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  1. I’m the only QFT playing atm. Most of them are waiting for the game to be a bit more mature to commit
  2. I became part of the leadership after the whole warrior nation / IA server war. I have played shadowbane from server launch until the end of official shadowbane. Im sure we have crossed path at one point or another. Always nice to see old sb foes and friend play crowfall! I wonder if Zion Blackrain still plays online games... Havent seen or heard of him in 10 years.
  3. Ahh that brings some good memories of the first chaos server war! I was playing with Dominion in the ice illiance back then. I remember when the first big siege of warrior nation capital happened and th ccr made the whole city look like it was on fire. I loved that the dev took part of these seiges by having fc character change the tide of the battle!
  4. Thanks for your feedback. I’m gonna have to think about that damage range a little bit -especially when compared to other classes. But in order for a squishy class to feel rewarding -and not toxic- you need to balance the squishiness with damage. At 1k non crit it means ~700damage after pen/armor is factored in... that feels a bit low for how fragile they are. Being more slippery could be a nice touch to increasing their survivability. But the risk vs reward of them needs to be comparable to the other classes.
  5. @Darksun_ what kind of damage are you doing on live with your duelist (on dummies) @makkon what do you think would be acceptable damage for a purple 5pip pepperbox after a 15sec ramp up? I think we all agree that the 6k+ (which I think you are label as "two shotting people") was absurd and most likely due to a bug.
  6. Not sure what to tell you. Legendary weapons, legendary vessel and legendary jewelry. first weapon is 112-148 +109ap +25.8 crit damage. second weapon 2 is 91-117 with +105 attack power and +25.5% crit hit damage (no shards) . Test was done without armor with 901 ap 5 pip pepperbox: with maxed out buffs actives. 535 dmg 624 dmg 1556 dmg (crit) 536 dmg 1047 dmg (crit) If you get the same damage with white then pepperbox may not be scaling with weapon damage at all.
  7. Just rolled a duelist on test to see the end game damage on them. With vessel, jewelry and weapons your 5 pip pepperbox hits target dummies for 500 dmg. Thats with legendary gear and almost capped AP (950 iirc). It should be hitting 3x+ that amount on target dummies if you want the class to be somewhat viable in gvg I doubt that was the intended change for them. We just have to be patient for the dev to bring the damage up to something useful.
  8. I think the 4k-6k pepperbox hit you are mentioning was a bug that was randomly doubling the damage. Before the nerf I was hitting for around 2k-2.5k on a 5pip pepperbox with a fully geared character (vessel, gear). I agree that the damage wasB high and needed some adjustment but reducing it to 500 killed the damage/tankyness ratio. Why play a duelist when I can do similar damage on a much tankier class? I think the duelist would fit perfectly in the meta if the damage was between 1-1.5k, obviously removing the double damage bug which is the real reason the class was toxic.
  9. Yeah Shadowbane was a great game. I got great memories and built some fine friendship along the way. Hopefully we see more sb veteran come back and dip their toe in the crowfall cool-aid for 5.8
  10. Thallis


    Heya Malaria! check your pms
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