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  1. I would make it so that Forts no longer gave points every 10 minutes or whatever it is currently.  Instead, make it so that all the points are accrued during the Fort siege window.  Meaning if the faction wants to gain points from said fort they'll need to actively hold the fort to accrue maximum points during the siege window.  Basically a king of the hill scenario.

    Example: 2 hour siege window

    Faction A holds fort for 25 minutes        1,250 points

    Faction B holds fort for 70 minutes-       3,500 points

    Faction C holds for for 25 minutes         1,250 points


    I would develop the fort siege system even further by having small points of interest in the vicinity of the fort that could be captured at lower value to generate points as opposed to just one circle.


  2. On 7/28/2019 at 11:27 PM, mandalore said:

    The blink is what makes them good not the trail master.  Eventually you will get a mount and not even notice trail master.

    I'd argue you don't even need a mount when using bread or other source to further boost your speed. Having the speed plus the blinks you'll out run a mount.

  3. I haven't played much this go around. Did they make any changes to armor getting more support power on them? I remember in the past it was pretty minuscule. How about jewelry? I am curious how much support power can get since the cap is now at 2000.

  4. 11 hours ago, oneply said:

    What was the thought behind this? Or rather what is the goal? 

    Don't get me wrong, I don't mind making it more difficult than go smack an ore and craft on the spot but this change turns the game into even more of a PvE grind. 

    Its not the worst idea. Its not even a new idea.

    The purpose is to have players out in the world actively doing stuff (content). Similar to how Shadowbane was setup with disciplines. So certain spawns that drop popular disciplines will be hot spots for open world pvp. 

  5. I hate how they are using % instead of just straight numbers. I think it would give players some motivation not to stack one side because doing so would lessen their chance of getting a top reward. Not really any drawback of joining the side that has been winning.  Perhaps I am just searching for ways to fill other faction numbers to even out the sides.

    Obviously right now, besides the color, everyone gets the same reward so it doesn't really matter. 

  6. Yes, Mounts in game kills any speed advantage you might have had when you put together your character strategy.

    Perhaps if they had put more of a delay of mounting so that mounts were not used as an "escape" but rather an option for long distant travel.   Plus a global cooldown on all powers when dismounting is needed.  Right now players will just ride up on you, insta-dismount and immediately start casting.

    The advantages of escapes and fast opening engagements are reasons why players would choose these "speed" disciplines/race abilities.   

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