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    dum8kid got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Crafting Master List   
    Aye! Forgemaster checking in!
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    dum8kid got a reaction from IdeaMatrix in Crafting Master List   
    Aye! Forgemaster checking in!
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    dum8kid reacted to freeze in oh god pls no   
    that scrub needs to stop being so casul
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    dum8kid reacted to oberon in oh god pls no   
    The worst thing would be tab targetting. That's the whole we're not CU and the special pvp people like our game better. I would think there would be hundreds of things we can try in testing before we got to that point. Even something like adding 10% homing to a projectile which would be less than walking speed might be enough to consider it viable enough for everyone. Which I am sure someone will get upset about but it's better than tab targeting.
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    dum8kid reacted to Cynwulf in oh god pls no   
    I had the same reaction. There are better ways of handling this such as increasing speed of the ranged attack, Increasing the cone of the attack or the blast area of the attack. The harder the missile attack is to land successfully the more damage it should do. Thus a slower missile attack may be devastating when it lands while a fast moving one not so much or a small diameter missile attack will do more damage then an aoe blast if of similar speed due to being hard to hit with it.
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    dum8kid reacted to Psyentific in Things I [we] don't want in Crowfall   
    The problem is that everybody wants different things; By making a list of what we don't want, we can all agree on what is terrible.
    Put it this way; We can bicker as much as we want about who were the best people in World War 2, but we all agree that Stalin was terrible and Hitler wasn't much better.
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    dum8kid reacted to Psyentific in Things I [we] don't want in Crowfall   
    Not necessarily; Inflation is a measure of money in vs money out. That is, the ratio of gold to goods. If there's lot of money entering the system (ex. farming OP), but not a lot of money leaving the system (ex. negligable structure maintainence), that means that the purchasing power of one gold will decrease.
    You can actually see it pretty clearly in Eve Online, where, as large amounts of ISK becomes easier to make (historically incursions, wormholes), the overall price of goods (ie spaceships) increases. A long time ago, before Eve was ~pretty~, a Drake battlecruiser cost 30m. Now that same battlecruiser can cost 50 or 60m. The overall amount of effort & raw materials needed to make a Drake hasn't changed, but the price people think they can get away with charging has increased, because the purchasing power of One ISK has decreased, because there is overall more ISK in the system now than there was five years ago.
    That is inflation, and it is the bane of newbies and poor people.
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