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  1. How can I say this nicely? Posted two hours ago. No desire to play - test further. It seems pointless, unless this game is about crafting and looking around. I'm sure there must be more to it than that or I would never of funded it; but that's as far as I got so far with no desire to kill more time wondering around. Thank you. -Zafu
  2. So, logged on to Sanctuary West just to find out how this game works before I select the PvP server. Watched some tutorials and figured out how to make a character, find resources, craft a weapon. What I can't figure out is where the mobs are. I've spent a good 15 minutes exploring and not one mob. Huh? Also,l beyond basic weapons; the Staff in-particular, I notice it requires a sigal. I couldn't find that item in the crafting menu so assume it's a drop. is it? I love sand box style games, but this is a bit nuts. I have literally no clue where to go, what to do, etc F
  3. Hey all, I became an early bird backer in March of 2015 and haven't paid much attention since. It appears at my contributor level I have beta 2 access. Is there any ETA on when that may be? Thank you kindly.
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