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  1. yeah im not liking this at all so far. They got their KS funded pretty fast, and so far we have no new information, we are in the dark here, and these stretch goals are silly, i could understand mounts but female cent? really? Jokes
  2. they can space it out however they want but keeping the hype going is the best bet to attract more money. Right now we really dont know much of anything besides few tid bits that there is few kinds of hardcore modes for each server and that they reset while your progress does not. Im really expecting to see a better general view video of how the gameplay works, how PvP works i think thats the most important aspect that is not shown, im buying this game for the PvP, im also disappointed that they did not reveal any more stats and things like that of each character to show us, and i know they will with time, but i think time is key here because people lose hype pretty fast and id hate to see what sounds like a wonderful game go to waste.
  3. im looking for gameplay and other things like showing us character creation board maybe or some more stats of characters, i would not mind seeing all the inner workings of each character. Everything that people have linked so far has been all thrown out there on the first day of kick starter and nothing since besides an update on how happy they are due to kickstarter being 85% there, oh and releasing more money goals. With the alpha being so far away, i expect alot more videos and info, and i hope sooner rather then later.
  4. damn summer too long and thats just for alpha 1:(
  5. Im just wondering because i see multiple alpha groups for this game so im wondering when does this start, If im gona pay 500$ i dont know if i want to wait a long time before i can even play an alpha. Hopefully soon
  6. Yes its gona be super OP just like in albion.... OH WAIT BAZINGA
  7. That horse looking thing looks OP, has pretty high str and dexerty and does not look to be quiet at all. Im scurred
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