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  1. Critique: I would only put the buildings behind him or choose a background that has more open space so you can place the text in a spot where it isn't covering something and maybe replace the "o" in crowfall with the moon(leaving the crow inside it) and make it look like the crow is a crater in the moon or something like that. You can also play with the opacity, hue and saturation, text(you may be able to find or download the font that ACE uses as well) and other filters and effects so everything looks like it belongs in image and not looking like it was all copy and pasted. I'm not tr
  2. I think I would be cool if for larger things like sharks and whales they had a system like how it was in Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, you're in a small boat that can be destroyed and has limited harpoons.
  3. That was my first MMORPG as well, a friend got me into it. I have played numerous mmorpgs since I staring playing around 2006, most were f2p because I was 13/14 when I started. The one I played the longest was Flyff, I played it off and on for years, it's still around but it's extremely P2W now. Other games worth mention are wildstar and gw2.
  4. https://youtu.be/CnqtUAg4hkw I'll just leave this here.
  5. Well just because the title says game of thrones doesn't nessessarly mean its even about the tv show. For example maybe someone likes to coplay and wanted to share something they made, wanted to know who everyone's favorite characters are, etc( not the best examples but I'm tired and going to get off of here) . Generally when someone talks about a movie or tv show, on a majority of the forums I've been on, they usually put "spoiler" in the title.
  6. I might have to try it out, looks like you can ride pretty much any dinosaur. Some parts of the video remind me for Dinotopia.
  7. I played from the beta til about mid july but kept my sub until October because I thought they were going to do a Halloween and Christmas event last year, may resub and try it out before it goes f2p. this video should explain some of the changes https://youtu.be/r5wLrti0G10
  8. Trax

    Omg omg omg

    oh look, taco bell and pizza hut are removing artificial ingredients.
  9. maybe add spoiler in the title some of us don't have HBO and have to wait for the dvd's for the next season.
  10. Lots of options as far what you can do like being a crafter, scout, spy, or betraying your friends, and strategy
  11. maybe they are similar to one of the races in mass effect that could reproduce with any species
  12. Trax

    Male Assassins

    I believe assassin will be included
  13. Am I the only one that read update 3 on kickstarter?
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