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  1. I agree with your post for the most part... in Shadowbane I always loved running 10+ clients at a time.. the multitasking of it was a game in and of itself for me.. However, as far as the pay2win concerns.. the same could be said for people who buy multiple accounts to have an edge over other players who only have one account and need to spread themselves out (skillwise) over many classes with one account.. giving players multiple character slots again would help mitigate this "advantage" by allowing players more flexibility without having to buy multiple accounts... Meh.. we'll see what happe
  2. Would you be opposed to a person using two computers or even 3 at a time with two to three different keyboards and mice to PvP / Farm / etc? Why impose a physical limitation on players when it can be done digitally? They are not opposed to RMT and do not have any rules against it other than you can't do it on official servers because they don't want to deal with all the people who get scammed. Do it on your own risk is their stance; it's not "allowable" but it's not against the rules.
  3. - They aren't opposed to RMT, in-fact, I think they said it was allowable (but you can't sell on the official forums) and done at your own risk. - They are now pretty clear that multi-boxing is allowable.. I just wana know if macros and scripting will be allowed.. not even asking about botting. Also, your concern about classes again makes it very clear that you'll want at least 2-3 accounts to "enjoy" the game.
  4. Anything that could be exploited will be exploited - might as well watch a movie while you do it.
  5. I would like to get that response from the devs. Watching a movie while my macros farm works for me! XD
  6. sigh.. still the same forum troll as ever. - either way, I'd like to know their stance on macros / scripting.
  7. I don't know.. some of my Razor macros are pretty long.. some are 5-10 min macros. So, no common sense would not dictate their position. Couple this with Key Broadcasting and you then have a nice grey area.
  8. Anything that can steal and teleport/stealth/fly...... RIP Aracoix Thief
  9. They will likely take the same stance as pretty much every major game company (like Blizzard) that allows Key Cloning / Key Broadcasting (commonly used in Multi-Boxing) as long as it does not enter into botting / automation territory. You are technically playing each individual account manually and as such it shouldn't be against the rules. What I'd really like a clear statement on is whether or not they will allow macros or scripts to be used in the game. If they will allow scripting or macros how much will be allowed until it's considered botting? i.e. - Will me using
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMb1N1ZlVeQ https://clips.twitch.tv/AdventurousClumsyGoldfishANELE
  11. Still can't connect to the server using the client. Something was changed with the previous patch.. you now MUST use the patcher to connect to the game and are not able to connect to the server by manually launching the client. See: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/14125-fri-nov-18-%E2%80%93-sun-nov-20-bugs-anomalies-and-tech-issues-feedback/page-4#entry302286
  12. still can't get in :c Can someone see if the client was bugged with this most recent patch? Follow the steps below: 1. Use the launcher to log into the client. 2. Log out using the client (without exiting). 3. Use client to log into the server. Using the client (not the patcher) are you able to log into the server or are you stuck on the log in screen?
  13. Can't log into the game.. When I log into the patcher and update I click Lunch the patcher says "Updating".. "Complete".. then it disappears and the game never launches. If I try to open the client directly it doesn't let me past the log in screen after I enter my password and click log in (just stays on log in screen). One thing I did notice is that my patcher's window is bugged (has always been this way - so I've always opened the client directly after patching). Here's how my patcher looks.. notice how the Launch arrow is cut off: My patcher looks different (bugged?)..
  14. Fighting invulnerable people and rubber banding is annoying. Rubber banding is actually happening on both sides.. meaning you rubber band on your screen and on everyone else's. More to come!
  15. \\ Sorry about that, I didn't know they had that exception. \\
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