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  1. WM is a pvp oriented group of experts in the field of waste management whose membership is largely from Shadowbane. Our main focus for Crowfall shall be the disciplined disposal of waste in its many forms. However, we need extra dumptruck drivers in addition to more trash handlers to fully realize this goal. Nobody wants our cyber-ways cluttered with gluttonous excess, thus we wish to take care of any and all garbage eyesores. Our roster is currently composed of a wide array of eccentrics with eclectic interests looking to continue the cleanup begun in Shadowbane. Recruits who can not ha
  2. One benefit to fighting the Chinese in Shadowbane in a never ending slugfest is nothing can possibly compare in terms of long-term difficulty. Like an old fashioned boxing match, winner declared only when one side is incapacitated or chooses to give up.
  3. Cryalotta at it again? This river is now flowing across four separate forums.
  4. Some singular entity of all SB players is not something anyone should wish to bring about pre-release. I advocate a pledge of mutual assistance against massive zerg threats, or whatever necessary to prevent being overrun by similar looming dangers. Destroying the sovereignty of guilds would be a total hindrance. Guilds must be able to act independently and take their own initiative, otherwise they are not really guilds. Players should simply understand the potential threats posed by gigantic conglomerate entities that can enter the game from the start, or form afterwards. Recognition of t
  5. The Shadowbane community is one comprised of a playerbase with an average age approaching thirty to forty, whose careers and real-life obligations often end up taking precedence over competitive gaming. Owing to this, Shadowbane players are at an inherent disadvantage time-wise when compared to newer generations of players, which is a potential issue for both individual players and groups of players interested in competitiveness in Crowfall. Dependent on the grind, players might be forced to devote more time than possible to maintain an even-footing grind-wise with groups or guilds made up of
  6. chet

    RL pics

    peeps who havent posted rl pics need to get with the times, especially the nerds who try to talk smack n scheisse
  7. I would assume there will be 10x the smack talk in game as there is on the boards, using various ways to dodge any profanity filter. Just the nature of pvp oriented games
  8. Large majority of the sb players talking smack have never even won an off bane let alone more than five
  9. Id say this game is the most likely spiritual successor, given the large number of original designers from original shadowbane
  10. In regards to the emu lag, magicbane has literally none of that. The problem on both emulators is the lack of swift response to the china issue, and of course on goofybane emulator - failfish and co making it into an abomination.
  11. Guilds like dragon scale I am sure will be present for total new players without guild affiliation
  12. eat some starfish - that might remove stagnation too
  13. stormwald tried to make people apply to ds
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