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  1. Still having fun with he bandit. I know, I know, I need to finalize his design, but it's a lot easier to find the time to sketch than to paint in between work, and family life XD
  2. Sure! thatd be cool, just as long as you give me credit!
  3. Thanks aChris07! It is a bit different from the awesome concept and illustration work that has come out of the Crowfall universe but, in the end it's my own take on the world Thanks! that would be awesome! Heis very loveable Maybe! if I have the time!! I'd love too! Would love to see it!! Post it up!
  4. Thank you zWarlock! Photoshop! pretty much alllll photoshop
  5. Hey Guys, Here is a color test for the Bandit Head.
  6. This is all traditional medium. .07 blue led Pencil Thanks for the encouragement Division!
  7. Hey All, Sorry for the short hiatus! Work sometimes gets the best of me. So I stepped back away from the last bandit face and kind of circled back to a bit less cartoony feel but left some exaggerated proportions. I think it makes him fit even more so in the world of Crowfall now. Also, it's hard to find time to get to my computer desk at home, but you guys can stay up to date with my latest work on the Bandit from here.. https://instagram.com/megiant_art/ More updates soon! Cheers!
  8. cool, I'll check it out. Thanks so much tehmartini! Anyone can draw I love what I have seen for that game! The world seems so interesting! Thank you Scribbles! thanks for taking the time to check it out!
  9. Hey All, So I spent some time and refined my Bandit character. I Feel like I have the costume design/shape that I want and i'll probably move forward on coloring this one. Then onto finalizing his weapons and then the overall silhouette!
  10. Thanks M0rdred! Everything is unsure when so early into the design, even im unsure. haha! Rhone! thank you!
  11. I really dig her pauldron's design!
  12. Hey All, some more simple weapon designs for my Bandit character. The shapes are super simple, but kind of fun. 10 minutes of sketching inhopes that something fun would come out of it. It's not quite there yet.
  13. So here is another design pass on the Bandit. fitting the proportions and design elements to attempt to make it fit in the Universe that much more. Getting so close, I can feel it
  14. I love Sly Cooper! The shapes in that game were so strong! Can you Elaborate on this a bit more? I love me some comics though!
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