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  1. I personally am in my 30s, I am a large SB veteran and can agree that I even once hated most SB player base. But I also have a very fond respect for that player base. Simply because they are Veterans. They have been through the trials of fire and then some. They know strategies that work and ones that don't. They even know a few tricks to pull. That being said, this game is not SB. It may have many familiar characteristics, but it will not be the same in any way. Any smart person will see this. So yes alliances will be made, but any smart gamer knows this and will likely put this into play.
  2. I played a ton of MMO but nothing has come even close to Ole Shadowbane. Granted, I was a ranking in the guild the got gangbanged by nearly the entire server and took a break after, but that was the best bane I ever got to witness. Even with the servers crashing.(Which I probally just gave away who I am since I have a close nameplate) I did go to WoW after a bit. But nothing held me like Shadowbane. My guild and I would quit WoW and play a new MMO, get bored and go back to WoW. I finally quit when Panda-land came out. Freeedom! Still nothing has yet to hold my interest like SB. Sure there are fun games but not like that.
  3. lol Wererat was so awsome lol. I did not get to watch the stream due to work. I will have to look into that. I feel though that cooldowns are good for these but also a reagent that can be used. Benefits for this is it can provide something for an economy and/or force people that want such an ability to be out in the world that developers work hard to create. My hope is that unique feel. Either way I am very sure Devs have a great plan ahead as it seems so far. I am happy to help with my backing and support. I can't wait! The other thing is also the adding chances for others to hunt counter abilities "or disc"
  4. One of the things I love in a Game, for example Shadowbane, was the chance to get an item that would allow a user to become a werewolf or werebear, etc. This added a twist and was unique to a character and still did not make them over-powered. Some games allowed abilities such as a fireball for a priest/ healer. All these abilities could be balanced with cooldowns or resources. It gave a person a feeling that " Hey, my character is really unique and pretty awsome". There can be drawbacks to these abilities. A werebear could be strong but really slow or have a weakness to magic, etc. Being unique is one thing that is a constant in almost every game. Tossing things such as this in can hold players in. Vanity items are one thing, but toss in something that they can use and be constructive ( or destructive) with and they will stay for dinner and NOM it up. -Tempestdrake
  5. I heard about this when I was exploring for what’s upcoming and came across an article on MMORPG. I was hooked from the start.I am from the era of Ultima and Shadowbane, and played the both for many years. Loved Shadowbane! Still have screenshots! My guild there was very large and many of us still explore a lot of MMO's out there. Most are a lot of fun to play but nothing quite like the experience of Shadowbane (to me at least). I am a very active person in almost every gaming community. I have Alpha’d many games including WoW and I can honestly say I have never been more excited to see what is being done here. Crowfall has my backing, as well as many from my community. Tempestdrake
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