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  1. Audin

    Melee Cleric

    The Templar "Paladin" role is pretty a melee cleric but it uses a 2 handed sword instead.
  2. Until they go back through the minor disciplines, 5.11 will guarantee all players will have Sturdy and Overwhelming odds selected. The 3rd minor will vary.
  3. I hope to see you all rolling out Centaurs so you all will be in Roman inspired armor.
  4. Audin

    Healing Testing

    With Support power now capped out at 2000 most healers fully concentrate on Spirit rather than Intellect.
  5. I would make it so that Forts no longer gave points every 10 minutes or whatever it is currently. Instead, make it so that all the points are accrued during the Fort siege window. Meaning if the faction wants to gain points from said fort they'll need to actively hold the fort to accrue maximum points during the siege window. Basically a king of the hill scenario. Example: 2 hour siege window Faction A holds fort for 25 minutes 1,250 points Faction B holds fort for 70 minutes- 3,500 points Faction C holds for for 25 minutes 1,250 points I would develop the fort siege system even further by having small points of interest in the vicinity of the fort that could be captured at lower value to generate points as opposed to just one circle.
  6. I'd argue you don't even need a mount when using bread or other source to further boost your speed. Having the speed plus the blinks you'll out run a mount.
  7. Have they said why they don't put a counter indicator above each faction to show new players the current imbalance?
  8. Ideally, in Fall and Winter you would be concentrating on the win conditions rather then still harvesting but I understand the frustrations when starting late to the campaign.
  9. I brought up the common mat overflow issue before. Read some of the feedback others put in.
  10. Latest patch: Combat Skill Tree will now grant stat improvements again. Can you explain what this is referring to ?
  11. Was wondering if putting in common seals would downgrade a blue set to green. Thanks
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