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  1. I have no problem with a cosplay contest, in fact i'm working on something to show soon and if I ever win one of the package(Im already Ruby KS) I know of a friend that will be happy to join in on the fun. If anything, I beleive this to be a good way to attract more people that missed on the KS and/or don't have the money to join this early to show their appreciation for the game and test features out.
  2. BaronFrank http://www.twitch.tv/angelamadawk Alpha 1 through Live Varying schedule due to work New to streaming
  3. Badge is working and the hover function as well. Thanks
  4. Got mine today, merged and everything works. Go team Ruby!
  5. If there is crafting involved I'm always in.
  6. Pour ce qui est de The Dregs je crois pas que ca soit uniquement 1 seul gagnant. A moins que j'ai mal compris la traduction je croyais que ca allait être une guilde ou faction qui gagnerait en bout de ligne parce que sinon comme ca a été discutté dans d'autres sections du forum.... 1 seul gagnant par tranche de 3 mois(durée fictive) va faire qu'après 2 saisons plus personne ne va jouer selon ces règles la. Je comprends le point aussi par rapport à ma suggestion de nom de guilde de se représenter par un nom français et non pas uniquement anglais. Je trouvais simplement que le nom sonnait bien à l'oreil.
  7. Salut, J'ai l'intention de faire une guilde mais elle ne sera pas française uniquement, malheureusement. Pour ce qui est d'une suggestion de nom, pourquoi pas "French Revolution", la Révolution Française? J'ai aussi voté pour Crowfall
  8. Thank you all And let's make the Sapphires shine brightly for this game!
  9. Good evening ladies and gents, It was actually a stroke of luck that I dropped on this game. A couple of guys I play with from another game started talking about Crowfall and I joined midway through the discussion. Decided to check it out and I pledged for Sapphire. Name's Frank, I turned 29 today(yay me) and I have a solid gaming background under my belt since the early days of Ragnarok Online and then followed up with all the major and a bit less known games and MMOs through the years up to today. I alpha and beta tested a couple games and was looking for my next fix of game testing. Can't wait for this game to enter Alpha status from the currently available info. I'm pretty laid back when it comes to gaming and can pick up quickly on the meta of a game or what is to come up next. I will be making a Guild here and bring buddies over to be out there and compete with you all. May our swords cross in game in the fields of battle Frank
  10. I went with the Sapphire Tier because I want to get involved with the player user end of the test and contribute a bit to the development of the game. My wallet is crying right now but I know I won't regret it.
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