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  1. I like to say propaganda, you don't won't people to know they are in a cult till its to late
  2. I can't remember if there is a day/night cycle. But the integration for campfires or torches would be cool. Sort of on the terms of Don't Starve or Dayz.
  3. Been lurking around the forums for a while and thought I put my two cents into this thread. Later down the road (not alpha or beta, but legit release) CF could offer an option for a tutorial / starter campaign, the majority of games today tend to have a starter zone for new players to come to grasp with mechanics and the visuals. Since CF doesn't have PVE (in the sense of a standard MMO) or level progression, we might see players have a sense of personal progression with the campaign system or game overall. I know the majority of hardcore players / guilds will want to go straight to the
  4. The shiny graphs makes me want to upgrade to amber.. HMM decisions.
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