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  1. Looking for a guild but mostly looking for fun. Region: US Central time Atmosphere: I'm getting up there in age lol. I can be mature but who the hell wants to act their age? Casual/Hardcore: I will be a hardcore player until my SO complains about me spending to much time on Crowfall Size: Preferably medium to large. Play-Style: Crafting. I like participating in pvp and would love to go on sieges but I am a crafter/harvester at heart Commitment: Most of my availability will be between 6am and 3pm cst. I plan on playing as much as I can but don't tell my employer Experience: Lot's, I am
  2. First time poster, long time troll. Figured it was time to join the fray and enjoy a little forum PvP before my round of alpha vtec kicks in. I am pretty excited about what what I have read and watched concerning this game, but then again we all are. See you in alpha! Bloodwolf
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