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  1. The insulted is real. People making lists, how immature. Here's my view. custard friendly, custard land, anyone within shouting distance is focus.
  2. yeah, do that in EVE, you get both insulted and additional bounty placed on your head for doing so. I'm sure if you rub it in the face of people you gank in Crowfall you'll get equal amounts of hate for doing so too.
  3. For the record and on a personal level - I never had a problem with doc. I'll make that abundantly clear. Secondly, I always liked him, for the short period of time I encountered him, he came to my defense once, but also made a point about something to. Well in game experiences give you the option to place things on your own terms. You can choose not to be ganked if you're a smooth operator. I see getting ganked to be one's own fault. As is posting something other people don't like is my own fault, problem is, I tend to recklessly engage in a fight if I get a bite. I knew someone who got ganked in EVE in his first week because he while salvaging looted something that belonged to someone else still, so he got suspect status, soon as he arrived back at the station, he got ganked coming into dock because he was also equally silly enough not to set up a safe spot to warp to, to instadock while he was suspect flagged. He wanted to make enough isk in 30 days to buy a PLEX and play for free. When his trial expired, I never saw him again. That's the one thing I don't like about EVE, the monthly payments force people to farm ISK to play for free and not everyone can afford a subscription, the option to have a subscription and the pay only once deal Crowfall has I think, although it does deny the developers some much needed money, it does ultimately make it easier on less well off people who are tight on money. I respect that. Sorry to go offtopic.
  4. Guess I was wrong, till now I didn't believe that to be the case. Thanks for enlightening me. Guess the problem with the accounts is my own personal experience. Seems to me ACE is following though with the same policy as CCP. Which is all developers, game masters, community managers and even as far as the moderators when their on their moderator accounts are representatives of the development team and the game and have the responsibility to adhere to their strict rules of conduct, that don't apply to the player base. Think of the developers and all staff members like the Night's Watch. Their not allowed to take sides, their opinions can not be sided with any group or individual and they live isolated in the north. And there are reasons why CCP has that stance, it's because of Band of Brothers. Is ACE copying CCP's model? Well it's just a guess... their choices? Maybe because it's simply easier to sit on an island and let the world exist in chaos on it's own because any interference from them, even on the lowest moderator level where the individual isn't a representative has the risk of being confused as such and in turn create and spread lies and rumors which can damage the game. Still, I feel that simply stating one's own opinions don't reflect that of the developers is enough honestly. But it seems that isn't the case anymore. I won't have an opinion on if it's right or wrong, I don't believe I'm in a position to have a say on the matter in this community.
  5. You know saying stuff like that only makes people start pointing fingers at each other. Not that they already aren't doing that... The more obvious the situation is and this is what I have worked out (and it seems I've been placed in one of these camps against my will apparently) is that there are two camps, the "freedom of speech, free to be nasty to each other because they enjoy it" camp and the "omg don't hurt me I'm a carebear who hits report button camp". And everyone is going out of their minds and having a total freak out over it. There is also this "RIP Doc" and "We will defend Doc" "this is unfair" and other stuff. All while Doc we have no idea what his opinion is on the matter, it troubles me somewhat that so far as I'm aware, he has expressed his opinion elsewhere and other people are relaying it. Now I don't take any information is fact unless I get a first hand account. Given I have to go back and read a lot of what was posted since I last read the thread, so if he did post, then I am incorrect by facts. Here's the fear of one camp: "freedom of speech, free to be nasty to each other because they enjoy it" camp - their afraid that the forum is going in a direction which makes what they consider fun - not allowed, which upsets them, they want to have fun, they want to play hardcore on forums. I get that, I understand that, But I - being someone who is new to this came in, experienced it and how did I respond? By being the same back? No, I responded by reacting and by getting offended. Woopie do. I didn't even know what Forumbane meant the first time someone said it to me in a private message, I had to figure it out on my own for one. After thinking it over for a few days I decided I simply don't care anymore, that's what you're like and I see that trying to change you to my views will only make things suck for you. That is wrong, I can simply choose not to be antagonistic, but acting like an egocentric white knight only makes me look like a complete unpleasant person. Here's the fear of the other camp: "people who represent the developers should be careful about what they write, it can misrepresent the devs and the game because their sense of humor and their opinions/words can be misread as both antagonistic and etc etc etc "reasons" blah blah blah" camp - they simply find the notion of "forumbane" or anything that goes against their opinion, appears antagonistic, anything that is baiting, anything that is "forum drama". To be wrong. It's two different communities, two different sets of opinions, very alien to each other and both are just like "attack attack attack" and it always seems the same people are at each others throats and so far all I've seen from one particular group is constant dismissive and nasty comments. I think the best solution to the problem is to ignore each other. I also believe that thinking Doc Gonzo is a victim in all this is also equally wrong, what I stated is simply my opinion as to why, if you all think that is wrong, then of course it is wrong in your opinion and you have the right to say it is wrong! Now if I'll be so bold, I'll start being a complete narcissistic egotist for once and make it all about me. Indirect attack remarks in my direction because you don't like my opinion. While I myself refuse to do the same in return. Do you want me to? Or do you simply don't like the fact I refuse to? I want this game to be hardcore, if you want this forum to be hardcore too, what right do I have to say otherwise? Dump water on here, we'd generate enough steam to propel a train across the internet. XD
  6. You'd be surprised how difficult it is to create multiple forum accounts here. Unless he is using multiple IPs or dumping his Cookies and switching to a separate browser or using a VPN. Not to mention last time I checked it's against the ToS to create multiple accounts without first informing the developers you're making a new account then following that retire your old one. Maybe you should consider that maybe there are a lot of people who simply agree with someone, instead of thinking everyone agrees with you and your friends opinions. If the guy really is doing it, then he is violating the rules, do I see him banned? No, wonder why? Maybe it's because those so called puppets don't share the same IP Address, maybe it's because he doesn't brake the rules. If he did, he would have warnings. I don't defend the guy, just saying you shouldn't think that everyone is a sockpuppet account of his; Also you guys shouldn't scare away people who are not "smart" enough to read posts or threads in their entirety, or read the Q&A, because you're all scaring away the only players you'll likely be able to kill and loot in game. Because I assure you, if I met you guys and you were on your own. I'll make sure to put good use to your hard earned goods you be carrying. How many of you are there? 100, 200? How many are there of everyone else? 1000+? Maybe you guys should be a little nicer to the horde, rather than acting like you're superior at any given opportunity. Just saying... As for people who are just well, trolls, or just saying garbage which is completely offtopic, well - so what. If they brake the rules, they'll get what's coming either way.
