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  1. In a group based pvp game, of course it does. And he did "own" you. Not in a degrading way either. He actually used reasoning and didn't retort to degrading name calling You used to care about how a game was made, now you care more about who have what opinion. If there are certain people that have an opinion, sure as hell, you will have the opposite. You are obviously stubborn and won't admit it, but it doesn't take much to go through a few threads to see where you pick your fights. Funny thing is, you are usually fighting people that are actually trying to promote the game. Even if they have their little in betweens (angrycrows vs thedregs) they don't actually stoop as low as going against basic healthy game designs, just because someone stuck a stick up their ass months ago. custard give it up man.
  2. "I once myself as a zerker and guildie as a sorc beat off five players one a priest and we only ended up losing cuz they respawn rushed back enough times, we killed all of them once and some twice" "we only ended up losing cuz they respawn rushed back enough times" Lol Idiot
  3. Sorry about this, but allein totally just owned your arguments. He is also an old school (eq) player, that have seen a few mmos come and go. Your arguments are not even in the realm of good game design or have a base in what would make an mmo even remotely successful anymore. Why do you keep clinging on to some stupid fight with a few forum goers? It seems you lost all reason in just trying to prove 4 or 5 people wrong. It's custard sad. Thank you allein, for putting some reason back into this discussion.
  4. Adding this to the list Don't get VIP Buy another account GTFO if you don't like it Just change guilds whenever I must say, some strong arguments. By the way, in order to make any meaningful choices, there have to be a choice to begin with. If you are only left with the choice of joining a mega guild, then it's not really meaningful. Because that is the only way I can see. Join a guild so large, that it will have subsections in all types of campaigns, a varied enough membership to cover the playstyles that will include the people I want to play with AND will accept all applicants (Damn it pax, now I am regretting making fun of you)
  5. OK, just buy another account. Adding it to the list Don't worry about VIP in CF. If you do not line something, GTFO. Buy another account. Keep those suggestions coming.
  6. Alright. Don't worry about VIP. Some good advice. You got it.
  7. WTH are all those ViP months for then?
  8. I am glad that your preferences are completely covered.
  9. Hehe not really rage. It's hard to quit a game that's not out yet. Simply not interested in it anymore is all.
  10. In context of what was discussed, I think it was perfectly clear what was meant. Don't worry about it. Most are used to you missing the point. No, I don't want to start a whole other discussion with you. I try not to deal with stupid more than I have to. And by that... good day sir.
  11. It's ok really. I am very sure I will end up making money off this little adventure.
  12. Nope. It is a simple pay wall if you want to play with more groups than one. I feel it is just like the p2w games. I have a very very varied group of people I play with. One of the reasons I play mmos is because I CAN play with them all. This won't be he case in CF. I have thought about it, and I consider it a deal breaker (personally). I also find it very likely that player retention will be a problem because of this. Which might not matter in a b2p game. Good ideas for a pvp game though.
  13. I know I won't spend much if any. Good job 10 points Vikingnail
  14. Can you name me one old mmo where a whole account was linked to one guild? If not, please don't use the word old school. How about this. I simply don't bother with a game that don't want to entice players to connect to it in more than one way? I know for sure, that you won't spent much time in CF either.
  15. First if all, all the hardcore and old school stuff is just made up by a few on the forums. There have been no indication that these are the reasons they are going with this. I wish ace good luck in retaining their players, while restricting their choices to this degree though. I hope the game succeed, just because we need something new in the realm of mmos. I am not going to stick around long, if my whole account is going to be owned by one guild. It will simply be a game I play from time to time, until other games pull me away.
  16. This is silly. There have been no mmo with this kind of restriction. Old school my ass
  17. Pretty sure it will be discipline based in the end. It would be an odd decision to make the game so everyone could have pets as default.
  18. It's even possible to have different reasons for not liking something. It's not always some group movement. Granted, some of us (including some of the people liking it) do talk on other forums and media.
  19. Who are these other guys? Adell and I? You know I always agree with Adell
  20. Guild have always had the option of demanding their members only played with them. Nothing wrong with that. At least you have the choice of joining a guild that isn't as strict with that. I would like to experience more than just a few of the campaigns and have the option of trying out any of the playstyles. There really isn't anything gained by having an account tied to one guild, only a loss of options.
  21. And then it resets edit It was a risk game that continued forever.
  22. Oh oh oh. Have another guild be middlemen and hold the Ante. For a small fee of course
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