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  1. Just found this info from @Hyriol TY "Once you run this new 5.2.1 version, if you want to run the older Crowfall test, you must go to Documents/Art+Craft/Crowfall and delete the settings file before running the older version. The new settings file is not compatible with the older version. You will get a black screen if you don't do this!"
  2. I have this very same issue too Campaign Patcher/Launcher works fine. My friend just purchased the older Patcher/Launcher today so went to jump on and run around teaching him some things etc and i get a never ending black screen. Both patchers/launchers for me are in separate locations so I came here trying to work it out and wondering wth am i missing and doing wrong? @Pann @ACE_Jackal @jtoddcoleman HELP PLEASE
  3. The forum moderation is already strong although I don't get it sometimes even they seem to mess around but then go and enforce silly things and add more filters...In a PvP environment this type of over excessive moderation ultimately will drain all guild/player rivalries and potential future awesome forum stories. In the end this game is going to be intended for mature audiences and we are all big boys and girls people need to stop getting so butt-hurt all the time and man up that include you too mods . In the end all this will do is deter people away from your site and traffic will be going into a specific dedicated forum effectively making the game seem bad and dead. Guild Wars 2 took this gummy bear SS style forum approach and the only thing you really ever see on the official World vs World forums sections are people asking why such and such bug is still in the game. While the Community run forums receive more traffic that didn't need to exist if it wasn't so anal. Also most people will probably make a different forum account to post on so being this uptight in regards to moderation etc ends up all in vain. This ain't Pirate 101 or wizard 101, time to move away from the family friendly and get into bottom kicking eve online epic forum warfare story mode. P.S Don't ban me lol
  4. @sheen and @amazering Pretty much summed it up quite well. In saying that the tournament stretch goal could lead to player run e-sport esque tournaments, if it catches on can have some help from devs with certain ruleset changes etc. Dayz Survivor games is a community run tournament in a game not made for esports that does quite well viewship wise and receives help from the devs. In the end the game is meant to be fun, adding E-sports to the notion will drain what fun and customizable ability freedom the game could have but having big player run spectacles will happen all the time while still being fun
  5. Bionics

    Male Assassins

    This shall be interesting to see for all the stealth/assassin/thief class lovers
  6. Make friends/allies with dirty nightcapping Oceanics or Euro guilds to help protect your castle,hire mercenary groups on a weekly or monthly rates etc or don't have one at all simple as that. How the Eternal Kingdoms turn out though is to soon to make opinions. Single individuals and small guilds shouldn't have castles in campaigns or be prepared to risk it all because eventually all shall fall. The only thing castles should have is defensive siege, real players, Non Combat NPC's vendors etc and whatever mechanism possibly only combat Strong NPC they have in the centres to take control/destroy it. Point is you said so yourself "People can't always be in-game, so castles and buildings would be at extreme RISK while they were gone". EVE Online: Don't fly what you can't afford to lose Crowfall: Don't build what you can't afford destroyed
  7. I don't think they will do many character wipes. Considering the length of time it will take to tinker with the attribute/skill system they can't do wipes.
  8. All Fair fight does is look at the people with a high score in the match plus high kdr's and bans them on the probability they could be cheating it's a very iffy system that backfires way to often. Edit: Going to add in RvR game like this imagine having half of your zerg banned because you just got 300+ kills on the enemy group and none of your group died thats pretty much what fairfight does
  9. I'd prefer something like GW2 where we can actually focus more on the fights, strategy and scenery of the battles. I'd say 5-10 would be perfect as this is an action combat game, much more than that and it takes all the action and strategy away. Who wants to sit and play world of macros in a combat situation. Although give us a vast selection to apply on those 5-10 spaces
  10. Us Aussie/Oceanic/SEA dirty nightcappers will be the plague of the forums just like every other PvP/RvR game. We shall be hated by many whilst wanted on every server. Too soon to work out plans but we all usually tend to stick together at the start of games then slowly branch off as egos change and different challenges arrise, so in time it will be easier to pick up a guild.
  11. Clearly Link has learned more than just time travel in his days during Hyrule and now brings his talents to Crowfall
  12. I personally would prefer the forums and game to be as unmoderated as possible. Being a hardcore PvP game past and future guild rivalries/player grudges will be ripe, let the players forge this drama and play it out. Of course you will get the trolls but everything I've seen so far from this community seems to be a mature positive place where banter and most things will be taken well. Also being an Australian our terminology differs quite a bit to the rest of the world, you're all c.u.n.t.s (friends) in our eyes
  13. Both of these games while being a proper pvp/rvr experience do things differently for Camelot Unchained and Crowfall it's perfect to have another game so similar to be pushing eachother to be the best games both can be. Elite Dangerous vs Star Citizen or DayZ vs H1Z1 these games can only benefit from having something so similar but different in many ways pushing them at every turn. Point is get them both one is $30 forever the other will be a subscription both shall be tons of fun for the time you spend and more blood for the blood god
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