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  1. Gordon, I play ArcheAge (a game developed in Korea by XL Games) on Trion servers in Dallas and Amsterdam. I'm quite pleased with their Hosting and GM support. You might reach out to Scott Hartsman about them hosting CF in their Amsterdam site.
  2. When I'm on the internet, and of course that included MMOs, English is NOT my second language, it's my primary language. If you can design your network code and gameplay to minimize the impact of long distance ping, I would much prefer to play on a North American server AND use English. Please don't assume which language we prefer or where we would like the server(s) to be placed based only on where we live. Use a Survey to ask us what language we prefer and if we would rather have a global server structure or a more localized structure. I'm playing a game now that allows me to select the North American server (located in Dallas, TX) or the EU server (located in Amsterdam, NL) at each login. I have different characters on both servers. My typical ping to Amsterdam is ~ 50 ms and to Dallas ~ 140 ms. For an FPS style of game that extra 90 ms might matter a lot, for an MMO it probably doesn't. Thanks for listening / reading, Mac [EDIT] It's important to me that I can use ONE client and ONE account to access both the NA and EU servers. If the EU servers are hosted by a different company that would be problematic, no?
  3. Gordon, I live in Europe but I'm a member of a large international guild. We have members from SE Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America. The largest % of our members live in the US and Canada. As such, all of our guild members would prefer to play on the same server located in North America. Please implement Crowfall as much as possible to not overly punish folks with slow pings. (Ability Queues come to mind). Thanks for your consideration, Mac
  4. I hopped down off the fence and picked Backer. I don't have time for another Alpha but Beta 1 sounds good.
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