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  1. I can only sigh. Also, I spent hours eliminating the word Asian from the Shadowbane forums in reference to CN. It makes me twitch to see it survive.
  2. Are you familiar with something called "employee withdrawal"? It's a term in business management for what leads to absenteeism, low productivity, turnover and a host of other, bad things. Very briefly, it's caused by positive/negative affectivity... emotions. Negative emotions like disgust, hate and fear. PvP games breed those emotions in their players, and the vast majority of people simply walk away. They're playing games to have fun and getting wrecked constantly is only fun to a small population of malformed malcontents. You saw this very life cycle in Shadowbane in the early days, with a large, healthy population at the beginning and it hemorrhaged players until there were only a few hundred per server, mostly around mine and bane times and at least half of them AFK macro leveling. You see it again and again in Darkfall, DayZ, even the big shooters that pump out a new game every year to keep their numbers up. What all of us have to understand, is that we are the last product of that environment. We stayed. We are not any of those players and we are capable of surviving and thriving in one of the most brutal grindstones that exist in gaming. Most of us prefer that kind of game. But we are a tiny, tiny percentage of people that play games, even PvP games, and most of the people like us have already found their World of Warcraft (that game that they keep going back to, for a lot of good reasons) in EvE Online. Man cannot subsist on bread alone, but no game can live long on the bitter drink that is us. If we aren't willing to share our playground, we're going to continue watching the games we play move through that cycle. And in ten years, we'll be lamenting the death of Crowfall, salivating when Ben or Sean or whoever tries again to fill that hole in our gaming options once again. Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it. Wolves that kill all their prey are doomed to starve.
  3. Honestly, if you're going to get your poorly made socks in a bunch at this early a date you should probably take a step back and come back when the game is actually live. The wait will go faster that way and you're far more likely to not be exposed to some fiddly little detail that incenses you about the development direction. I, for one, hope that the gonzos have a fair bit more oomph this time around. It'll keep us in check and well fed.
  4. Shadowbane carebears are the perfect balance between PvP and PvE for the long-term health of a game. People that are willing to fight each other and do all of the things that lead up to a rock on someone's yard, but aren't such a grinding weight on the enjoyment of others in the game that they mill the playerbase into a finer and finer dusting of unpleasant person. It's why Mourning was the last of the original servers standing. It put off the loss longer because of the carebears, not in spite of them. Because they're not just there to wag their e-peens around and they're willing to engage other human beings as something other than a piñata. You remember when the server closures started and people were talking about where to go? You remember how a ton of people picked Mourning because it was full of carebears and roleplayers? They didn't pick other servers with ostensibly better fights with more skilled PvP guilds. They picked Mourning. Because it was the best all round server and the reason they picked it, time after time and cited by their own words, was because of the very people they distained as harmful to the game. I've said it before, and I'll likely say it again: predators that kill all of their prey starve. Show some respect to the carebears.
  5. Services have already been held, but I'll pass on the condolences to all concerned parties. 25+ years ago that the movers stole my Nintendo and I'm still boycotting Mayflower. custarders. That is an awesome thing. Alas, it also seems to be completely out of stock. And a moot point, as my 8- and 16-bit games went into whatever void ate my SNES and Genesis. My pseudo 32-bit stuff, too. Though most of that was a friend's. I've still got all of my Playstation and PS2 games, but the PS2 still works and is from the brief, shining moment of backwards compatibility in gaming. So there's that, at least.
  6. My Nintendo was stolen by the movers during a long distance move. I don't know what happened to my SNES and Genesis, I think my mom sold them at some point. My N64 was stolen, my Playstation broke and my PS2 is still under my TV, since it was the last console I owned. Ahh, consoles.
  7. Shadowbane was my first MMO, before that it was all single-player and basic multiplayer stuff like Diablo, Warcraft and general console fare. I had no idea how MMO's worked and envisioned wandering off into the desert as an Irekei, leveling up and coming back into "society" all awesome and badass. Luckily, I got over the initial attraction to the burned traitors and discovered my true calling as a member of the pure Elven master race. PS - A version of SkiFree that is functional on modern computers is available to download for free at the creator's website. EDIT: Time to feel old... my first ever video game was Frogger, on a horizontal cabinet with a big plastic dome and a roller ball controller. I played games in the arcade and on the Atari at friends' houses. The first video game I owned was the Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt combo cartridge for the original NES. Diablo was my first online game, Shadowbane my first MMO.
  8. That sounds like you got swept up in a server war. Luckily, Thurin's Hammers weren't really part of the war. I think we might have been our side's Tradewinds (which was a source of funding for the side of the server opposite the AoO, apologies to them for not remembering their name), but I was never big on politics in Shadowbane and had no exposure at all back on Deception. One or two of us engaged in a bane or two, but at that point my computer was such crap and the server populations were such that I just lagged out when I tried to participate. We also got baned once or twice, but I don't remember anyone ever showing up, so it was just a rock-bashing party. It wasn't until the servers merged, I went to Mourning and hooked up with the Court of Evermore and then Avari that I became as bloodthirsty as everyone else.
  9. Daerim


    A co-worker, a couple of years ago, of the friend that originally turned me on to Shadowbane played with someone. That's about the closest I've come to finding another Shadowbane veteran in real life.
  10. Deception was one of the launch servers. If you remember the open town Tradewinds or a big server war involving the Alliance of Order, that's the server. Or Thurin's Hammers, we carebears just south of Vorringard.
  11. Character creation had a number of bugs. For a while, the Spear skill rune was giving +30-40 instead of the +5 it was supposed to be. That was right after the Huntress got buffed, if I recall, and there were a ton of them running around.
  12. I don't think we'll see any shared promotion classes. My guess is that this is going to be Templar -> Greatsword, Sword/Shield or Thaumaturgy focus -> Disciplines. To use Shadowbane as an example of the class foci available to a Templar. Or a Wizard going Wizardry, Sorcery or Warding. On an unrelated note... I would really like to see a really awesome pet class. Like City of Heroes' Mastermind. Maybe give it to Knight and let him lead a small horde of squires and men-at-arms.
  13. Completely unrelated question... who was the opposing side of Alliance of Order in the big war on Deception? I'm pretty sure the main guild were the owners of Tradewinds. I cannot seem to remember their name. LoS? LoD? I think it started with an L.
  14. That's a lot of base classes, though. The classes don't strike me as very basic and I can't see a way to branch off of something like a Templar to the same degree that Shadowbane could branch off of a Mage or Healer. I imagine that making the Champion, Knight and Legionnaire significantly different is already going to be a challenge without then trying to branch off 9+ distinct classes from there. But a Templar can go in a few directions while remaining a Templar. I would assume that the specializations are role-focused within the class and concentrate on some variation of the classic damage/tank/support/control aspects of the base class. For example, and just speculation on my part, but: The Paladin is tanky and/or supporty, the Judicator is controlly and the Fury is a damage monster. Or maybe the Judicator and the Fury concentrate on two different damage methods, weapons and fire, respectively. That sort of thing. Disciplines seem a more or less straight port in concept, though. Hmm... Lapidary. That's an interesting word with no immediate combat applications I can imagine. A crafting focused Discipline either focused on gem or jewelry making or, more interestingly, engraving magic into existing items, perhaps?
  15. An Elf, even one suffering from a lamentable lack of personal hygiene, still smells as sweet as field of flowers in spring compared to the boorish reek of the lesser races. I honestly do not understand how any of you can tolerate all of that hair and the sweat and the whole putrid miasma with which your lesser birth has saddled you. I would offer you pity if it all didn't engender so much perverse pride.
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