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  1. Stealth is a good point, but some people might want a crafter that would be useful in team fights so maybe a healer/druid? Or for those that like to be a tank since they're the ones that will be holding majority of the loot, they would be a little harder to kill. But for that to work they would need a team standing close by in case of attack. So stealth i see being kinda good when your gathering resources solo but on the other hand I could easily see where someone was at when Trees were disappointing and i would see the brown smoke near the bottom of the trunk and sure enough on closer inspection there was a player chopping trees. So unless you only gonna use the stealth solely for running away then yea i could maybe see that working. BUT also gotta wonder if the RMB used for going stealth to run away is also using Stamina. The same stamina that is being drained all the time when gathering resources. So if that's the case you couldn't even run away since your stamina is always low. I'm blabbering on now, I wanted to do the Druid crafter so that when I was on a team I could use her as a healer support role, then when my team won a fight go off and collect the spoils in the close proximity that we were in.
  2. Where would I go to download the client at? Its been a while since I've played. But definitely want to test this! =]
  3. Okay Entry # 3, Crowfall making its own island for all us crows to play!
  4. Second Entry. Our Founding Fathers Establishing our Independence of Crowfall!!!!!
  5. Lol yea it kinda defeats the purpose of having names overhead. I like it when its just casual play. but that battlefield was name overload! Maybe having something that if you see a character and put your cursor over the player that's in clear view can display a name. Also only having names shown for team mates that your in a party with?
  6. I like how you included links that are hard to find =]
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