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  1. I'm interested to hear from the perspective of Bruce about the fights our groups had in BW tonight. From the Sugoi side I felt custard useless and eventually switched to the mino. First contact: The group I was in opted to push out and engage just outside the keep door. I was attempting to use suppresses and blinds to peel for team members and remember one particular kill of a horse at 1/5 hp using the 3-E. It helped that he was netted and knocked down but I always love the damage that ability puts out. After that I got focused. The champ has no ability to break out of nets, not leap, not 6, I don't even think c gets you out of it. The guys tried their best to to heal me and I tried to use all 2 of my mitigation skills 6 and c but its not enough. Second contact: Running back from the graveyard we opted to have a team jump from the east rampart and attempt to flank the force camped outside the gate. After securing a kill or two life started to get low so I attempted to separate and use some of that great healing to get to half life 20k HP. I might get one or two ticks but in the large tussle I just couldn't find room to breath. Graveyard bouncing: After that we attempted to regroup and fight a retreating battle, but the custarder is so slow the group either leaves me to die or dies trying to save my fat ass. After that it was time to switch to something that adds way more value to the group. If there were other champions in the fight feel free Bruce is one I remember seeing. Some ideas around the direction I'd like to see him go. It be nice if nets didn't stop this giant bad ass fighter I miss my o poorly made socks, Stone of the Mtn ability 30 seconds is forever compared to the stam regen movement of range classes and the charges of other melee classes As the squish target I don't see how our passive half hp heal is going to do much of anything
  2. Canth, I appreciate the post, but I think its two different things. The server side vs. client side affects what I call under or over steer. You press the w key the message goes to the server and back and then you see the character move. You stop pressing the w key and again 'there and back' before you stop. I'm talking about is the application of force from other characters. It feels like people are two easy to push around just by walking into them. I recommended a solution where a pill resists pushes from an outside force based on their mass. Leiloni, recommends increasing the mass of pills. A third option would be tweaking the friction between the pill and the ground.
  3. Be sure to check out the Animation Techno Mumbo Jumbo article from August 13th for some light pre reading. Thomas describes the controls as “wearing a belt of rocket thrusters.” In the combating testing I was seeing some behavior that I wasn’t too fond of. Some examples; Blank Space (playing a confessor) flat out pushes Valor (playing a knight) off a chest just by running into him Arawulf has identified that he as a knight can push people sideways off his confessor I feel like the pill isn’t distinguishing between its “booster” and a vector from another player and because of that it’s creating a look that’s a little more bouncy or skating rink than I was expecting. The best idea I’ve had for countering this is identifying the outside vector and similar to how you arrest movement apply an opposing vector based on the characters mass. I’d love to hear some other ideas. I think if you look at this short video from Obs you can see some of what I’m talking about Obs starts his charge into the side of the enemy centaurI believe the animation goes the full distance (maybe it always does) I’m good with small mass archetypes going for the full ride but would like to see the larger mass archetypes (even sideways) have an impact on the animation At the end of the charge Obs spins to back kick the other centaurSweet move Did not expect the centaur to go that far when kicked (maybe the confessor). Re-entering the fray he has a head to head collision with a centaur and they both stop dead Then a knight takes a few steps into his side before a swing and Obs is pushed sidewaysMabey in an ice rink or if he was sleeping I just don’t like the look of a knight or confessor walking into a Centaur and moving him I’m good if they use some kind of lung or charge attack where they increase their mass to do it My two chikens.
  4. BlankSpace thanks for creating this content and bringing your fans to the game. Feels like its going to be an up hill battle educating them (that PvE chat today)
  5. You guys going to be able to swing a testing wrap up interview with some folks from the combat team? I'd love to hear about what they learned if they feel comfortable talking about it and you all think its enough content for a show or part of one.
  6. Try to remember to talk about specifics when giving feedback to the developers. What specifically makes you think the combat is better in the first video vs. the second. Personally I'm going to reserve judgment until I can get my hands on it. Even then I think they are several things that will need multiple iterations before they get them correct 1) The controller is currently server side. 2) applying force to the player "pill" for movement will require itterations 3)Combat in the dregs needs to be controlled enough that team members aren't dashing around killing each other.
