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  1. then i retract my statement for you , but not surprised their are outliers in factions.
  2. Pretty sure every guild out there including chaos guilds will keep the best stuff to themselves unless they are purely a crafter/trader guild or person. I think the max equipment sold on market would be blue with purple and gold being specially made by order unless someone really needs money or it rolls wrong.
  3. so uh here is my first report on how my live experience is going. Hope this helps. Edit: o and i was trying to move around but the input lag was so bad also couldn't move.
  4. crafters and harvesters make gear to give to the pvpers or themselves to get keeps and forts and such that gives you points. You contribute already i hope to god they don't implement a syystem that gives points to harvesting and crafting.
  5. Righteousness barrier doesnt show a white bar around the health and we are very unsure of how much of a shield it is because of it. Also my vessel bugged out and reset my talents and when i tried to put points back in i noticed one of my points were spent and that i had the ability given by the first point. The first point in confesser is flames of truth and the ability is shown at the 1 spot in the ranged tray, because of this i am unable to slot points in the tree anymore since it is reading as there already being a point there and it not opening up the next two slots.
  6. Trying to find the website since I finally got a new computer and can actually help the guild out in some way. Just need some direction.
  7. Our military is definitely taking many steps forward can't wait too see how well protected I am while I craft!
  8. Do not worry every kill shall be returned in tenfold. Do not underestimate the lights that keep our lantern bright.
  9. I'm not sure how this type of guild will fare in Crowfall, but I believe it to be a very good idea. I was apart of the greymoon trading company in archeage and know it is possible, it just requires a little more initiative I believe to get your name out there. If you are looking for trading company guild ideas or such definitely look at archeage guilds as a template, because their was alot of trading company guilds in that game. The two things I will stress is 1. what panda stated about a pvp group. Since you are apart of a trading company your value for being PK'D is alot higher then others, because they want a little of your "booty." So having a group that will either avenge or protect you would be a good idea especially when heading into dangerous areas for materials. 2. and my second point would be too make sure you stay on top of the economy maybe even a little bit ahead of it, because not paying attention could mean alot of missed out cash.
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