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  1. So long as there is a large selection of fabulous, tiny hats, I'll be happy. To the question of the more bizarre cosmetics that we sometimes see in other games (bikinis, animal costumes, etc.) what about having those available, but only visible in the EKs? (ACE needs to make money, after all.) Since the EKs are the fluffier part of the game anyway, let people be as off-beat as they want there. The CWs, on the other hand, are more serious, and therefore only thematic costuming should be allowed. Of course, you could always have a campaign rule that allowed all costumes for certain campaigns if people wanted?
  2. Always glad to see companies treat account security seriously. Logging in and discovering all your stuff gone is a terrible, terrible experience that I would wish on no one. Kudos to ACE for giving us the option to help keep our accounts more secure.
  3. I'm a fan of the "choices matter and have consequences" philosophy when it comes to games such as Crowfall. Let me screw up or be awesome on my own, without any hand holding. There should be hard, irreversible choices to make at character creation. Do I take a trait like flammability on my confessor, that gives bonus fire damage, but also makes me vulnerable to fire? Could be a good choice or not, but regardless, it would have a significant impact on how I approached combat involving other confessors. Once I've made the choice, however, I have to live with it for that character. It gives that character, well, character, and I like that.
  4. Personally, I love global chat. While it usually is garbage most of the time, I have some great memories from some epic shenanigans that occurred in global chat over the years. So long as we have the ability to turn it off, I think we should have it. Besides, when games don't have a global chat, players will grab another channel like "trade" and make it the new global chat. That being said, with Crowfall, I think that global chat should be limited to each campaign. Not sure with the EKs though. Should they all be linked on a single EK global?
  5. Great info. Having this sort of information published gives me even greater confidence in ACE's ability to make Crowfall a successful and fun game.
  6. While I'm more of a waffle person myself, it is hard to beat a nice stack of thick, fluffy, buttermilk pancakes. For toppings, I prefer strawberry jam and slices of fresh strawberry instead of syrup, and if I'm feeling particularly decadent, I'll add a spritz of whipped cream to top it all off.
  7. Good point. I can see how poofing into existence could certainly cause problems in Crowfall given that we will have collision detection and physics. Set spawn locations somewhat address this issue, but again there are plenty of drawbacks to those as well as the rich potential for exploit. Ideally I'd like ACE to implement some sort of thematic solution to this problem that fits with the lore, but I have no idea at the moment what that might be. I guess the best I can come up with is a system where objects in the game (including players) have a "you cannot spawn here" radius around them. Additionally combat also generates a somewhat larger no-spawn zone around combatants. When you log in, the game finds the nearest location it can to where you logged off that isn't currently a no-spawn zone. So you might spawn in the exact location you logged off at, or you could potentially be offset quite a bit by current circumstances in the game. This would mean players would likely be somewhat disoriented upon logging in - all the more reason to log out somewhere safe, rather than in the middle of your opponent's city. I'm not going to worry about someone who blatantly cheats. Given the nature of this game, I expect ACE to be very on top of stamping out cheats and exploits, with liberal use of permanently banning cheaters. Agreed. While accidental DC resulting in death is aggravating, I'd rather accept that than allow intentional DC as an escape mechanic. It's actually a pleasant surprise to log back in after a DC and not be dead.
  8. I favor the idea of generally longer TTKs between evenly matched sides. I would like to see the overall pace of combat be a little slower than much of what exists in other games today. Using a skill, either defensively or offensively, should be a calculated decision rather than button-mash everything to activate everything that's not on cooldown. Not to say that quick reflexes won't confer certain advantages, but using the right skill at the right time should be far more impactful than just blindly spamming everything you've got. That said, I would like combat time to be roughly equivalent to real combat time. 1 v 1 between equally skilled foes could be over relatively quickly, or it could take several minutes, depending on how well each player plays. Large scale, well-coordinated battles between equally skilled armies should take hours, if not days to decide a victor. Just as an example, the Battle of Gettysburg during the American Civil War lasted for three full days of back and forth fighting. Reading on large scale battles, both historical and fictional, they almost always last for at least the better part of a day, because it's not just two zerg swarms smashing into one another; tactics and strategy are employed by both sides to maximize their advantages and minimize their disadvantages.
  9. Solved Thanks for the advice everyone. I found the problem. Spell check was turned on in my browser, but for some reason the English dictionary wasn't selected anymore. Reselected it and now spellcheck works.
  10. Cute or otherwise, guineceans should serve as an emergency food source if your supply lines get cut.
  11. This thread seems to have two separate, yet linked concepts that it is dealing with. First is the concept of vulnerability on logging off. To this I say, what's wrong with the time tested idea of a timed log out? You click on the log off button and remain in the game for a set amount of time (say 60 seconds), unable to do anything other than cancel your log out. If you make it the full amount of time without entering a combat state, you log successfully log out. If you do enter a combat state your character stays in the game until killed or 5-10 minutes pass. You will return to the login screen, regardless, after 60 seconds (unless the logout is canceled). I've always liked this model. It provides just the balance of vulnerability and convenience. The second concept this thread seems to be tackling is the idea of preventing mass numbers of people from logging in and appearing in a set location. My gut reaction is to say if people want to slowly sneak their guild into a city, one by one, so they can orchestrate a mass login attack, then bravo to them for making that happen. There are real world comparable situations where this has happened, where soldiers/rebels/etc infiltrate a city waiting for a signal or set time to launch a surprise attack from within the city. So no, I do not think ACE should implement an artificial mechanism to hinder a valid military strategy.
  12. The models look fantastic, and I really like what information we now have for these three classes. They all sound interesting to play.
  13. I always liked the Pran from Aika. Essentially a pet, she was basically your personal cheerleader in combat, who would also randomly comment on whatever you happened to be doing at the time. While I don't like the game being cluttered with everyone's pets and mounts, I would certainly support having a non-combat, cosmetic follower, like the Pran, whom only you could see. Heck, since they would be a cosmetic item, sell them in the cash shop and give players the option to turn on/off seeing other people's cosmetic pets.
  14. Played CBT3. It was an OK time waster. I certainly wouldn't spend any money on it, or make it my primary game, but it was fun for what it was. Just set your expectations quite low and you could be pleasantly supprised.
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