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  1. So our guild has a good amount of funds that I would like to use to buy mounts, parcels and other goodies for the members. If I buy a mount with the Guild Buy option... can I then gift it to another player or does it get bound to my account? How do I gift it to said guild member? Through the Account settings page?
  2. We're filling up fast! Welcome to @WhiteyG, his brother @KerBlamKing, @tat167, @Griezz, @Uncle_Chungus & @Nelly!
  3. I work from home, so I play on and off all day Mon. - Fri. I also stream/play uninterrupted Mon, Wed and Fri. nights ~8pm until 11pm eastern. We have a few West coast players who play much later than me as well.
  4. Still looking for active player to join our ranks!
  5. Hey @cesmode! Please take a look at our recruitment post. We would be happy to have you.
  6. Welcome to our newest members @KnightOwel and @Lowborn! I've known both of them for quite a while and they decided to join in on the fun!
  7. If I wasn't trying to create a guild myself... I'd join you guys in a heartbeat. You sound like a great group of "person bags" 😅 Hope to see you on the battlefield and maybe we can even work out an alliance at some point. Good luck to you.
  8. To be honest it has the same kind of setup 😅 I offer members the ability to become their own boss and hire underlings. Thanks for the welcome and good luck to you as well!
  9. Sanctus is a guild/community that has been around since Alpha. We have a very unique hierarchy being built that will allow members to choose their playstyle and also how they interact with the guild as a whole. HIGH DEMAND SPECIALIZATIONS - ALL GATHERING SPECS, STONEMASONS, WOODWORKING, JEWELCRAFTING Apply here now! The Plan Sanctus will house not only dedicated players but also different content creators & their loyal viewers. We hope to build one central Eternal Kingdom (EK) where all members of the guild will be able to benefit from the bonuses of having a large EK & dedicated guildmates. Land will be given to high ranking members which can then be past down to their respective supporters. At the release of Crowfall our EK will be restricted to Sanctus members only, but will later open up to a wider range of players and eventually the public. How to Join Simply click HERE and request to join. Lastly, if you are a content creator and will be focusing on Crowfall now or in the future, we would love to have you in Sanctus. Not only will it allow you to be backed by a great group of players, but it will help increase your overall audience. We hope to help big & small channels grow by supporting each other while playing this amazing game! Contact Me If you have any questions you'd like to ask, you can find me in our Discord. For most general questions about Crowfall, they have a huge FAQ that will probably have your answer. Thank you for your interest in our guild & we'll see you on the battlefield!
  10. Welcome to our newest member @RileyStang! We have been quite active on the Order side for the first two campaigns. If you're looking for a guild to run with, consider joining us.
  11. I've been stuck with the white and black shield with the broken yellow sword since guilds were released. Was never given the option to change our crest even with the KS Amber package which should have advance crest options. Hoping it just isn't online yet.
  12. With the "First Campaign" just around the corner, we are once again opening our gates to new recruits!
  13. Welcome to our newest recruits @drewski & @Rogane!
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