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  1. I'm just going to rep this sig till we get the new one Not that I post anywhere else on the Crowfall forums anyways, lurker to the max.
  2. Random post so I can see if my forum badge is working Hail Hydra
  3. Yea if Assassin's don't have multi-level mobility (can jump to places others can't) or some sort of stealth I duno. But initial glimpses it looks like a promising class to take out enemy supports and other squishies.
  4. Think I'm going to have to go Assassin. Dem wings!
  5. I wonder... would have two of the same class be beneficial? Like have an Assassin main for PvP then an Assassin Crafter so you can focus on Assassin-type items
  6. My top two atm are Tokyo Ghoul and Psycho Pass, both absolutely great anime's that I look forward to every episode. Neither seem to have very many filler episodes where nothing really happens. First season of Sword Art Online for me was really great. Season 2 has been weak and seems like they're stumbling for a story line to run with. Log Horizon, lately they've been releasing a lot of filler episodes that have like absolutely no progression in them though
  7. Probably hit some rage but WoW has been the best for me. Maybe its just cause I've played it for years, but no other MMO had a hold on me for this length of time. Sure I quit a few months after every expo, but I always come back.
  8. TBH I've never liked MMOs that try to do a realism style, biggest one I've played was Warhammer AoR. To me I don't think its a long term option since single-player games that truely boast the most up-to-date realism simply blow MMO realism out of the water. Cartoony styles, like WoW, don't seem to age as quickly. Sure ACE could make some good realism graphics now, but fast forward 3-4 years and it is ancient. Not to mention changing the art style at this point would probably put a significant strain on their projected alpha,beta, and release dates, thus affecting how much money they'd need to finish.
  9. I too think having the worlds end should be a major part of the game. The possibility of certain resources being only attainable from certain types of worlds could help maintain the player economy by preventing over saturation of items and thus making everything dirt cheap.
  10. Just checked and the number got booted back down to 600, hope it was just a system freak out
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