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  1. i don't think this is a turn based type of game, it would take away more than it would add
  2. I think it would be nice if they let you travel to your eternal kingdom in like a spirit form where you don't have any items from the campaign so you can just hang out .
  3. I put this idea in another post but i think it needs some more attention. The Idea is that players would be able to combo attacks together like in a street fighter game, mixed with abilities and the obvious 3d playing field i think a system like this would be a ton of fun. Tell me what you think and if i'm wonderful or not.
  4. Ladders similar to Diablo 2 where you have to be really good to be the number one but they reset each season which keeps things fresh ******* I think this post has been misunderstood, i meant a ladder to show who has done most in the current campaign which would give more incentive to attack that person or guild.
  5. Hi My name is Jake and I'm a massive MMO Fan, I've seen many really good MMO's come and go because the developers have not been able to create a game that is fresh but also different, and when i say different i mean really different, No not like 'Japan Different' more like when you got a new toy as a kid and you didn't put it down until you knew everything that it could do because that toy is new and exciting, you don't spend much time playing with a copy of a toy you already have, you spend your time with the new and exciting toys. I'm bad at analogies but what I'm trying to say is that if Crowfall is going to change how MMOs are then it has to be vastly different. So here are my ideas that could assist in that effort. *Many of these ideas are based around Immersion* Single Player Progression and Difference: This idea focuses mainly on if you decide on making customized characters Every person in the world is different and they have their own adventures and stories, so why can't a character have their own Experiences and Differences. Events Character events could be random events that could happen at any point in a campaign or out in the world, And Event is something that happens to your character personally that would effect attributes, appearance and skills. an event would spawn randomly in a campaign and if a player happens to stroll into the event and depending on the event the player would experience benefits or would be punished with changes to the characters appearance or attributes or resources/ money. Example: You have joined a campaign and you wonder out into the forest by yourself, after a short while you start to hear sounds, before you know it a group of blood thirsty vampires jump out of nowhere and attack you. after a hard fought battle you are overwhelmed and knocked out, instead of killing you the vampires leave to without your blood and when you wake up you slowly turn into one of them as you are effected by all the things that come with being a vampire such as, taking extra damage in the sunlight and having heightened senses in the dark Evolving Archetypes: Nobody wants to always do the same thing all the time so why not have evolving archetypes. This would go well with the events idea and Professions. Imagine your character starts to level up their professions in anything magic related, it would only make sense for your character to be capable at using magical abilities, this would create a really cool class system that changes based on what the player likes to do, if they want to be a sword wielding firemage but also be able to control minds and raise minions from the earth than if they devote enough time and effort into finding a way to do it then they should be able to Advanced Professions: We all know what happens when you dabble in magic, sometimes good things happen and sometimes bad things happen An experienced Enchanter can make you strong and powerful but a bad one might just possibly turn your boots into a pile of slug and that is where a more advanced crafting system takes things to the next level, it separates the smart wizard from the dumb one and gives you a reason to get better and learn what your doing, a crafting system what lets you put random things together and see what comes out and maybe its good or maybe its bad, but you won't know how to make the good stuff until you learn from recipes and you try out different spices and chemicals in your potion to see what it would do or see what happens when you use two different kinds of metal together on a new sword, anything you make could be the best thing in the game or the worst, you just got to try and find out. Combat: This next idea i think would make this game insanely fun and i feel it would fit perfectly into this kind of game Combo based combat Holy crap in jittering in my seat just thinking about this, im imagining a standard MMORPG movement system but with a Combo system, like a fighting game but better. Imagine your character has a set of skills available, lets say 6. you would be able to use each skill as is and it would do a certain amount of damage or stun or whatever but maybe if you used a skill combo'd with a second skill or even a third and you are rewarded with a higher damage attack on the target and some new effects that cannot happen unless you use those three skills in that specific order, it would also be wise to reward the player for doing higher risk combos that require timing and accuracy. My opinion is that this would be a great way of having a high skill cap to your game as well as making alot more fun than running in circles mashing buttons until the thing dies and it would keep things fresh if players are allowed to change skills allowing them to do different combos. I will be updating this post as idea come to me but be sure to leave your input and help me out with these ideas!
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