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  1. OOof! Hot damn! I havent been on this Forum since Kickstarter finished. Gotta jump ona nd check out the game see how far its come.
  2. Frostweaver all he way! I hope we can choose body type aswell, need to build a rugged lone wolf frostweaver, with Icey beard. Just cant wait for this game! ❤️
  3. Boi! Am I ready for this game!

  4. I assume setting up a well built kingdom that has everything at disposal would be challenging and not as easy. Also correct me if Im wrong, I believe there is a limited number of "buildings/stands" you can have in your EK and each have a different use, so I think we would have different EKs that are going to be dedicated to a certain thing. Also maintaining a EK would most likely require you to visit it daily and do what ever it is that you're required to do for it and that needs a very dedicated player to do all that. Now these are all theories based on what Ive read on and what comes to mind, If anyone has any more knowledge on this please don't hesitate to current me.
  5. Point is..... I made a thread that ended up on top of the page. My work here is done! But no, all jokes aside, we all wanna see this game succeed cause we are all sick of all the generic MMORPGs, sow e all put these opinions here so that the debs read them and may or may not tale something out of it and make a game that would suit all of us here.
  6. I like you! You speak, what I want to say but my lack of vocabulary stops me form expressing my opinion properly. I wanna play alongside you once the game is out!
  7. THANK YOU! Except some people don't want to admit gender locking is the not the wisest choice, so they jump on the hype train and attacking me for stating my f!%king opinion.
  8. You make no sense seriously, instead of attacking people, I'm saying Id rather see the game not being gender locked. And you can go protest in Army barracks saying this is ridiculous how dare you let Women serve in the army.
  9. And this is how you appear, how you can not see how this is effecting player choice, and would stop SOME people form playing the game. Jump off the hype train. Ive already pledged 500$ into the game and I'm gonna stick to it until the end, just cause the game has gender locking doesn't mean I hate the game now, As this is general discussion I'm simply stating my opinion. So bite me Fan boy.
  10. No Im not against Crowfall, Im against gender locking.
  11. I see where you're coming from, but unlike MOBA style games that we drop in and out, in MMORPGs players represent themselves in their character, thats unique and different from everyone else in the game, and to take away an option form the players seems unreasonable. But I can see how funding could effect this, considering the fact that they are going for 12 Archetypes and if Minotaur makes it then 13.
  12. I didn't say I dont care, as I said its an MMO and majority of people will not care about the lore, You may care or even 10% of players might, but there rest wont give sh!t and speaking of race the stone born, yea they are stones makes sense, but whats with the Assassin, or any of the other race that are gender locked (Aside from Stoneborn) that clearly have Male and Female in their race. As far as all the point you made, the only reasonable one was lack of funds.
  13. Look I'm all in for a good lore, but we are all adults, lets not kid ourselves. Most people are not gonna care about the lore.
  14. Is that the way you always lead your discussions. Cause I asked what are other people thoughts are.
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