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    Guild Wars 2, Camelot Unchained, Crowfall and Chronicles of Elyria.
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  1. Hello there, since you've checked this topic, you're probably interested in funding some up coming games, which I usually check time to time if there's some need a publicity around it In my opinion I've liked these games below it fits my gameplay style and worth checking out. We may have different taste of what we like to play, if you can fund one of these, would be a great start to support some indie developers and enjoy their creation. The following games below not in specific order, but most of them is amazing to check out. If you didn't like any of these game below, probabl
  2. Welcome to new comers and also who's returning for crowfall
  3. Long story short Guild wars 2 second expansion path of fire will be out 22nd of September 2017. Everyone who's own a guild wars 2 account or registering new account going have an opportunity to join path of fire during 11th of august up to 13rd of august with no cost at the first map zone. then second map zone will come after it. A time for people to get back to Guild Wars 2 and pay attention. Maybe it's not cup of your tea, but it's worth while give it a try. A reddit post caught some people interests AJS That's all I am going leave it as i
  4. Hello Pandor_Brak and meowmoo welcome to crowfall
  5. Hello to everyone that's new or coming back old backer! I am sincerely sorry that I haven't respond to each one of you, but welcome to crowfall! Cheers!
  6. Hello Minuett, slowdive and Warboss_Thrakka_Snazzfingas! welcome to crowfall !
  7. Mox

    Sea Of Thieves

    I was a little disappointed from Sea of thieves gameplay they didn't show enough to make me so interested. I think I will wait till release and see how it's going be. Skulls & Bones was okay-ish and exciting.. seemed like Assassin creed black flag but in 5 v 5 gameplay. I hope Skulls and Bones have a single player for story.. otherwise it's not going to be interesting for multi-player only.
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