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  1. Judging by the list of guilds, a lot of people did not see the option to create the crest and neither did I.
  2. Are there only going to be one monarch EK's or are we going to be able to assign an EK to a guild somehow in a way that lets guild leaders step down in place of someone else or leave the the guild without completely messing up that guild's EK? Being able to transfer ownership of an EK or share ownership would be handy. Without this I see a lot of 'holding' accounts being made.
  3. As strange as it is to make a comparison between CF and Stardew, ACE could definitely draw some ideas from the game. We know food and warmth will play a significant role in keeping players alive in the campaign worlds so it would be good to have a solid farming mechanic that persists through the months that the campaign will be played. It would mean as the campaign finally draws to a close in the winter food becomes scarce, flipping the tables for those who focused more on their armouries and siege equipment and not enough on their food supply. Trade in the campaign worlds would be imperative in such a case. In Stardew you can't grow crops in winter and I can imagine the same rules would apply in the campaign worlds if ACE decided upon a mechanic like this, stockpiling and preparation for the end game would be vital. So essentially, more trading, more choices when importing items, more roles to adopt, more incentives for diplomacy and of course war. I'd love to see something like this added into Crowfall.
  4. I would agree with you but it's not entirely the same thing. If you play a champion in League you know the exact four abilities and passive you are given for that champion and that it will be the same every time. When you're dealing with archetypes in Crowfall you're going to be mixing your abilities up with disciplines and promotions which means unless you feel like spending a great deal of time organizing even more skill bars and keybindings to your liking for a vessel that is probably just going to die anyway, I can't see the reason to have abilities that span over more than a single skill bar plus complementary basic attacks on the mouse. Because the vessels can be so different, you will not be memorizing every nuance about them if they have ability bloat.
  5. You're all forgetting about combos. And let's be real here, if we're constantly switching archetypes anyway due to the vessel system, who the hell is going to want to memorize like 25 abilities for each?
  6. That's how it is in EvE, to an extent where people are allowed to do it because it's in universe. And if they're wanting player driven economy akin to EvE's then I can't see why scamming shouldn't be allowed. There are shady people out there, be smart. As for VIP tokens, as long as they're subject to import rules like anything else brought into campaigns I see no problem. I don't care if they're lootable or not personally but one might argue that it's unfair for trading due to the fact that if I'm trading tokens for other items with a stranger, he has reasons for turning on me after the trade to get his items back but there's no point in me trying the same thing if the tokens are just going to disappear. I can imagine there's probably plenty other scenarios like that in which lootable tokens would probably be prevalent.
  7. I'd like to see damage reduction buffs instead of healing. Makes more sense then in regards to the legionnaire rallying his teammates during a fight, as the current implementation is more effective outside of fights. Means then campfires and other sources of patching yourself up are a real requirement too, rather than running away and having your legionnaire just tick your health up so you can go for round two.
  8. Most of the guild's small talk resides in Slack now, this thread is for guild recruitment after all. Thanks for bumping the thread.
  9. OP is interested in naval based PvP, he must be a carebear. You lot astound me sometimes.
  10. After release is all that's been said about naval combat. If they did add naval combat though I'd like to see rulesets for multiple continent campaigns with large oceans in-between.
  11. I want torrential rain for those 100v100 battles and fog for stalking my enemies.
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