  7. Was only able to find one quote. I'll update if I find more. Q: Will we be able to see the possibility of an interconnected friend system and mail system? Q: Will there be a mailing system? Q: What are the economy trading system ideas as of now? A: From the economy FAQ #25 Q: What are the chat system ideas as of now? Q: Will there be a possibility of an in game voice system? Q: What is the limit on friends? Q: How will economy work, if we are forced to have a face to face trade with another person? A: Doesn't look like you have to do things face to face with shop keepers.
  8. Fair enough and it would make it so you don't need to balance it. If you wanted to try and answer the same question with a different mechanic look at repairs. Should the repair cost for a wall be the same in 3 faction as it is in the dregs? If they are the same, isn't it easier to repair in dregs (due to overall wealth) if its different doesn't that custard with the value resources between campaigns. You don't, but +1 post count.
  9. 1. No 2. Not an economist but this is what I'd like to see. Ore is crafted into coins based on qualityA coin is always 100% pure a bar of gold ore that is 100% quality would yeild 10 coins a bar of 89% quality would only yeild 8 coins. Transmuting through alchemy has a cost, something like the mystic toilet from GW2, (original material)(target material)+cost = qty of target material The game has no built in exchange rate (upkeep for a castle can only be paid in X not 10ofY) player merchants could accept exchange rates programed by the player Crafting with coins should come with a +X costIf a formula required 1 silver ore of any quality 10+X coins could be used instead of 1 silver ore The 10+X coins would equal a silver ore of 100% quality If you had a silver ore of 100% quality it would be better to use it in crafting instead of converting to coins Why the additional cost? you always have waste when making a conversion loss of mass in heat Based on the death penalty for the campaign I'd like to see X% of coins destroyed on death (mostly because I think tracking durability on each coin is a pain)
  10. My understanding is that coins made from ore found in campaign will be the primary method for paying upkeep. My question is how do you balance upkeep cost across different campaigns and the EK? Scenario One: Upkeep is geared toward the resources found in 3 factions campaigns. My concern is that paying upkeep in the dregs becomes trivial because its geared toward the common resources in a camping with overall wealth much greater. The opposite statement would be, 3 factions campaigns can not fully upgrade most keeps because the wealth doesn't exist in their campaign world. I think the net result here is that the same population gets forced into fewer keeps. Scenario Two: Each campaign has its upkeep set up at world creation. Doesn't this have profound implications on exchange rates? In the 3 faction campaign you need copper to pay your upkeep while the dregs needs platinum. So if you started out with an exchange rate that was intended to be 1 plat - 1000 copper (for the EK) in the 3 faction campaign shouldn't the value of copper change, 1 to 1001(+) with the opposite in the dregs 1 to 999(-). Hoping that the two balance out during the export phase of the campaign seems unlikely. Scenario Three: No upkeep in campaigns?
  11. Just some of my guesses to your questions. What will the consumers trade that the suppliers will want? Bulk common resources. Your embargo vault has limited export space so if your successful in campaign you fill it up with high value rare resources and then trade them for bulk lower tier items that come out of 3 or 12 faction games. What will the suppliers do with that money? Convert it into the items that best serve them on import or build up their EK. You still need all the wood and stone even if you where able to export the rare item to upgrade your palace. but will that be enough to sustain the economy for rare materials? Need to have faith that JTC can balance this with the controls he mentioned earlier. It seems more likely that rare materials will be used in-campaign. Agreed, because using them in campaign makes you more successful. My guess is that the winners will have plenty of extra to export. There is also the possibility that the best keep is a dwarven fortress due to proximity to resources and the special rare items for Palaces never gets used so you dump them in export immediately. I don't think you need to encourage them to use the embargo. The game world is ending and everything not in the embargo gets destroyed. Its the only way to save your shines and that's all the carrot or stick a person should need.
  12. Lots of talk about locking animations during combos. What about the opposite? If I land the third skill in a combo should we have an animation that shows the hit PC falling down and getting back up?
