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  1. Welcome to our newest member @RileyStang! We have been quite active on the Order side for the first two campaigns. If you're looking for a guild to run with, consider joining us.
  2. I've been stuck with the white and black shield with the broken yellow sword since guilds were released. Was never given the option to change our crest even with the KS Amber package which should have advance crest options. Hoping it just isn't online yet.
  3. With the "First Campaign" just around the corner, we are once again opening our gates to new recruits!
  4. Welcome to our newest recruits @drewski & @Rogane!
  5. With 5.4 on the horizon of being released on the LIVE servers we are moving into full recruit mode! Join now and get a discount in the Crowfall store too!!
  6. As you can see I'm not extremely active on the forums @Tumnus but if you'd like to chat more, feel free to join us at http://discord.me/slayus - It's where we are all most active.
  7. A few Sanctus members and myself will be running an impromptu guild night on the TEST server tonight. The event will be streamed at 9pm EST on http://twitch.tv/slayus
  8. Still looking to fill out our ranks. Have a few of us in the current 5.3 testing as well!
  9. 5.3 is just around the corner. If your still wondering the campaigns alone, maybe we can be of assistance
  10. I'm now seeing Guild Details but still no Guild Crest option
  11. Browser: Google Chrome I only use Ad Block Plus (disabled and still doesn't show)
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