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  1. Xedrox


    I'm here for rehab. Just came out of this thread -----> http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/7089-please-no-daily-quests/page-14#entry189362
  2. My IQ has dropped significantly while attempting to read this thread I have lost all hope in humanity
  3. Oh My Gosh! Somebody like my post! How could they?!?!
  4. I'll be sooooo mad if anybody likes this post.
  5. The Confessor has a book in his picture.
  6. So the EKs are the main part of the game right? (sarcasm)
  7. But...But...gonzo Land Edit: I do not like this filter
  8. They are currently in Pre-Alpha. Alpha 1 will start in summer of this year. If you want to get Alpha 1, then get a sapphire package.(I think, not sure if it's still the same.)
  9. I want uber power skills I can buy
  10. I think we should have a different title for every post! There are nearly 10000 species of birds. even more if we count extinct ones! Get to work Pann
  11. You start with 3 character slots. Backers can get more up to a max of 6. After launch they can be bought up to a max of 6.
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