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  1. In fact, theres a whole thread of posts exactly like this, with no replies...
  2. Traffic took a dive when they talked about a wipe on the Q&A, and then bottomed when it was comfirmed in a tweet. I think the siege times are solid, there are a few people who stream them. On the campaign world, at least...
  3. Are defensive abilities intended to be locked to the RMB? I'd like to be able to block AND dodge, but I can't put them in any other slot.
  4. If you build it, they will come. Given the size of the community now, vs the community we want it to be, race forums might come in handy at some point.
  5. Since we're on the topic of bad posts, why don't you start here. I don't really expect a response, but please, continue your attempts at... whatever it is you're doing. I'll continue to return to the REAL point of this thread, which was ways we could fix the weird middle-ground state that the Infected world currently is.
  6. Everyone else here is offering suggestions, you clearly came here for the wrong reasons.
  7. And we're here discussing something completely different, now go beat your dead horse somewhere else. No one cares how big your stick is. Speaking of putting things in their place, there has bound to be a serious upgrade to the siege/fort section with NPE3, but what are the chances of us seeing it in 6.4?
  8. What decides a 2v1 is the fact that someone brought a friend... There's the door, there's constructive conversation going on in here
  9. At the risk of sounding like a total fan boy, they still have time to fix those things. I'm pretty late to the roller coaster, and my Voxel wound is only a day or two old. That was the only reasoning that could keep me from absolutely hating the art style, so I'm forcing myself to stay positive for the time being.
  10. Absolutely nothing, just a bored troll, waiting for 6.4 This was a rhetorical question, I have a terrible habit of engaging trolls. Trust me, I've learned the hard way. I want to turn this into a rant about that issue conflicting with one of the core concepts that brought me to CF in the first place, but I'm more curious to see if that even holds up after the attribute reset. With ACE aiming to make the stats 'crunchier' and vessels being the new level cap system, I hope there won't be as much of a gap. Assuming equal skill, I'm not sure how I feel about white vessels havi
  11. I'm still curious as to what vessels have to do with a 2v1 situation
  13. What do vessels have to do with 30+30vs18? Scenario: Pit Fighter meets Ranger, both at full health Pit Fighter spends 80% of the fight either juking/circling the ranger, or smashing his CC'd body. Ranger disengages, and nukes the pit fighter in maaaaybe 3-4 seconds. Question: What did the Pit Fighter overestimate?
  14. THIS. Right here. I've lost track of how many times I've been jumped by a group of people while grinding mobs to level a new class. I used to just stand still and laugh at them in chat, but now I'm just waiting for the wipe so I can leave these kids in the dust.
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