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  1. The game will be fun as long as they get the combat and pvp right that is all I am looking forward to.
  2. After playing the current alpha I feel like they are moving in the right direction in terms of how the combat feels. It is definitely getting better.
  3. My fear for this game is losing focus on what the original intend of the game while trying to bring more crowd in. Like Albion online, the game advertises and attracts hardcore players in the beginning but later switch the game's vision to more streamline style to please more crowd.
  4. Not going to argue about higher skill cap in Darkfall but imo Darkfall does require a little more of something compare to other rvr mmos that are out in the market.
  5. They are trying something different and a lot of people are scared. Some are confuse and unclear on the concept of the game. So its going to be very slow start until they release some more info and clear people head.
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