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  1. I agree with your post for the most part... in Shadowbane I always loved running 10+ clients at a time.. the multitasking of it was a game in and of itself for me.. However, as far as the pay2win concerns.. the same could be said for people who buy multiple accounts to have an edge over other players who only have one account and need to spread themselves out (skillwise) over many classes with one account.. giving players multiple character slots again would help mitigate this "advantage" by allowing players more flexibility without having to buy multiple accounts... Meh.. we'll see what happens XD
  2. Would you be opposed to a person using two computers or even 3 at a time with two to three different keyboards and mice to PvP / Farm / etc? Why impose a physical limitation on players when it can be done digitally? They are not opposed to RMT and do not have any rules against it other than you can't do it on official servers because they don't want to deal with all the people who get scammed. Do it on your own risk is their stance; it's not "allowable" but it's not against the rules.
  3. - They aren't opposed to RMT, in-fact, I think they said it was allowable (but you can't sell on the official forums) and done at your own risk. - They are now pretty clear that multi-boxing is allowable.. I just wana know if macros and scripting will be allowed.. not even asking about botting. Also, your concern about classes again makes it very clear that you'll want at least 2-3 accounts to "enjoy" the game.
  4. Anything that could be exploited will be exploited - might as well watch a movie while you do it.
  5. I would like to get that response from the devs. Watching a movie while my macros farm works for me! XD
  6. sigh.. still the same forum troll as ever. - either way, I'd like to know their stance on macros / scripting.
  7. I don't know.. some of my Razor macros are pretty long.. some are 5-10 min macros. So, no common sense would not dictate their position. Couple this with Key Broadcasting and you then have a nice grey area.
  8. Anything that can steal and teleport/stealth/fly...... RIP Aracoix Thief
  9. They will likely take the same stance as pretty much every major game company (like Blizzard) that allows Key Cloning / Key Broadcasting (commonly used in Multi-Boxing) as long as it does not enter into botting / automation territory. You are technically playing each individual account manually and as such it shouldn't be against the rules. What I'd really like a clear statement on is whether or not they will allow macros or scripts to be used in the game. If they will allow scripting or macros how much will be allowed until it's considered botting? i.e. - Will me using my Razor Keyboard/Mouse macro keys be a bannable offense?
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMb1N1ZlVeQ https://clips.twitch.tv/AdventurousClumsyGoldfishANELE
  11. \\ Sorry about that, I didn't know they had that exception. \\
  12. Not to mention it makes you an easy target. I got so paranoid while crafting.. I hope it doesn't stay this way. Give people the ability to scale a window or something imo.. or at least the ability to make their widows transparent. An opacity option for windows will go along way..
  13. Pre-Alpha tests have always had an "NDA". I also inquired about streaming prior to the test to confirm. I don't care ether-way.. I don't want to be labeled the "bad guy" over it.. but it doesn't look good to have over a year of hype for the big world test only to have the Pre-Alpha leaked via stream / footage featuring broken combat after a year and a half of "combat testing" ... that's why the Devs ask you not to stream / post public Pre-Alpha footage. It's been ACE's stance since the beginning.. you got alot of post-store-credit-dupe people who have 2016 Ruby Pre-Alpha access now and don't know the Dev's "NDA" stance for Pre-Alpha tests. Since ACE has always taken a public position of "transparency first" I don't anticipate them sending out take down requests to all the new players with duped Pre-Alpha Access but their request for discretion should still be respected.
  14. I thought we weren't allowed to stream / put up any public videos of the test? In that case I got at least like 8 hours of video to sort through.. XD PvP and PvE for was bugged for most people throughout the test.. it was hit or miss.. not bad when you got a handful of actual "testers".. once more people start coming in just to play I can see them getting pretty disgruntled when they can't defend themselves and they lose hours worth of "work" .. if anything should work I'd hope it'd be combat. Buggy combat: https://youtu.be/HIG5Jdpua9o?t=2m23s Vacuum loot is a bad idea.. a well placed macro can farm for hours with a vacuum system.. not to mention that people will find ways to exploit it and increase its range, etc.. I hope we don't see it implemented as a pay-to-win item (think Maple Story vacuum hack from back in the day).
  15. No way to do it, just a point of caution and expressing a need to mitigate the "pay2win" advantages of multi-boxing/accounting. Given the history of retort on the subject most people will probably insist that having dedicated crafting accounts and wall bashers/specialized accounts is impractical and "useless".. all while ignoring the export import rules that will allow people to multiply their yields and other "small" details. Alot of peeps always seem to get stuck on the idea that all multi-boxers are trying to micro manage 10 accounts while 1v1 PvPing on each of them on simultaneously and lose sight of other benefits of multi-boxing/accounting. Personally the only way I thought it was possible to mitigate the pay to win advantage of multi-boxing was to allow people to be able to use multiple characters in the same campaign... but they did away with character slots so now they are limited to fully dedicating to one account to specific class (to be "the best" XXX you can be) and are punished if they chose to diversify their character's class skills. Sure multiboxers get more character slots too but at least players who can only afford one account without VIP at least have 3 different "characters/crows" they can skill up as desired. Not to mention that this system would exacerbate the diminishing returns of having multiple accounts and incentivize the continuous purchase of VIP (3 character slots with VIP = 9 different archetypes being trained). 9 x $50 = $450.00 vs. $50 (One Account) + ($15 VIP x 26 months) = $440.00 (If your goal is to have multiple trained characters and the ability to switch between them) Multi-boxing will be impractical.. you will have to continuously play Crowfall for over 2.25 years in order to see a return. However, you can't multiply your ability to import/export more items without multiple accounts unless Crowfall's micro transaction shop has something like ("X2 Import Boost! 50% OFF!!").. so it's all about what your overall goal is. However, under the current system. just buy multiple accounts.. it's better. Trust me.. and since active training is not going to be a thing, the sooner you buy multiple accounts the better.
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