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  1. It's so bizarre, I had a craving for mediocre Swedish meatballs so I went to Ikea only to find this... Who would've thought, good on you ArtCraft.
  2. A fantastic old classic called 'The Waiting Game'. The last game that I truly played was Wildstar, now this was some time ago. Still waiting for something new to scratch that itch, doesn't necessarily have to be an MMO either.
  3. #676 I watched the campaign go live, that high number was me pacing back and forth being indecisive. Such is life when you've barely got any cash for games and fun!
  4. The combat in TERA takes some time getting used to, yes. Especially the animation locks, which I'm still torn about. Even though I played TERA first back in 2009 in the western FGT (Focus Group Test) and plenty during beta up and till release. I actually have no real opinions regarding animation locks, I guess I don't mind them.. but I kind of do at the same time. I like there being consequences behind actions, forcing the player to think, plan and not just spam. However, I also like when the combat feels fluid, fun and fast-paced. I wonder if there is a way where you can design a sort of hybrid system. Perhaps animations locks could be only used by very heavy, finisher-type of attacks? In an attempt to bring the "best" of two worlds, having the combat being tactical and you have to commit to heavy attacks, while still allowing the player to move at least somewhat during combat. Who knows, I know I don't, I'm not a gameplay designer and I will not pretend to be. Its an interesting topic though, thats for sure. I'm very curious as to how combat in Crowfall will turn out!
  5. Heh, are you guys really that dry of interesting topics of discussion? I actually had a small facepalm moment just then. I'm guessing you want us to give you some recognition for having someone semi-famous visiting your profile. Well here it is; recognition and a heartfelt congratulations! (I'm actually being honest here, I mean why not be happy for the guy, it's not like its any effort to be quite frank.)
  6. Oh, so you know how a minotaur sound. Maybe you have a minotaur friend? /sarcasm off I find it much more immersive when players actually can talk, text chatting hasn't been immersive for me since about a decade ago. Not only that, its been a long while since I played in an MMO where people actually took the time to actually engage in a conversation. Its just not how it used to be, people are impatient and quite frankly lazy, in a way. In my most recent adventures in GW2, a couple of months ago, I actually took the time and effort trying to engage in conversation with people I met out in the world. None of the people I reached out to made any effort in responding beyond the occasional "hey". Who can blame them, really? I'm just a random dude which they probably are not going to play with more than a couple of minutes before they go on their merry way. Its just not worth the time and effort; which is a problem. Talking with people shouldn't be an effort, it should be something that happens naturally. PVC might not be the end all be all solution to the lack of interraction between random players. However, it's definitely a step in the right direction, at least in my opinion.
  7. Reading through this thread has been pretty hilarious. I facepalm at every reply that goes on a rant about "Just go join up in a <insert 3rdP VOIP software> channel". If your mind instantly starts to wander towards the notion of VOIP, you clearly have no idea of what the discussion is actually about. Fun fact; I was just like you guys who don't like PVC, up untill just a few years ago. I hated the notion of "being encouraged" to hear, or talk with complete strangers. I didn't at all get the reasons or the draw for it, why would I want to hear some random dude talk with me or why should I ever talk to this person? I couldn't really grasp the benefits, the reasons, the entire concept; I needed to experience them, firsthand. For a game to be so utterly broken, unpolished and right-out frustrating to play at times - DayZ Mod was the first game to show me what PVC can do for a game, its popularity, longevity, its level of immersion, etc. A game, or in this case just a mod back then, in where the players primary focus was surviving. With the biggest threat being other players, PVC brought the player-interraction to the forefront of the game even more so. I experienced situations in a game that I never even thought would be possible, situations I hadn't even concieved prior to experiencing them. It was truly an eye-opener, a paradigm shift in online gaming. Although, just as any interraction between people online whether it be via text or voice, weird and unpleasant situations will arise. It shouldn't be more difficult than dealing with a player in any other game, whether it'll be ignoring his voice or his text. The benefits outweighs the negatives, very much so, and anyone who tries to argue this point is simply to stubborn and conservative. This is 2015, or 2016 when we have this game in our hands. I'll be damned if not the majority of online gamers today have a microphone at hand, this together with the exponential growth and decline of cost of Internet bandwidth. The very apparent, growing splits and lack of interraction between players and a game's community. A genre that used to thrive on player-interraction, it used to be one of the focal points of MMOs. A feature that encourages and makes it easier for people to interract with eachother. See where I'm going with this. So why shouldn't we have access to PVC in todays day and age?
  8. I'm definitely more excited for CU than I was earlier, I can't wait to see where they take this game in the next 15 months. The seemingly very solid fps (debug fps-counter during gameplay) gets me excited, I hope to god they can hold that standard to some degree as the game gets more fleshed out. The great viewdistance together with arcing, long-range projectiles looks amazing. Crafting your own spells and abilities looks like it could be fun as well. Also, I can't wait to see where they take C.U.B.E (Camelot Unchained Building Environment).
  9. This thread just gave me the shivers. The nerve and entitlement of some people, mind-boggling to say the least.
  10. Hey and welcome to the forums Exz. Sweden hype!
  11. Another EVE bittervet signing in, I couldn't agree more, that is one of the most frustrating things in EVE. I've been saying this since I first started playing EVE back in the day; Let us earn some skillpoints ingame doing various activities. Set a weekly or daily cap on it so it can't be exploited, encourage players to actually login and PLAY instead of just having the account active to get those pesky skillpoints.
  12. Because Wildstar failed because of its combat... /sarcasm off Let me tell you something; No, it didn't. The combat was one of the few things that game did right, it was actually a pretty solid experience. One of the best PvP experiences(combat wise) I've had in a long while. Now, even if you liked it or not, it wasn't the reason for why the game failed.
  13. I believe both titles can survive in the todays market of MMOs. They're not mutually exclusive and both titles have, at least in my opinion, their respective contributions to an otherwise pretty stagnant genre. This typical X vs Z mentality doesn't help anyone, both games are different enough to exist alongside eachother.
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