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  1. The Game mode is nothing new. It's been done before in games like Arma, Minecraft, H1Z1 ect ect. Pretty sure Crowfall is the only one doing it in an RGP game tho. Could be wrong.
  2. I am beyond hyped for this! I feel like the ranger has been done justice with this kit! Now, who wants to fight me?
  3. I remember playing Guild Wars 1 where there is no AH, but you could buy materials for armour from vendors and everything else was sold among players. It was crazy to see people constantly buying and selling. 3rd party websites helped but half the fun was interacting with another player to make the trade. Met some crazy people through trades. I want the same to happen in Crowfall.
  4. I have no words for this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJZS1NgBFtE
  5. the game is not even out and people are talking about expansions lmao. I think Maeve is going to be the god for me, but I'll wait to see the others. Don't want to rush this decision!
  6. Does this mean when we die we lose all our items?! This changes a few things :0
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