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  1. If equipped they'll stay on the character. Otherwise everything is stripped off and stored on the campaign bank. This campaign bank is available even after the campaign is over. There really isn't an urgency to export since you can use it as additional storage. The campaign bank will be available forever or until you delete it. You can have 8 or so campaign banks at a time. If you have the max already, it will prevent you from entering a new campaign.
  2. Lol, what's wrong with the classic #:$@ for filters. For custard sake.
  3. Except they've continuously talked about the knobs and the ability to make different campaign rulesets throughout alpha and beta. It's still in their plans as far I remember. People should stop using the phrase "poorly made x". It's played out.
  4. https://youtube.com/clip/UgzbUFCrmOZs4yuGFHJ4AaABCQ Look at the Kickstarter. It's one of the selling points. Stop trying to make players only play the way you want to play.
  5. It appears Sanctuary and Overwhelming Odds resistance buffs do not even stack. Is that intended that the Fortifier Major Discipline doesn't get the benefit of using both skills at the same time?
  6. One of the selling points Ace put out their was the ability to make different types of campaigns for different play styles. @mandalore who do you think you are trying to shut down this ?
  7. That sounds like your foes were doing a dumb tactic. If they had waited for 10 minutes until the hour to cap, your forces probably wouldn't have mobilized fast enough to recap. Soon more and more players will realize this and not even bother to cap for the next 50 minutes. Meaning your valiant defenders will be sitting there picking daisies because they'll be no fights. They'll probably be bored trying to find something to do and log off. We want more active capping and rewarded for doing so. If the bigger forces want to control more territory, then split up your forces so you can. The hour timer way more appealing for the big zergs.
  8. It will go into the campaign bank. It strips the character and unlocks them from the campaign.
  9. This once an hour point collection is pretty bogus. Strategy now is to just wait until 20 minutes before the hour to capture all outposts in the zone and collect the points at the hour mark. The next 40 minute then has no value and activity at the outposts drop. 15 minute timer for the points will really up the Outpost capture game. This part of dregs is really the only thing smaller guilds can participate in. Shorter timer will keep the map more active and have another objective for potential conflict.
  10. The campaign bank will be available until you delete it. It will be accessible via the vault in the lobby. This can be done even after the campaign has ended. In theory, you can use it as extra bank space but you are usually limited on exports (this campaign you are not) Characters in the campaign will be stripped of their gear/inventory and it will be placed in the campaign bank. Some people unlock their characters early and move them out. As far I remember you still get rewards.
  11. Elephant in the room is that dregs campaigns can't even deal with the large alliances. 200 player cap on a zone with only 4-5 zones pretty much limits these engagements. More zones would at least spread out the pop.
  12. It would make it harder on them to say the least. The amount of AOE and the barn door size hitbox would lead to a good amount of Friendly Fire. It would make it difficult to work with other guilds in an effort to defend holdings since their is no knob to assign KOS for the NPC guards. The idea of massive alliance just won't work in this game with it's current limitations. Campaign rules should adjust to the performance limitations and increase in the future as performance improves.
  13. Yes. The game should be designed around the current limitations of the game. These mega alliances aren't needed in a game that can't even support them. Limitations should be implemented or better yet, incentives to be small.
  14. There needs to be. It's how a game can grow it's population. Alot of players join this game in that size to check out the game. They quickly find that numbers are a huge part to "winning" the game and soon move on to other games.
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