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  1. Do we know if Fast Counter talent for champion is even working? Since the 3 seconds no stamina regen addition on retaliate it seems to break the talent. Recover 35 stamina over 7 seconds on retaliate abilities.
  2. I disagree. Melee suffers the most from this.. They use sprint to close the gap while chasing..
  3. Stamina drain rate is utter garbage. Please revert it back to how it was. NO ONE ASKED FOR IT. Specifically drain rate while sprinting in combat. You sprint at all during combat paired with 2-3 retals, you are basically out of stamina in 20 seconds of a fight.
  4. I actually think the Pitfighter is doing more damage than any previous version of itself. The stat bundles now allow you address your lack of critical strike and critical damage since you can invest the 140 attributes into Dex and Int. At the same time, anger management, ultimate warrior and neck break should provide plenty of heals. Need more heals? Paragon is available. Pitfighter is still one of the best 1v1 in game. Alpha is one of the highest DPS melee in game and will see more play as the meta shifts to more melee. Barbarian a great backline disrupter.
  5. If everyone just joined together to make bigger guilds/alliance, it will just end up being a faction ruleset basically. Besides, this game can't even handle fights that big. Slideshow.
  6. Audin

    Pitfighter Passive

    Doesn't heal you. You must heal yourself to get the Pitfighter AP. Ultimate warrior, burning hatred, Blademaster, etc.
  7. Spells hit 5 players randomly. So the bigger the group, the more random the aoe dmg is going to hit. Meaning the damage will be spread out among more players. If no cap, there will be a 100% hit rate as long as they are in the area of the spell. Its about having a punchers chance. Having a smaller group be able coordinate a hit that will effect a bigger foe. If some semblance of "skill" can be added to the game to counter mindless zerging, it should definitely be explored.
  8. I agree. It definitely favors the bigger clans. There isn't any mechanic to help fight against superior numbers. I am curious if they limit it because of performance.
  9. Focus on the small clan. A lot of players join Crowfall solo or with a handful of friends. Currently there is not much of anything to do in game for these small bands. Hit some mob spawns to get some loot. Perhaps capture an outpost. Then what? The siege objectives are swarmed by 25+ member clans who also bring their allies that are just as big. There will be those who say "This is a Throne War MMO, recruit more". That is true. But there is something missing in the game for the 1-15 man groups. Its either bring 30+ or don't play. This doesn't bode well for the new players entering t
  10. Small Scale PVP is going to be great this campaign with the population increase. Hope to see everyone out there. (Except for that 20+ zerg that will running around capping outposts 🥱)
  11. Hey Bud,


    You still looking for a group?  Did you end up rolling another crusader with spirit focus?

    Go to https://crowfall.com/en-US/guilds/search  Spectre Legion


  12. Beta Mission Statement Grow our roster As our veterans in the clan know, Crowfall in its current state, requires numbers. Here in Spectre Legion, we don't believe in blind mass invites into the clan. We want engaged players who ask questions and want to understand the game. Players who don't just accept the current meta as the only answer. Players who like to think outside the box and are up to challenges even in a losing scenario. It's about quality over quantity. We don't believe in an alliance just to bolster numbers. We are of the mind that a 100 clans of 10
  13. Please make it so that points are only accrued while your clan has possession of the capture point. Far too often we see that clans just wait until the last 5-10 minutes of the hour window to make a move to capture. Meaning the 55 minutes preceding that action is very boring. Another option, Have a % capture of time location was captured per a clan. Meaning if Clan A held position for 50% of the hour window, Clan B 25%, Clan C 25% would equate to % of total points dispersed to each clan. Having to commit a force to a location for the hour will really help against t
  14. Champion powers still grey out as if they are on cool down. No countdown numbers, nothing. Not able to tell if the power is available.
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