  13. Didn't realize I had a hard on for salting things, but thanks for putting me on the defensive in your first paragraph. To address that, I didn't go into near enough detail for the concept, but I imagine you could only do it after destroying a tree because the idea was to prevent people from rebuilding trees over multiple days of siege or; not do it and get to claim all the buildings as it is when you take over the city. But its off topic for the rest of your post. I don't feel you gave enough information in your original either to indicate how these things are more important for standing in a throne room multiple days than spending time hitting a tree. Are you arguing that the throne room style encourages attackers to be in the town during non-vulnerable windows or not? I'm also not sure how the throne room changes the mentality of "flashmobing siege" its still better to just log on fight a deciding battle get ownership for one hour and do it again tomorrow. I also feel like we have some core misunderstanding The protection of the tree doesn't necessarily mean all buildings are protected (they have to be in the radius of the tree). So if a wall isn't in range of the tree it can be knocked down at any time by anyone. I don't know which game you are saying isn't fun for defenders. the bane stone? the throne room? the bloodstone tree? I don't think you addressed points from my response Does using multiple trees not create opportunity for a protracted siege? I thought it did and also addedStrategic decisions for the defenders Still gave the attacker the chance to dominate and finish the siege in a single effort Didn't limit attackers to windows of when they could or couldn't set up siege to destroy buildings Didn't create additional programing load (king of the hill isn't a mechanic we have seen them talk about) Is taking a keep just as difficult as taking a palace? In your throne example both only have one POI to win vs multiple trees.
  14. Mounts are items so you can only have it on a character but they can be traded back and forth or picked up off your corpse Thralls - Items see above Achievements - no idea if we will have an achievement system Titles - I don't know, but I'm guessing character Storage - permission lists + character owner Friend lists - probably account Guild - Hopefully character Wealth outside of campaigns - still items like they where in the campaign Wealth inside of campaign - still items no plans for an unlootable currency So most think are at the character level because they can be looted when you get killed. Edit: you do have an account bank found at this FAQ: http://crowfall.com/#/faq/551da63d18859c484f5af618
  15. To try and summarize your post, I believe your major point was that sieging should take multiple days worth of effort not just rely on one major conflict. At the core of this I agree. Where I disagree, is it feels like you aren't putting any weight to things like gank squads jumping the walls, or salting the enemy resources, or the days of random skirmishes over caravans or discipline/thrall drops, even collecting resources to build the siege equipment takes time. Under this logic you could argue that from the creation of the world everything you do contributes to the siege, and under that logic I feel like my argument looses some punch. Lets focus specifically on a city siege. Your suggestion increases the duration of the siege but I feel it favors the defenders heavily. In no real world application will attackers who are in a city and hold the key POI (the throne in your example) will they just pack it up and say "see you same time tomorrow." We also won't see typical siege where most of the time is spent sitting out side the gate starving the inhabitants of a city because 1) That poorly made socks is boring 2) We don't have the threat of death. So we are going to be forced to use game mechanics and we already know that a tree is going to provide windows of protection and vulnerability. My suggestion would be along the following lines to achieve multiple day sieges. Allow parcels of a given size to have multiple treesThey still can't overlap (room for abuse if you overlap protection windows) Using the terminology for the EK FAQ Estate - 1 tree, Fortification - 1 tree, Keep - 1 tree, Castle - 2 trees, Fortress - 3 trees, Citadel - 4 trees, Palace - 5 trees The planter of the the tree still decides the protection and vulnerability windowsYou get some emergent game playAll on the same timer and attackers have a smaller window to take you out completly Make your core tree pop before the trees around it Stagger the times and you can protect a smaller area but the attackers can work their way through all the trees at once Attackers have to figure out the sequencing that works best for them It would be nice to see a salt the earth mechanic that prevents anyone form planting a new tree for x amount of time (probably days)attackers are forced to make a trade off between I'm trying to take over a city vs. burning it to the groundsalting the earth should be long enough that buildings would decay from no upkeep forcing the attacker to start from near scratch If the siege lasts multiple days defenders can't keep planting new treesIf they don't do the salt earth mechanic you could just do this through resource attrition, i guess Like I said above I like the idea but I'm iffy about the implementation. I know I added a salted mechanic, but adding the throne room felt like additional programing while we might be able to achieve the same affect with trees. Maybe you can convenes the devs to add a game mode like "Throne Room" similar to how blood stones and bane circles are options.
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