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  1. Looking through the days and nights post, they are leaning towards more of an Ark/minecraft inspiration for it, at least when it comes to the danger it seems. As for the night stealth buff and torches, I like the play on that as well since it would be interesting to watch players use them for poi's to root out potential thieves and would be gankers in the night. My question is are looking to have it be a required hard cap darkness? I.e. forcing players to actually have to use light sources to see their way around with darkness threatening to engulf those who meander from its warm embrace for the potential unknowns that lurk out in the night? As a side note, I would love to have the moon have some influence to play in the cycle as well. From creating ambient light when full, and potentially buffing were-discipline builds to essentially being the only sun during the winter months and as the moon wanes so too does weak light it provides for getting about without torches.
  2. From what I recall being said a while back, PvP settings can allow for sieges and damage to your walls and buildings on the ek. You would then need resources to repair them. Most likely from a campaign world. Would be fun as a one off thing though.
  3. I think of this when I read the title and description: https://crowfall.com/en/bestiary/giant/ Though I think as a plant based race that could cameo itself for a time and practices rooting is interesting.
  4. I just want to dig up the body now. And maybe keep the gravestone.
  5. People like that hackey sack character. Personally I find it amusing to see them heavily armored. There is also the assassin class that you can play, not to mention you have the option to acquire runestones to further customize your character to further assist in kitting yourself out in whatever play-style you prefer.
  6. Great advertising Keaggan Also if you want more peeps to jump in the test, try dropping a line in the forums or discord. Could always arrange a massive brawl or some such. And like most I'm burnt out, been here since the grey boxing, but I'm not adverse to a few hours of crowfall if you want someone to try and hunt down
  7. Something I didn't see posted or I probably missed since I got glassy eyed through a couple of pages, is how are attackers going to get their siege equipment there? We've already seen in the siege testing that the catapults are fairly mobile, but what about the other traditional siege weapons? A lot of this would go into planning a proper siege around not only the time active window (or lack there of) windows for attacking a castle, keep, mountain, your heavily fortified cottage on a hill, but getting the mats and resources there to get the attack going in the first place. That would to an extent prevent the alarm clock assaults that are described since it can put a huge road block in the way of attackers getting their stuff there, especially if it has to be built on the spot with large amounts of mats, etc. without some hard-core dedication and desire to burn your cottage down over night presuming that you have more than just wooden walls surrounding it. That being said perhaps a some bait to tempt players to expand their open windows for daily siege would be in order much like the idea behind the blood stone rule set where players set an open time that the longer it is increases the blood stones spawned, allowing a group to potentially increasing the window for the potential to rapidly increase your score for the win. Could also mask the banes after drop for a few days and a surrounding area to allow attackers to build up their siege so they can attack when the window opens as well. Just some suggestions
  8. 50 dollars is a major investment if your not turning around large amounts of profit per bot, per account created. That is what allows bots to continue to exist, the flow of money. it would require player to purchase from a shady website, who in turn would provide said players with items they requested. Most likely lumber, ore, stone, etc. Stuff that isn't useful to your average pker, though is of value to crafters. Now there is also the other edge that they could create crafting bots, which is always plausible, but that's an even bigger time sink into the game for possibly little payout. And the only goods that will have universal value would be coins which would have to be crafted as well, from mats that are gotten from campaign worlds that you can't take stuff out of unless you embargo it, which means you can no longer move it around and is frozen until the campaigns end, and they can only take so much out of it if they do win. All of this creates a time gate for botters to work around, and the longer they go at it the more likely they are to be reported and subsequently banned. Sure the bots can do it on the off peak hours, but there will be off peak hours players looking for a spot 'o fun as well and whose to say that they won't get their kicks off bots? But the major nail in this coffin boils down to is there a market that player are willing to pay bots for with such a large time gate blocking them?
  9. The botting issue mostly solves itself Since the game is full pvp any bots seen botting would be able to be killed on sight, unless the previously named exploits come into play where the bots just port around. As for farming in the ek's bots will have a dreadful time of it since it only drops the poorest of the socks in resources. Now if the bots somehow manage to avoid the roving bands of murder ganks, and somehow thrive in the campaign worlds, they still have to 1. export the resources. gotta get their ill gotten gains to embargo's which has limited space and capacity, once something is in it cannot be taken out. 2. Campaigns can take months to complete, so bots would have to do their transactions during the campaign itself. 3.They would have to win to take out the vast majority of their resources from the embargo and depending on which band they are on usually means that their resources is of low tier mats. A step up from ek's bot not usually much. Also I highly doubt that you wouldn't be able to report bots to have them banned.
  10. Random theory, they've got the tech to start implementing the seasons/are starting to work on winter versions of the landscapes of what we have?
  11. Yea, makes me question how localization will work in countries like that. I know that some take strong stances when it comes to portrayal of the dead, wonder if that would expand to grave robbing and the harvesting of limbs and various organs (eyes, etc.)
  12. Crosses fingers hoping for cannibalism Hoping for a cannibalism, or at least murder deer will be coming in with noses.
  13. Pay to harvest the lowest tier resources possible.
  14. At the end of the day its all PvP and I don't see how guild faction pvp interacts with Arena, presuming arena PvP is located in a hosted EK that is ran by players in which case the reward would've had to be crafted by a player, gathered by a player, traded between players presumably gotten from a campaign world that you guessed it more players fought in for the control of those said resources. The other types of PvP listed are generally dealt with in their own respective campaign bands and the communities will grow and die in that band as player move from band to band and campaign to campaign as they play. Some will play one band exclusively others shall not. The overlap between the dying worlds are the players since they can only eek out a temporary community in the actual campaign before its permanently destroyed requiring players to migrate and set up shop elsewhere to repeat the process. Lots of interaction between various groups and communities at this point. Yea its steep, gear needs to decay to keep crafters viable, and needed. Otherwise we end up with glut, and a thousand spare trash swords to add to your massive trash sword heap. to hell with the auction house. It removes interaction between players. Need that shiny new sword, but only have the resources, and can't craft? Barter time. EK interaction will be what players make of it. Just like everything else, some will use it extensively others will not. I'm certain there will be many who will use the EK to organize, craft and trade in an attempt to uncle bob other campaigns that allow for that and then there will be players who will not touch the ek's at all. Every player has the option to utilize or ignore it as they see fit. In the end they have the option.
  15. I personally hope that they'll at least give us the option or skill to take heads and mount them as decorative trophies to be be placed in sand castles. The hall 'o heads should be a thing.
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