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  1. A few Sanctus members and myself will be running an impromptu guild night on the TEST server tonight. The event will be streamed at 9pm EST on
  2. Still looking to fill out our ranks. Have a few of us in the current 5.3 testing as well!
  3. Welcome to our newest member @Zafeiria
  4. 5.3 is just around the corner. If your still wondering the campaigns alone, maybe we can be of assistance
  5. How do i change my guild's crest?

    I'm now seeing Guild Details but still no Guild Crest option
  6. How do i change my guild's crest?

    Browser: Google Chrome I only use Ad Block Plus (disabled and still doesn't show)
  7. Still accepting members at an advanced rate. Recruitment will become more strict very soon!
  8. Welcome to @Fiat_Nyx! Glad we found someone who came make us some maps
  9. Welcome to our newest member @Vellorah! Hope to be putting together a guild event soon.
  10. Anyone else experiencing a skipping/visual lag issue when you run on stairs or certain elevated objects? It's like I get stuck in place and teleport when moving on stairs. I'll try to get a video of it tonight.
  11. Sanctus has taken its first steps into the new campaign testing! Guild events coming this week!
  12. Once the first campaign testing is available to a wide range of backers, Sanctus will be joining the fray! Join us now while our recruiting requirements are lenient!
  13. Welcome @geri0n, @santiagorook & @drewzu to the guild! Hope you can all join us for the playtest this weekend!
  14. Welcome and good luck! Sanctus is happy to have you as one of our allies and look forward to seeing you in-game.
  15. How will you build your Assassin?

    Looks like you're going for quite a bit of bleed damage. Where does the Long Live the Fighter come from?