  7. You know, I honestly think if Doc simply put a disclaimer on his sig stating all his opinions are his own and do not reflect the opinions, choices, direction, attitude or stance on "poorly made socks" and the act of flinging poo at each other. And all his moderation choices are entirely arbitrary, fair and are not reflective of his personal stance, thus being completely free of personal bias. *shrug* Maybe they wouldn't of had a problem, when I think about it, I honestly do not know why they would, but my original opinion on the reasons they may of still stands. It depends on what the developers expect of the conduct of their moderators; It's their choice and their decision ultimately.
  8. crede quod habes, et habes castigat ridendo mores opiniones non sunt facta.
  9. That's the problem with this forum, constant baiting, constant antagonism, I speak out about it and I get attacked. All of a sudden it's about me, anyone consider that I consider the issue, nay the reasons Doc likely had his status downgraded was because he was baiting people? So passionate about defending their viewpoints and their ideas on behaviour to the point of ridiculousness, always liking on each other's posts in a gang mentality. Damn it will feel so good to "crush" you in game. People making comments about my grammar, the level of ego, wow. Yes I do take a simplistic view at things, maybe that is a wrong stance to take, I mean it's just my opinion, not that it matters...
  10. Never said this is about me. You're right, sometimes logic gives way to passion when you beat your fist on a wall till you see blood. Maybe what I said came out or was read different to what I meant to say, which is, what is appropriate to do and act inside a video game giving you the tools to do as you please doesn't translate to having the same freedom outside of it, well that's my viewpoint on the matter. When I say things like "Your sadist little world" -> I mean the game world, because it is a world where you can freely be a sadist, least in the respects of a hardcore PvP game. You're taking what I wrote out of context, I was saying - ever consider how people outside the community viewed the community? And then they make the decision in their mind "Do I want to play that game when the people who play that game I'm told are nasty people?" As in reference to decreasing population of a game. Which in turn the people who own the game and it's servers look at the declining numbers and make a judgement call on it.
  11. I find that ironic since you guys claim it to be a hardcore nasty game and thus it must be projected into the forums, but can't handle a hardline stance against people being silly in response to a serious issue. It's interesting how when someone comes in with a different point of view to you, you claim everything they say is wrong and then use strawman arguments, but when they return back with logic, you pull the freedom of expression cards and make electric jabs using fancy insults. I have the courtesy to be serious, I expect others to return it with being serious. I'm sorry if my observations offend so much as to people responding with mocking my opinion simply because I don't agree with the some people in this thread.
  12. This pathetic posturing... grow up. Face reality.
  13. Less players due to everyone thinking the community is toxic = less money = you don't get to enjoy your little sadistic world because the game gets shut down. That's what happened to Shadowbane. You're just lucky this time around there isn't some nasty big money business in charge of the game who only care about $$. I just hope the small number of people who are interested are capable of supporting this project, I really do. Because I don't believe the mechanics and gameplay of a game gives anyone the right to think they can take that in game attitude and project it out of the game, especially when the game isn't even out yet and especially since we all don't know the full scope of the gameplay of the game yet, just a general synopsis. Saying things like "oh this isn't even half as bad" - excuse me? Doesn't matter what we think, only matters what the developers, community manager and moderators think is appropriate. Wrong, we are Generation Y. Generation X is in their 40s. Also your generalization is wrong; If most of our generation is as you described, the world would be in anarchy. No, what you are describing is the immature community you were exposed to. Here's what most people think when they look at such communities, including people from our generations. They think their stupid and immature. So you shouldn't get upset when someone comes back to bite you for being nasty, because that's the culture we are in and you'll simply have to accept that.
  14. I fully agree with you, unfortunately the result of that is that it turns people off something before they even knew they would like it. It's what turned a lot of people away from both Shadowbane and EVE respectively. Some people in the world know what they like and know what they want, most people don't according to statistics, but statistics are as they are... not a judgement of individuals and kind of the major problem with marketing in general. CCP's solution to the problem was "Be nice to each other outside the game, or we'll ban you." Which isn't much of a solution as it's an attempt to get more people interested in playing their game and it worked, much to the anger of existing players it seems. Can't please everyone.
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