you were in combat mode then went into non combat movement speed. (waiting on race/class split to fix this one) Vessel inventory objects can not be used at a Temple. Myrmidon Berserk UI widget timer on the client can be incorrect by +/- a few seconds, however should the Berserker Crash will always happen at the 8.35 second mark on the server. Ranger Arrows lose data after first arrow fired, this will cause 3rd basic shot to malfunction. Settings Menu appearing outside of the window area. The window can be closed in game by pressing F12, no need to close the client and relaunch. Weapon disciplines that grant weapon equips will not be fully functional until animations are added.  Power adjustments have been made but updates to tooltips are still in process. Text descriptions may not completely coincide with their current functionality.
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    Supreeme reacted to Arkade in Passive Powers and you - Official discussion thread   
    I am still completely baffled at their decision to make knights use nothing but stamina. When they changed the right click dodge powers, this is the patch note they wrote:
    Right click Dodge powers no longer consume stamina. (we were just overloading too many disparate aspects on the stamina pool, dodges, harvesting, sprints)
    So, the confessor had too many things using their stamina pool, so they get a separate resource for dodges, but the knight has to use stamina for everything? Sprint, harvesting, block and all attacks?
    I seriously hope the plan is to give the knight rage, fury or energy. Hell, I'd take back mana at this point. The stamina system sucks and most of the discs that are supposed to help with it are broken. If you don't want knights blocking all the time, find a better way to do it.
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    Supreeme reacted to Arkade in Passive Powers and you - Official discussion thread   
    Well, the Molon Labe and Numbness passives do not work. They are supposed to reduce the stamina loss when blocking a big hit, but instead they drain my entire stamina bar in about 2 seconds when I block, whether I'm hit or not. Emminently Punchable helps, but Blood Pact takes way too much HP. On a Templar, it uses far less HP. Maybe Weapon Efficiency plays a factor there, or the HP costs are scaled based on the resource cost, or both. The Onslaught combo takes more than half my stamina. If I execute that combo while using Blood Pact, I lose 760 HP. I can cast the Judgement/Execute combo, both of which cost a pip, 3 times while under Blood Pact and only lose 60 HP.
    The resource system needs an overhaul. Confessors have no need to worry about Mana. Their passive is more than enough to keep them from running out. When is the last time any confessor actually needed to use Fervor? I bet no one has it on their power bar. I have no problem having to manage a resource, but when some classes are resource starved and some classes never have to worry about it, that's a problem.
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    Supreeme got a reaction from srathor in [NEW] Fri, May 19th - Sun, May 21: Bugs, anomalies and tech issues feedback   
    Just found another pretty big bug: The weapon efficiency stat on advanced weapons is turning positive in the last stage of crafting. So all the experimenting you do on weapon efficiency ends up hurting you in the end. The stat is correctly negative on all the components, but once you combine them it goes positive. My basic sword has +0.2 efficiency. One 4-4-4 combo on my knight takes 50% of my stamina. My advanced sword has +0.5 (instead of the -0.5 I experimented for) and now my 4-4-4 combo takes around 80% of my stamina.
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    Supreeme got a reaction from Sepowchu in Passive Powers and you - Official discussion thread   
    I gotta say, it sure feels like you are removing a lot of choice on the Knight, when I'm forced to spend two of my passives and one active to stay on top of my stamina (and be able to play the class at all). 
    And then the pip classes aren't affected at all, crafting high damage weapons, and ignoring efficiency. 
    I get that you want to create variety and choice, but you are removing it for resource starved classes like the Knight and Myrmidon. 
    Also, it just feels really bad and un-fun to constantly be out of resource for your next ability. 
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    Supreeme reacted to Angelmar in Passive Powers and you - Official discussion thread   
    Blair, we appreciate you and ACE responding to feedback re: weapon effiency and investigating.
    Although this is not the direction that I think is balanced under current mechanics (the high resource cost on weapons completely breaks the myrm and is rough on the knight), that may change with future updates.
    Either way it is good to confirm that the numbers are a "feature" rather than a "bug".
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    Supreeme reacted to thomasblair in Passive Powers and you - Official discussion thread   
    I have Valerie hand crafting every single weapon type as we speak to make sure the values are where we want them. The one handed weapons are in the ballpark, the 2 handed / dual wield weapons seem to be way to good by about 50%. Will make some adjustments after we are done verifying the numbers.
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    Supreeme reacted to thomasblair in Passive Powers and you - Official discussion thread   
    I would like to subscribe to your newsletter!
    Unfortunately the way some of our things are implemented are on a 0-1 scale and in other cases a 0-100 scale. Which causes designers no end of mental gymnastics to make things work. In the future we need to make a pass and put everything on the same scale. When we add the updated character sheet, we can at least make the %s look consistent.
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    Supreeme reacted to Vectious in Passive Powers and you - Official discussion thread   
    Perhaps after a resource and class pass will make the weapon efficiency feel better.
    Cause right now, you are saying some classes can go yolo and all in on has much damage as they can stuff in a weapon, training, armor, runes, etc and be perfectly fine on resources. While other classes might be forced to fill up their rune slots with resource assisting stuff to be able to use their abilities. Oh and they have to be veeeery careful about what weapon is crafted for them.
    Sorta seems like it takes away options and opportunity. 
    Just seems theres some missing loops for resource pools in general. 
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    Supreeme reacted to Durenthal in Passive Powers and you - Official discussion thread   
    I understand where you're coming from, and that factory runs of great weapons will be possible a year after soft launch.  But at the start of soft launch, we're going to be using 125% of resources even if we give up one of our 3 passive slots for the weapon finesse passive.  There is no alternative to using that passive for knights and myrms until we can get weapons in the 0.1 or lower range.  You're not giving us choices - you're taking them away.  For mature-game play, what you're saying makes absolute sense.  For now, and for the first 6 months after soft launch, it doesn't.
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    Supreeme reacted to Arkade in Passive Powers and you - Official discussion thread   
    Is Weapon Efficiency working correctly on crafted weapons? Basic weapons are .2 and advanced weapons, unless high quality, are usually more than that. For classes that struggle with resources (like the knight), it de-incentivizes using advanced weapons.
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