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  1. Cosmetics only is the route I would like to see. Armour/Weapon skins. Maybe they could make it so that there are specific 'culture' skins for your EK which change the way buildings look within it, architecture etc. For example there would be a standard look that all buildings look like within your Eternal Kingdom, castles, villas etc would all have a default look, then when you purchase the Guinecean culture pack from then on all your buildings look like Guinecean buildings or maybe it allows you to start building Guinecean looking buildings and the other default buildings would stay. It w
  2. You have coins which give people a value to things and then you have a 1 on 1 trade system whether you can choose to trade coins or items. Other trade (player created vendors) would be through coins. If you think about it, it also doesn't make sense from a lore perspective. What kind of civilization is so advance to have sprawling castles but doesn't have a basic coin currency?
  3. Great stuff, keep up the good work.
  4. Hey would it be possible to be removed from the guild list? It's nothing personal I am just looking for something different
  5. I think 10 combat, 5ish noncombat skills is the way forward. Actually when you consider most professions had weapon swapping that would be an additional 5 so 15, then you had dodge which some people apparently consider a skill so that's 16 nearly every weapon had at least 1 chain skill where if you repeatedly us it, it would chain to a new skill so we're easily looking at 20. And on top of that you had the action skills which were bound to the F keys so another 4. Elementalist had 4 elemental attunements that you could switch to, each with 5 unique skills for your weapon so that's 26 fo
  6. Indeed Yo dawg I heard you hate bitchin' so you made a thread bitchin' about the bitchin' and now the comments are going to be bitchin' about your bitchin' about our bitchin'
  7. while playing on an RP server and bragging about dominating If you want to pretend to be a big bad guild why play on the weakest of servers? I fully expect Oran'Thul to be playing on God's Reach then boast that they are dominating the campaigns xD
  8. Thing is I can gurantee most people will give it at least a year and a year of VIP costs $180 plus you'd need to buy the game so you're already way over the amber tier.
  9. I'm pretty confident in the investment, six years is longer than I've played any MMO consecutively, Guild Wars 2 is coming on three. The Elder Scrolls games are probably the only games I have played consecutively for that amount of time.
  10. I think a portal system with specific places you can create portals creates new strategic points, just like the places you can access your embargo vault from. Setting heavy mana costs and higher skill levels for longer ranges also adds to it. Portals become a commodity and service within the game, almost their own craft.
  11. Really the six years VIP sells the amber package. It is a massive risk but when you consider the reward and the great group of devs we have it's not a massive issue for me. If you want six years VIP outside of the kickstarter you're looking at $1060 for the six years. So you're getting around 80% off by kickstarting the game. I personally upgraded from the Amber tier to the Sapphire early tier when they added more, just because I was reassured by how engaging and honest the devs were.
  12. On the forums I think it's important to ask yourself, am I going to double post? On the forums I think it's important to ask yourself, am I going to double post? I think the issue is when people think fast travel they think "guild wars 2 teleportation" or "skyrim teleportation" they don't think "Ultima gates". So the feeling I am getting from this thread is easy fast travel 'no', risk vs reward portal system 'yes' Is that a fair assessment?
  13. Nah this would be extremely chaotic. People who just spam portals in hidden places to prevent people making portals.
  14. No no no, it would be like Pepsi telling Pepsi drinkers to eat Doritos, none of the games advertised have been MMOs so they are not competing. If Artcraft told us to check out the Star Citizen website or the Camelot Unchained website then a few heads would turn. Game development isn't some massive hunger games where people try to murder each other to be the last person standing believe it or not if you are constantly going to the same conventions and meets to promote your games you're likely going to meet people going through the exact same process, then you talk and become friends (mayb
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