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  1. Audin

    Clerics basic weapon

    Its annoying for sure. Though, they would have to make it so its only melee range and the power is reduced. Like its lost its magical powers. It would really help out those players who start way late into a campaign and find they can't even kill a pig to get meat to get over the hunger debuff.
  2. Main issue I've seen is the group buffs destroying the FPS for all of us in a party.
  3. The amount of time that someone would have to grind using an upgrade path would be huge. An expert harvester would definitely be worth the price vs a players time of investment to grind. But yes if I could grind them into dust I'd be all for that. Most of the common I accrue are from hit nodes in my attempt to collect more dust. I was just looking at my inventory and finding white material pointless. So an inefficient dump would be something nice to have. When I say progressed enough, I mean I know longer need to sacrifice for experience.
  4. Seems to me that Common (white) resource material is pretty useless once you have progressed through the game. Is there any thoughts on having ways to upgrade inferior material to the next rarity? Example: 30 common granite = 1 Uncommon granite
  5. Audin

    Cleric builds

    Plus having a 3 pointed hat in mail armor is stupid.. wish the mail looked different for them.
  6. Audin

    Cleric builds

    Nice. So by default a crow can only use one ring at a time ? With that passive it allows you to wear two correct? The Guineceans have a "Slot Granted: RIng Slot" Does that mean they can already wear two rings?
  7. Audin

    Cleric builds

    @Angelmar What are the Half Giant invulns called ?
  8. Audin

    Cleric builds

    @mandalore Can you explain more about the importance of Hand of Glory? I am guessing its more about the jewelry than the +5 perception?
  9. Audin

    Healing Testing

    What does the Healing Modifier actually do ? Does it multiply or just add to the healing ?
  10. Clerics aren't tanky at all.
  11. Audin

    Cleric best Heal

    Am I out of my mind when I say the enhanced Block ability is the Clerics best heal ?
  12. Basically, if you don't have a pack pig you are gimping yourself in this game. Its a must have.
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