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  1. Amazing Legionnaire Fan Art!

    Someone needs to teach me illustrator and photoshop ... and send me a tablet <3 i could do amazing things u know .. EDIT: I can't promise a new one just yet, i will work on my art skillz! (Someone who knows how to draw like an amazeballs contact me plez)
  2. Amazing Legionnaire Fan Art!

    Behold! OP has delivered! Of course this was also done in MS Paint! but with tools! (not just pencil) Edit: The nipple was only drawn for you fawne <3
  3. Announcement: 12K Backers Reached!

    dat 13k 1 month free VIP tho
  4. Announcement: 12K Backers Reached!

    Better hand over that statue right now son! Also - unlock it on kickstarter
  5. Amazing Legionnaire Fan Art!

    Sorry i haven't had much time lately with a trip to the UK and so on, i'll upload it in a couple of days!
  6. Stretch Goals - Performance Over Fluff

    Well they are hiring a new FX Artist with the first stretch goal, and as they don't actually have anyone else than the 3D Modeling guy, it will be a solid add to the game even if not improvement of the code. Plus it gives a better feel of immersion.
  7. Amazing Legionnaire Fan Art!

    I am working on "Legionnaire 2.0, The discovery of the Toolbar"
  8. Amazing Legionnaire Fan Art!

    The nipples were hard to draw well. You're welcome.
  9. Well as an actual "Throne War MMO" i feel it would be an amazing way to let people express themselves creatively, aswell as it possibly being a great addition to the economy in the game. And as something related to what Homun wrote, it would define the genre Crowfall is intending to create.
  10. Amazing Legionnaire Fan Art!

    I don't know i'm not creative enough ... #InferiorityComplex
  11. Use Twitch Streaming During Development

    Actually look what i found guys:
  12. EDIT: Added my new piece: The Discovery of the Toolbar
  13. And thats exactly the point! if people are skilled at doing something like that, it would be an amazing idea to let them do a bit of free building inside this Voxel-based world, as it is like any other profession, time consuming and ensures more resources are used.
  14. Use Twitch Streaming During Development

    This is a brilliant idea! I would personally love to see some of the concept art, as long as not too much is revealed!
  15. I'm writing this because i feel we need a better understanding of the future content and development of current content, aswell as giving a few pointers for improvement and some stand-alone ideas. I'm hoping that a response from representatives of Crowfall aswell as comments from users will clear up some initial concerns about mechanics and content. Everything in this post is based on information from Source Breakdown Points: The physics of the characters, aswell as incapacitation in regards to debris (distance traveled), pushback (distance traveled), armor and point of impact. The physics of objects and debris in relation to strategic planning for use of environment as a potential source of damage or engagement tactic The physics of objects as they fall, hitting other debris and surface. Does it break? Does it change the trajectory? Telegraph: permanent, removed or changed to a less dominant graphical solution? Heavy Clipping. Will it be smoothed out? I see examples of very bad clipping in the video. Surfaces "painted" with rocks etc. Architectual development for housing and ability to disassemble without destroying. Ideas for Improvement: Player Physics: One thing i saw as a very big concern was the interaction between objects/debris and characters. There has to be a better way than what i am seeing in the video .. and then i quickly thought of what could make the movements more fluid. Ragdoll-type player physics would make the game seem a lot more fluid, the objects hitting a player would essentially make them either fall and be incapacitated, or be pushed by the object depending on the point of impact. Of course the armor and size of player should be taken into consideration. Environmental Physics: This lead me to the next issue, the debris falling and realistic breaking .. this includes air resistance, collision, surface impact etc. It would be an important part of what could be a potentially vital strategic tool for battles and fully immersing yourself in the game. Telegraphs: This brings me to the very popular topic of the telegraphs .. i myself feel that they are a bit too obvious and would ruin alot of the graphical work put into the game in a large battle situation, as there would be red and blue everywhere. Stand-alone Ideas: 3D Designing for Architects: I am a big fan of architecture, and would hate to see this grand opportunity be wasted on premade pieces that make every castle and every building look the same. I suggest an interface that allows you to create your own shapes and designs for a structure on a single blueprint that cannot be copied. The size limit on the structure you can design should be determined by a measurement of how many of these blueprints you have sold and whether they have been built. Of course there is a weight-bearing capacity depending on height, area of support and materials. Otherwise people would go mad with physically impossible structures .. but perhaps magical structures could be considered. This way you can potentially create a profession for designing and building amazing structures, further improving the beauty of a world where building is going to play a massive role. Thats all! Thanks for Reading! (I will add great ideas from the comments aswell!)