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  1. Pretty sure that's covered, we've got a bloodstone backer in the guild. I'm fairly certain we were going to align with balance (Check with 7B on that). As for which god, we're waiting on some more solid lore before anything is written in stone. Though you don't have to align with the god that the guild chooses, I'd assume you'd still have to pick one in balance though. The Roster on the guild forums shows the current councilors and constables. You might want to read into THIS to learn a bit how the guild will be structured, specifically point #2.
  2. You're making things out to be more than they actually are. Paranoia comes to mind.
  3. Your suggestion is noted, and discarded. You can go now.
  4. I actually read through a lot of it after PM'ing whoever was leading it and wondering why I wasn't getting any reponse. It's how I found the Watch. I can't remember what it was called though and who was running it.
  5. Loving these badges. Also 7B my alpha phase on the OP needs changing to alpha 2 if it's not too much trouble.
  6. I see Wehrmacht is making the rounds again.
  7. Unlucky man I'd spot you at least a basic pledge if Kickstarter allowed, sucks when stuff like that happens.
  8. Deep down you love us, why else would you hang around so much?
  9. Yes, so much yes. And do you mean like this?
  10. More than glad to help if need be, I like making myself useful.
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