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  1. I'm confused. My Kickstarter rewards need to be redeemed for credits and then repurchased? Is this only if we want to buy new items in the store?
  2. It almost looks like the original armors were designed for Hogwarts houses
  3. We at Covenant of the Phoenix are preparing for a very strong launch! Be sure to check us out and join us if you'd like to be a part of a guild with a great track record and even greater community.
  4. Yay, more free stuff. Still want a Citidal and Palace, though not for the price of those full packages. It seems as though Alpha 1 won't happen at the end of summer anymore, although. With the pre-access apparently happening during late summer, it looks like Alpha 1 will begin more around the start of autumn.
  5. I wonder if they'll be open to making other types of hybrid creatures in the future, be it something common in other mythos or a new one exclusive for Crowfall lore.
  6. How do deaths currently work? If you die during a campaign, you're out for the rest of it, or are you able to respawn?
  7. I stick to mostly heal classes in most games I play. Skyforge is giving me my first experience with being without one, and I don't quite like it. Hopefully Crowfall will allow my inner healer to rest easily.
  8. Oh, it's going to be very expensive upgrading to Palace.
  9. On the topic of reserving names, will this game feature a 1 or 2 part naming system? I hope it's just one. I don't like having first and last names in games.
  10. We're currently recruiting for a solid launch!!! Check us out if you're interested in a family-friendly community that has bases in a host of games.
  11. How long is the Kickstarter Upgrade period?
  12. Gonna be interesting. I typically play a healer, and I'm trying support classes on Skyforge right now but it sucks.
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