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  1. I think your suggestions would result in players only logging into the game when the forts go live and every 3 days when the siege goes live. I think you're just frustrated with the lack of things to do in game. I do think having 12 forts going active at once could be interesting though. Mostly to reduce size of the fights to 15~ v15~ range factions would need to do in order to try and capture as many forts as they can. Of course a faction could limit their fort ambitions to only trying to defend/attack half the forts in order to get a better numerical advantage. The problem would be, what do you do in between those times ?
  2. Yes. They did do one talent reset once before but that was only because of the talent system revamp.
  3. Depends on how well the vessel was made. Lots of times you see pretty crappy vessels up for sale but if you have a player with high skill making it, its totally worth it.. They are permanent.
  4. Risk Management Attention to Detail
  5. Awww yes.. I don't think I see too many Druid healers in the faction. I think I will make one eventually.
  6. Beamed ? Not sure sure what you are referring to. Could you explain?
  7. It is annoying but at the same time, if they are retaliating, they aren't doing any damage and are busy standing upright as I continue to pelt them with my Mystical hammer. Of course, you have to wait for their cc immune is off before hitting them with another cc. I do wish the Cleric's damage was holy instead of fire.
  8. Yeah, I don't bother healing with the Arbiter. Better off equipping as many stuns, knocksdowns, blinds to proc the Arbiters passive that buffs yours your attack and gains your mana back.
  9. I actually had a lot of fun with the Arbiter last campaign. I had the 2nd highest kills on the Chaos faction with 33. I tend to try out stuff that people deem "not good" to try and figure it out. Balance has the organization to make specific group compositions, gear out all their players in blue or better and usually has numbers in fort fights. Its pretty rare to get enough chaos together to defend a fort.
  10. Its an Arbiter actually. Factors ? We weren't able to get many kills if any. For the most part it looks like Balance only had to hold down the W key and march to the tree.
  11. Was worth the hour wait for this amazing fight. I can't wait for the next siege!
  12. I agree. 3 seconds to mount sounds even better. Also, when dismounting, there should be at least a 2 second global cool down on powers. Mounts right now are just too good. There should be more strategy in using a mount. Knowing when to dismount or mount should be part of battlefield awareness. Also... if a player is mounted and they get knocked down... could we please have the player now be dismounted ?? Throwing a knockdown ambush only for the player to wiz off on their mount with no issue is pretty lame.
  13. I can't totally blame them.. They are so starved for PVP since they all joined the same faction. So if they hear about anything going on in game, the whole faction comes running for a chance to have some sort of "PVP" even if its just a steam roll.
  14. @Phr00t Should leave Balance next campaign. Plenty of action to find when you aren't in Balance. Though if you try and take a fort, it eventually results in finding 30 Balance showing up to kill our 8.
  15. I dont know.. Chaos had 7-8 players on last night and ended up racking up 800k points for the good. Just need people get out there and put a little effort in.
  16. Could just remove it from the Fae racial. 😁
  17. Audin

    Clerics basic weapon

    Its annoying for sure. Though, they would have to make it so its only melee range and the power is reduced. Like its lost its magical powers. It would really help out those players who start way late into a campaign and find they can't even kill a pig to get meat to get over the hunger debuff.
  18. Main issue I've seen is the group buffs destroying the FPS for all of us in a party.
  19. The amount of time that someone would have to grind using an upgrade path would be huge. An expert harvester would definitely be worth the price vs a players time of investment to grind. But yes if I could grind them into dust I'd be all for that. Most of the common I accrue are from hit nodes in my attempt to collect more dust. I was just looking at my inventory and finding white material pointless. So an inefficient dump would be something nice to have. When I say progressed enough, I mean I know longer need to sacrifice for experience.
  20. Seems to me that Common (white) resource material is pretty useless once you have progressed through the game. Is there any thoughts on having ways to upgrade inferior material to the next rarity? Example: 30 common granite = 1 Uncommon granite
  21. Audin

    Cleric builds

    Plus having a 3 pointed hat in mail armor is stupid.. wish the mail looked different for them.
  22. Audin

    Cleric builds

    Nice. So by default a crow can only use one ring at a time ? With that passive it allows you to wear two correct? The Guineceans have a "Slot Granted: RIng Slot" Does that mean they can already wear two rings?
  23. Audin

    Cleric builds

    @Angelmar What are the Half Giant invulns called ?
  24. Audin

    Cleric builds

    @mandalore Can you explain more about the importance of Hand of Glory? I am guessing its more about the jewelry than the +5 perception?
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