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  1. Small Scale PVP is going to be great this campaign with the population increase. Hope to see everyone out there. (Except for that 20+ zerg that will running around capping outposts 🥱)
  2. Hey Bud,


    You still looking for a group?  Did you end up rolling another crusader with spirit focus?

    Go to https://crowfall.com/en-US/guilds/search  Spectre Legion


  3. Beta Mission Statement Grow our roster As our veterans in the clan know, Crowfall in its current state, requires numbers. Here in Spectre Legion, we don't believe in blind mass invites into the clan. We want engaged players who ask questions and want to understand the game. Players who don't just accept the current meta as the only answer. Players who like to think outside the box and are up to challenges even in a losing scenario. It's about quality over quantity. We don't believe in an alliance just to bolster numbers. We are of the mind that a 100 clans of 10 is better than just 10 clans of 100. A future ally would also need to have the same thinking. So if an alliance is needed, it would be to give us the prerequisite to participate in end goals of capturing a keep or other high value target that a small solo clan could never achieve. By the end of Beta, we hope to have 30 strong active members ready to battle for objectives and compete for season prizes.
  4. Please make it so that points are only accrued while your clan has possession of the capture point. Far too often we see that clans just wait until the last 5-10 minutes of the hour window to make a move to capture. Meaning the 55 minutes preceding that action is very boring. Another option, Have a % capture of time location was captured per a clan. Meaning if Clan A held position for 50% of the hour window, Clan B 25%, Clan C 25% would equate to % of total points dispersed to each clan. Having to commit a force to a location for the hour will really help against the zergy blob that moves to point to point without really any strategy.
  5. Champion powers still grey out as if they are on cool down. No countdown numbers, nothing. Not able to tell if the power is available.
  6. Yeah, its pretty lame. They think its "fun". Then they lose interest in the game because its "too easy". Real clans go it alone and fight anyone/everyone. Guild vs Guilds
  7. Sure the system needs work but its new. It will evolve into something better with time. It was nice to have objectives when you logged in that you could work towards besides waiting for lame timers for sieges (another discussion).
  8. CC is more of an annoyance right now. The roots sometimes bugs out so you cant retaliate but that is pretty much it. Slows are pretty good.
  9. The weapon damage seems to revert to the offhand at times.
  10. Is there a reason why the 1 handed Mace is 25 weight?? It seems to be the heaviest weapon in game. Heavier than two handed weapons even. The Battle Rager gets a bonus to crushing but its tough to use Maces when they are so heavy.
  11. Blood Pact doesn't seem to work while on a Myrmidon at least. It does not use my health but instead continues to use Fury. Also, Water Spirits from Naiad still doesnt work.
  12. Gotta move your TV and mount it above your setup. Then you can play your console games while keeping an eye on your Crowfall.
  13. Remove timers to all points of interest. Stop making this game easier for Zergs to show up at all timed events. Timers also kills the game between the scheduled event since everyone logs off until then. If you want to stop overnight caps, so be it. Turn off caps in that window. The rest of the day should be a free for all. With the influx of people into the game, timers wouldn't be needed to "concentrate" activity into an area.
  14. Still in pre-alpha but to answer your question, you have a live servers that is up 24/7. Joveth (pve) Infected (no loot pvp) and the campaign server (pvp inventory loot)
  15. Yes, get a different stack and split the stack in a good area. This will remove the old splitter box.
  16. Why the hell are you scrubs talking about games other than Crowfall in this thread? GTFO. /signed everyone
  17. @spacedonut Yes. Always recruiting but never spamming adverts.
  18. Found my own answer. Rangers start off at 40% not 50% like I had thought. So its working as intended.
  19. https://ibb.co/vwJ3t5f I still see the mitigation cap at 50% on the Warden. This seems to be a bug as I was expecting the cap to be at 60%. Anyone know if this has been addressed?
  20. Audin

    Melee Cleric

    The Templar "Paladin" role is pretty a melee cleric but it uses a 2 handed sword instead.
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